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by Mike Vestil 

How To Generate Sales On Shopify Using 14 Proven Methods

Shopify provides an excellent platform for those who desire to establish their online stores. 

As one of the top e-commerce service providers today, Shopify offers users simple steps they need to follow to get started online. It provides the necessary infrastructure and tools that allow anyone to start selling virtually anything on the internet without any previous technological knowledge.

However, despite having an online store that's live and ready to go, generating sales is something many struggle with. With that in mind, in this article, we will discuss some ideas that can help you generate more sales on your Shopify store, which means that you'll have a long-term business that provides you with a consistent income. 

Let's get right into the various ways you can generate sales on Shopify.

1. Change The Layout Of Your Shop

One of the best ways to draw attention to your shop is its layout. You must keep in mind that online customers are often overwhelmed with choices when visiting an e-commerce site. Hence, you should do your best to provide an outstanding customer experience - ensuring that people buy from your shop and recommend it to others. One effective way you can improve their shopping experience is by changing the layout of your site or putting added emphasis on specific products based on popularity, trending topics, or seasonality. Doing this will be easier for people to explore your items and eventually buy something from your site.

2. Launch Discount Coupons And Promo Codes

Launching discount coupon codes is an excellent strategy to generate more sales from your online store. Coupons have always been proven effective in attracting customers as it enables people to avail themselves of a particular product or service at a discounted price - or even for free. Using the right words and phrases on your coupon's promotion can help increase traffic on your website and encourage customers to visit more often. But before launching any promotional campaign, make sure that you have checked everything thoroughly first - ensure that your codes are working and that, if applicable, you have set the limit of the number of times people can use a code.

Launch Discount Coupons And Promo Codes

Image Credit: http://support.beeketing.com

3. Improve SEO And Generate Links

Did you know that one of the best strategies to increase traffic on any website is through search engine optimization? If you haven't, it's time to make the most of this opportunity as it can help promote your shop and attract those customers who are actively looking for products or services like yours.

The proper search SEO tactics will help you improve your site's ranking, making it easier for customers to find you. Also, there is a high chance that they will trust your service more if they organically see that you show up for their search terms on Google - rather than having had to pay for ads. 

This also means they might end up recommending your business online through various platforms such as forums and social media sites.

4. Use Multiple Advertising Channels

Most Shopify users utilize Facebook and Google ads to promote their shops and encourage prospective customers to buy from them. However, to generate results through your ads, you need to know which ads work best, what kind of budget you're working with, and the type of ROI (return on investment) that makes sense in your specific situation. In addition, if you want to create more sales and your budget allows it, you should consider simultaneously using more than one online advertising channel.

If you decide to use different advertising channels simultaneously, you must carefully select which platform you will use to track your results successfully. One way to do it is by doing some A/B testing to determine which channel is more effective for your business.

While running paid ads to your Shopify store can be very helpful, you must also stay within your means - especially during the testing phase - to ensure that you don't spend all your marketing budget without getting the right results.

5. Maintain Positive Feedback

A straightforward way to get more traffic on your Shopify store is through maintaining good reviews and feedback. Buyers always check what other customers say about a specific product or service before purchasing from an online shop. Hence, you must deliver exemplary customer service every time customers need help with anything related to their transactions.

Maintain Positive Feedback

Image Credit: http://apps.shopify.com

If possible, try contacting them personally if they like something they bought from your site. This will help you turn one-off buyers into lifetime customers, improving your business and encouraging them to share their experiences with other people through various channels. Furthermore, do your best to reply as quickly as possible (and with the desired solution) when someone has any complaints about a product or service you offer.

6. Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is one of the most effective techniques that can help generate more sales on any e-commerce site. Retargeting ads allow marketers to follow up with targeted individuals who may have already visited their web page but did not make a purchase or complete an action they wanted them to do.

An action could be defined as pretty much anything:

  • Watching part of a video
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Buying a product
  • Opting into an email list
  • Etc

So how exactly does this type of advertising work? It all depends on the platform where you will use these ads; for example, Facebook offers users the option to create customized audiences according to the information they have already gathered about their customers.

