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by Mike Vestil 

How to Make More Money With In Less Time

People are weird.

They think that if they spend more hours bashing their head on their laptops that more money will magically come out.

As fun and dandy as that sounds, spending more time on your business is not necessarily always the best.


Because when you think you have all the time in the world, you tend to do things in your business that aren’t necessarily going to increase your bottom line.

A.k.a. make you more money.

So how do we fix it?

By identifying the making money activities (M.M.A’s) in your business that will actually make you more money with less effort.

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Many of you guys are just getting started in business and you think that if you just grind 18 hours a day then you’ll become successful.

Find out how Mike Vestil makes more money within less time.

The biggest problem when it comes to that is people confuse being productive with being busy.

The truth is, you aren’t really getting any results.

And this happens to many of you guys.

Either you’re in Amazon FBA  or Shopify and affiliate marketing, some of you focus on way too many things.

You may have been focusing too much on watching the law of attraction or too many Mike Vestil videos. .

You feel like you’re grinding but in essence, you’re not actually making any money!

Focus On These 3 Things

You gotta understand and ask yourself why aren’t you getting any results.

And the answer to that is because you’re not focusing on MMA or making money activities.

When it comes to online business, there’s only three things that you guys have to focus on in order to live the lifestyle that you want.

Before I go over that,  ask yourself how much time are you actually working on your business.

If you have answered it yourself, here they are! The only three things that really matter are:

Creating traffic

Capturing leads

Converting Sales

How much time are you physically being laser-focused on those three things?

If you’re not focusing on those three things, then guess what?

You’re not gonna make any money because THOSE ARE THE THINGS THAT ACTUALLY GENERATE REVENUE.

And this is the problem with some of the people I’ve met in Thailand…

They call themselves digital nomads, yet they devote 16 long hours of their day doing those three things.

Now what’s the point of being a “digital nomad”, right?

They are either too busy doing customer service  or reading too many blog comments. . Perhaps, they’re reading too many blog posts and they weren’t focusing on the core money-making activities.


Now for those people who recently asked me whether I work at all or not…

(maybe you guys are saying I’m just running around and taking cool instagram pictures)

Find out how to make more money with in less time.If you guys are wondering, let me tell you what I did…

First is, I’ve setup my business in a way that it’s scalable to grow even if I’m not around.

The second thing that I do is to actually do the work a couple hours every single morning right before I break my fast. (I do Intermittent Fasting btw, you can check it out here..)

I work for few hours in a day but in those couple hours, it’s literally condensed.

I must say I’m laser-focused when it comes to those three things that I’ve mentioned above.

By saying that, I meant turning off my phone, my Facebook notifications, and even if my mom tries to message me in the morning, I never pick up my phone not until I’m completely done with work.

All I do is focusing on how I can create more traffic.

I’ll work on that for thirty minutes. .

Next is to strategize on how I can capture more leads from the traffic that have been generated.

And then after thirty more minutes or so, I focus on how I can increase my conversion rates.

Most times I would educate myself and read books on copywriting. I would then implement those new ideas and bam… I’m done for the day.

Like I said in the past, there’s a difference between working really hard and working really smart.

You gotta ask yourself which one are you. .

Because it doesn’t matter how hard you work. If you’re being inefficient with your time, then you’re literally wasting a lot of time that could have been used to generate other sources of income.

So guys, stop working so hard and instead…

Focus on these three things: Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads & Converting Sales.

Because let me tell you this, not only will you make more money, but you’ll do it in less time!

Anyways guys, that’s it for today.

If you want more of these trainings, I have a FREE training on Facebook Ads and if you attend, you’ll get the 373 of the world’s most profitable niches!

You could see what I did and how I actually create traffic, capture leads and convert sales.

And the cool thing about that is IT’S ALL FREE!

So check it out!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog.

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