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by Mike Vestil 

How to EASILY learn anything 10x FASTER

Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. But even though this is the case, the biggest issue that prevents most people from succeeding is the excuse that they “have no time.”

Well here is the exact steps on how to easily learn anything 10x faster.

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Find out how to easily learn anything 10 times faster.

A lot of people have been curious about the progress I’ve made like how they used to see me in my old YouTube videos.

They find it crazy how things have been evolving rapidly.

And most of them wanted to know how I learned these new skills and new mindsets..

What they don’t know is I actually went through 4 principles that helped me speed up my progress in learning new skill sets 10x the speed than it normally would.

Here they are:


Well guys, this isn’t a surprise.

Majority of people believes that in order to get more, you need to learn more..

In order to LEARN more, you need to READ more.

And that’s because a man that reads lives 1, 000 lifetimes while a man that doesn’t read, lives only once.”

Guys, understand that even though there are problems that you’re currently facing right now.. There are smarter people that have already failed and tried to achieve and learn from their mistakes. .

So why on earth would you do the same mistakes that have already been made. .

When you can learn from someone who has already discovered a solution?

Which is why one of the easiest way to do this is to literally pick up a book that they wrote in a skill that you want to learn. Now try adapting their mindset in that book so that you can learn the specific skill faster.

Because like I said in my previous blogs, everything that you’ve ever wanted to accomplish in your life has been done before.

So why would you go and recreate the wheel when you could just take what other people have already done?

And it’s exactly like what the French philosopher Descartes once said:

Reading good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.

And when you’re able to adopt everyone else’s mindsets, you’re like coming at it with a collective knowledge as a humanity to actually go through the problems that you currently have so that you can fix it.

So if you’re curious regarding what books I read, just recently I’ve been reading Contagious.

If  you’ve been watching my Youtube videos these past few weeks, you’ve probably seen it  slowly evolving.

And that’s because I wanted to get to the point where instead of me just getting shown in the suggested column on YouTube, I wanted people to start talking about the BRAND and the CONTENT. .

So instead of me recreating what it is that I want for my youtube channel, why don’t I just learn from the things that are already making it happen.

Which is why I definitely recommend that book so make sure to look it up on Amazon.

Now for the second book that you definitely need to read is The Lazy Man’s Guide to Living the Good Life by yours truly! You can click and check it out right here.


I don’t know if you know this but you guys spend so much time in your car or in transportation.

You may be going to school or to work and in that time, you’re listening to music that isn’t really helping you.

Yeah! I know Drake can be inspirational and it’s more like a sense of personal development when you’re listening to him with some of his amazing songs..

But it’s not really giving you those action steps to move forward. .

So what I like doing when going down to the city, is I maximize that 10-minute transit by listening to my audiobooks.

I’m literally turning my moped into a university for entrepreneurs on wheels and to make it go to the next level, I actually even put it to like 1.5x or 2x speed.

And if you’re really serious in learning on a maximum level, another thing that I wanna recommend, which I used to do especially in college, (when everything around me was so negative, when there wasn’t really those role models that I could actually look up to to get the results that I wanted)…

I actually purchased this little thing called a sleep speaker on eBay.

It’s unbelievably just around $2 or $3 dollars, certainly one of the best investments of my life!

It’s like a little speaker that you put underneath your pillow.

All you need to do is plug it to an mp3 player or your phone from which you can listen to personal development audio file while you sleep.

Here’s the thing that you guys need to understand about the subconscious mind: IT NEVER SLEEPS.

So it’s either you’re putting crap in your mind.. or you’re putting good positive knowledge!

And it’s these thoughts that you are accumulating throughout the day including the time while you sleep. Those are what dictates your emotions; those emotions on the other hand dictate your actions..

And those actions dictate the lifestyle that you want and the results that you are looking for when you’re trying to learn 10x faster.

So never forget those two BIGGEST things guys:

  • Turn your car or your moped into a university for entrepreneurs on wheels.
  • And when you go to sleep, turn that self-development sound on.

Understand that learning doesn’t stop, even so as you rest your head to sleep.


There’s something crazy that actually happens about this truth guys.

Believe it or not.. One of the biggest things that has changed my life forever especially when meeting the right people is when I found out what skill it is that I wanted to learn.

And if there are any conventions in my area, I would definitely get the tickets to go there.

Not just to learn from the people that have the results, but to actually surround myself with a bunch of like-minded individuals.

Because if you’re trying to get good at crypto and you want to go to crypto events . . Guess who else are going there, too?

It’s the people that have the same mindsets, the same desires and beliefs!

You can meet new friends, new relationships and even new business partners there.

And when you surround yourself around all those people that are pushing you up instead of those crappy friends that are just dragging you down..


Because now you’re decreasing the resistance towards your goals. You’re also increasing the chances of serendipity of happening to actually have you move forward closer to your goals.


Here’s the thing guys, you can learn from books, from audiobooks, and definitely from conventions. .

But one of the craziest things that has made me 10x any result that I wanted be it health, wealth, love or happiness is I literally find the person that has the results that I want and I go to them.

And even if we’re not friends yet, I either do one of two things..

I’ll either buy their products and then make myself become their friend by just forcibly getting myself in their life.

I would show them how cool the person I am so that they would want to teach me.

Or two, I would find a way to discover what else are they lacking in their life or in business. Because as you can see guys, even if they have more money than me. .

They may still be struggling with relationships and health.

Even if they may be better in shape than me, they may still be struggling with marketing or what not.

And if you focus on what you’re good at, you could use that as leverage to really go to these mentors and turn them into your friend.

My friend literally made this term FRIENDTOR.

It’s like you take your friend and a mentor and you turn them into your friendtor.

And that’s someone who wants what’s best for you. They are already 10 steps ahead of you but they’re willing to guide you through this journey so you don’t make the same mistakes.

That’s also the reason why I created the mastermind group here https://www.mikevestil.com/mastermind, so that you guys can find the friends that you could turn into your mentors.

Right now, the most important thing that you need to focus on in this world is you gotta take away your mentality from a Me-Mentality.

Like I’ve always said, it’s all about the “WE”. . It’s all about the sharing economy. It’s more about how you can help this person that has the results that you want.

Because think about this guys..

The people that have the results that you want, they don’t have time to give out charity and give out tips for FREE.

Because if they did, they wouldn’t have been as successful because then they wouldn’t have valued their time.

Now the only way for you to get the results that you want and to actually get these mentors’ attention is to FIND A WAY TO OFFER VALUE.

And that’s number one, you literally need to take out some cash and buy some of their products.

That’s the only way mentors will know if you are really serious or not. It’s when you find a way to add value.

Take my example with the way I added value to my mentors. . I would use my audience and I’ll leverage it as I’m sharing my journey of entrepreneurship.

That’s what got me in the face of crypto mentors, marketing mentors, or in the face of sales funnel mentors.

I didn’t come at them with a me-mentality but as an individual who has the ability to add value to their business.

So hopefully that helps!

Take it easy guys!

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