This might include their interests, liked pages, demographics, and many more.

Retargeting ads are great at helping someone make $10K per month (or more) through their Shopify business. Compared to more traditional ads, they are usually easier to run and are shown to an interested audience in your products or service.

7. Create A Shopping Experience That's Personal To Your Customers

When it comes to running an e-commerce store, the success of any business largely depends on how its online presence can entice people into buying what they are selling. If you want to generate more sales, then creating a unique experience for your customers is something that you should consider. You must realize that there are thousands of other similar businesses out there, so if you want to stand out from them all, you need to offer what others won't.

You can do this in multiple ways to ensure the correct personalization:

  • Send promotional campaigns through email segmentation strategies that target people at various customer journey stages.
  • Call your top customers and have a chat with them, helping them understand how much your business values them.
  • Create targeted ad campaigns for a custom audience on social media platforms.
  • Send hand-written notes to your top 100 customers during the festive season.

8. Create Better Product Titles, Descriptions, And Images

Another marketing tip to help you increase your Shopify sales is to create better product titles, descriptions, and pictures. It doesn't matter what industry you are in; if your products don't stand out from the rest of the crowd, then you can say goodbye to more buyers coming through your doors.

When it comes to making purchases online, the information you make available to people and consume will significantly affect their decision-making process. If there are not enough valuable details on your web page, then your potential customers will move on and look for a more informative eCommerce store before making a purchase.

To get the attention of prospective buyers, you must create product titles that are descriptive enough for them to understand what exactly it is you are selling. For example, if you're selling shoes online, make sure to include words such as "sneakers" or "running shoes" because these types of terms may attract more people who enjoy wearing athletic-related footwear than if you just said "shoes for running."

If you want to boost your Shopify sales, it will also be helpful to add enough details about each product in your site's catalog (e.g., its size and color). People like it when they see images that show exactly what something looks like, so if you can provide them with more photos from various angles and show product characteristics, then this marketing tip can help your business grow.

Using Shopify catalogs is also essential because grouping products can help you organize everything already available on your web page. It will also be easier for potential customers to find out what they need. Instead of clicking on different individual product pages, you can make things much simpler by putting similar items together. If people see a list of products with images and brief descriptions, it's more likely that they'll go ahead and make a purchase right away.

Standing out when it comes to search results is a tactic that most successful eCommerce stores employ - do your best to have better titles, descriptions, and pages that show potential customers what you're offering.

9. Make Use Of Call-To-Actions

You should also take advantage of Shopify's call-to-action feature if you want to generate more sales from your eCommerce business. A "call-to-action" is an invitation for people who come across the site/page to do something specific (e.g., provide their email address to join your email marketing list/buy a product/recommend to a friend/etc.). All you have to do is place a call-to-action button somewhere (or in multiple spots) on your web page and make it stand out from the rest of the content.

Make Use Of Call-To-Actions

Image Credit: http://cedcommerce.com

For example, if you want people to sign up for your eCommerce newsletter, all you need to do is put an "email list" button near the top portion of your site, along with a few reasons why people should join such a list. It's both simple and straightforward, so as long as you offer something that will benefit them, most online shoppers will not mind clicking on it and becoming part of your email list.

Similar to using Amazon Banner Ads, the right text and imagery combination needs to be present when creating effective call to action buttons.

10. Have Separate Landing Pages That Sell One product with upsells

One marketing tip that can make a big difference in your Shopify sales is to create different landing pages for each product. This strategy will be helpful if you want to increase the number of people who make purchases from your web-based store; people won't feel overwhelmed because there's nothing else but one single item waiting for them on the page.

This eCommerce site design will also help you increase your conversions and take advantage of upsells (recommended items and services that you think buyers should check out, which are also priced higher than the introductory offer). Ensure that the products linked to these upsells are relevant to what you're advertising on the main product page. It will encourage people to consider buying other related stuff, which will result in more orders.

