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by Mike Vestil 

How to Go Viral On YouTube

Within 12 months.. I hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The reason?

Because I found out the exact science behind learning how to go viral on YouTube.

And because of that I was able to profit like crazy. Find out exactly how I was able to make certain videos go viral on YouTube in today’s video.


As marketers and as entrepreneurs, if you could control the eyeballs of your audience, you control the attention.

Find out the three ways on how to go viral on Youtube.

And if you control the attention, then you make money.

So today, we’re gonna go over the THREE STEPS ON HOW TO GET VIRAL ON YOUTUBE. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, or if you have new or zero subscribers.

As you can see on my youtube channel, it’s not the videos that I make every single day that provided the growth…

It’s because of the fact that I knew what videos would take the most attention, and how to turn those attentions into loyal fans that would buy my stuff.

So before we begin, allow me to highlight a very powerful story..

So there’s this one subscriber who came up to me and said it was cool that I’m growing my YouTube channel and that I already have good number of followers on Instagram especially in the entrepreneurship niche.

He then goes on and asked me to try something in a different niche.

So I took it as a challenge to do something that I’ve never done before so that when I can show you that this stuff works, you can implement it and get results.

Moving forward, the niche that I wanted to test myself in was the jump rope niche.

Guys, if you look at any of my videos, I’ve been talking about cryptocurrency, Shopify and affiliate marketing.

Jump roping has nothing to do with that, right?

Yet in the past week, it already garnered 60, 000 freaking views!

You’re probably wondering how the heck did I do that…

Well, it’s very simple and it’s really on these three things that I’m about to share.

If you follow these three steps right now, you can get so much freaking attention that you will have the ability to sell whatever products or services that you want in your business.

#1 Find a Viral Content

So the first step that we’re going to do is finding viral content.

What you want to do is to find something with a bunch of views but little subscribers.

If you take a look at the samples that I showed on my Youtube video, one of them got 45,000 subscribers but the views has reached more than 1 million.

As you can see, there’s a disparity from views to subscribers.

Well guys, that only means there’s a gap in the marketplace for your boy Mike Vestil to come in and take some attention.

#2 Increase the CTR (Click-Through Rate)

What you gotta understand here is that how YouTube grades the algorithm in giving you the search traffic is if people are actually clicking on your thumbnails.

Here’s the biggest thing guys…

It doesn’t matter how good and amazing your video is if people aren’t clicking on the video itself.

Because literally, they’re never gonna see your content.

Which is why the most important thing is finding an image or a thumbnail that’s proven to get results.

So when I saw that the guy on the other video that I saw got results, I made a mental note. I told myself maybe I could do something

like that or something even better than that.

I took a picture of myself before I started travelling and I made use of my Muay Thai jump rope and literally did this jump rope thing.

I made a recording of the transformation after 30 days and it was like the exact same thing. .

But my focus was how I can make it more epic than all of my competitors.

So since I made it better looking than the rest (you can check it out here: Jump Rope Transformation – 30 Days), people who don’t know my brand are more likely inclined to click on it.

Because this is what you’ll learn about social hacking…

When it comes to pieces of content that you’ve probably shared, you did it out of awe or amazement.

So you want to create the thumbnail that people will most likely click. Which leads me to the third step. .

#3 Provide Value

You can get viral by the clicks but the question is:

Are people actually staying and watching your content for the long run?

Because at the end of the day, with YouTube as a business, they want people to stay on videos as long as possible.

So the more time people are actually watching and sticking on a video before exiting, the more likely they’re going to rank and get more search views.

That’s what I did guys.

I literally did my homework and pulled out a piece of paper and pen. .

Watched each one of the videos and I asked myself these two questions:

  • What did they do right?
  • What did they not do right?

As you can see in the video, I pulled out one of my competitors that I was trying to rank for.

I found out that he’s basically introducing himself so I thought if also introducing myself on a more epic way that will cause people to stick around.

As you know, YouTube is almost like a social currency.

Like when you tell your friends that you saw something on YouTube and they find it cool, some of them would say, “Oh! Thank you for sharing this badass Mike Vestil video, you’re such a cool friend for sharing me this!”

Now the second guy also had 45,000 subscribers and 1 million views. I checked it out and this guy played some music.

So I was thinking maybe I can attach one, too and make it even more epic. So this is exactly how I did it: check it out: Jump Rope Transformation – 30 Days.

So if you see that and you think it’s lit, then that’s literally how I did it guys.

And because of that, that video is now getting like 5,000 to 10,000 views a day which is currently at 401,589 views.

And that’s pretty much what my youtube channel is all about…

Breaking the barrier, doing things that are different and getting this crazy results from a lifestyle that you want.

Then of course when you do that, people will start viewing and sharing your stuff.

So that’s how you get viral on YouTube or on Instagram, again here they are in three steps:

  • You literally take what works number that has a bunch of likes or views with little subscribers or followers
  • See what they did right in their thumbnail and start modeling off of it. See how you can add a WOW factor and just make it better.
  • Have a watch time or an engagement period where visitors or viewers are actually sticking on and caring about the content that you actually have.

And know this guys…

The best way for people to care is for you to care.

Because people don’t care about what you know until they know that you care. .

And if you want to get viral, you need to crack yourself and your message in a way where it shows to your viewers and your customers that you ultimately care by giving as much value as you can.

So guys hopefully this helps.

I’ll see you on my next blog!

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About the author 

Mike Vestil

Mike Vestil is the author of the Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life. He also has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers where he talks about personal development and personal finance.

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