You can use bonus offers related to the main product to make upsells more noticeable. For example, if someone is browsing your catalog and they end up buying a T-shirt with a particular design on it, then you can offer them an accessory (e.g., a keychain) for free once they click on "checkout." This marketing idea will work because people will have already bought the first product, and being in a buyers' mood, it will be easier to convince them to purchase additional products that also complement their main one.

11. Find Ways To Increase The Average Order Value

One of the essential things eCommerce store owners should do is increase the average order value (AOV). This deals with how much money people spend before checking out from your store. To make more sales, one way to do it is to increase this metric, so think of ways that you can do this - increasing the prices, expanding the offer, increasing the upsells and downsells, giving free shipping when someone buys products worth more than a set amount, etc. 

You need to keep in mind that increasing your AOV is sometimes related to consumer psychology (how people think and act). Some individuals may be willing to spend $200 on a product they like right at the moment. Still, if your online store doesn't offer an option for them to pay monthly through automatic payments, then there's no way they'll make the purchase. If possible, create plans that allow customers to buy things over time, significantly increasing your average order value.

12. Offer Free Shipping

If you want to get sales on Shopify, you must consider offering free shipping. This means that the buyer will only need to pay a certain amount of money for a particular product and nothing more. Keep in mind that even if people don't buy anything else from your eCommerce website apart from the main product, they're still going to feel as if they've gotten a great deal just because you're delivering their items for free, so this will most likely urge them to revisit your store and make another purchase in the future - especially if you have the proper followup in place.

An additional benefit of offering free shipping is using this as a marketing strategy to get more people to buy from your online store. For example, if they have just purchased a product worth $100 and see that they need to pay $15 for shipping, they might not complete the transaction. However, suppose your website offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount (e.g., orders worth $50 and up). In that case, people will most likely proceed with their payments because it seems like they're getting something for less than they would through other eCommerce websites.

13. Use Google Analytics To Your Advantage

While the 4 C's of marketing can help you understand what people want when they search for something on the internet, it's still essential to use Google Analytics to measure your results and determine whether you're heading in the right direction. This will give you a good idea of what's working and what's not, so you can adjust your strategies moving forward.

Take advantage of the tools you have at hand and try looking for patterns that suggest the following action steps. Even after making your first few sales, consistently looking at analytics will help you know what you need to do to improve your online business.

aUse Google Analytics To Your Advantage

Image Credit: http://stony.me

For example, if you are selling jewelry, you might want to focus on the number of people visiting your store after clicking different ads/campaigns on social media. If the numbers do not match up with your ad manager, perhaps something was wrong with how you created the link, and you need to update such a link.

Alternatively, if you're getting visitors but no sales, maybe your title, description, and/or pictures need to be updated. It could also be that your offer doesn't align with your target audience's expectations. Whatever it is, analyzing data will help you understand what needs fixing to make more sales moving forward.

14. Use Influencer Marketing To Drive More People to your Store

While organic traffic is a great thing to focus on, you need to ensure that your store doesn't rely solely on it. If you want to make more sales, social media influencer marketing can be a great way to do this. It can be less expensive than other strategies, and the best part is that all you have to do is find people with the right audiences to promote products from your Shopify store.

In addition, you don't have to go out and find these individuals directly since they often use platforms where they have their followers. 

This means that you can use platforms such as Instagram to find these influencers and see whether their target audience could also become yours. Once you identify them, send them an email or a message introducing yourself and ask them for what's needed to get them to endorse your products.

Always Look For New Ways To Make Money

An eCommerce store's primary purpose is to make money. Take a look at how much money every product is making, and if some items don't meet your expectations, try finding ways to fix this issue or replace the products with others that might work better. Regardless of how much time, effort, and energy you put into your business, if it doesn't make any sales, then there's no point in moving forward.

Trying different products, sales angles, and advertisements will help you boost your revenue. If one strategy doesn't work, don't be afraid to get creative with your marketing.


eCommerce is the wave of the future, and Shopify has made it easier than ever for small businesses to get in on this exciting industry.

Following the proper best practices for generating sales on Shopify will surely help push your online store to the next level.

I hope that the above will help you build more loyal customers that help your store succeed in eCommerce marketing and online shopping.

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