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by Mike Vestil 

Using Meeting Management Software To Level Up Your Meetings

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The right meeting management software can help you keep your meetings running smoothly. 

Ensuring that everyone is prepared, that you have the suitable materials, and that no one is over or underwhelmed can help you avoid unpleasant surprises during meetings.

Whether you are thinking about choosing one of the best self-employed jobs and running with it, or form part of a larger organization, ensuring that your meetings are on point is crucial.

While there are many management software available online, in this case, simplicity does not work in your favor. Not only may this simple software lack the features you require, but some may lack the security and privacy you need to protect sensitive information.

This article will look at some possible meeting management software options, allowing you to make the right decision for your company.

The Top Meeting Management Software Right Now

The following are some of the best meeting management software available today.

1. HubSpot Meetings

Best For Never Having Anyone Miss Another Meeting


HubSpot Meetings allows you to schedule meetings more quickly and avoid the back-and-forth emails.

If you want your calendar to look and feel organized, then HubSpot Meetings is the right meeting management software for you. With a simple interface and a free version, no one has an excuse to miss a meeting again.

Give prospects the ability to schedule appointments with you and save hours on needless emailing.

HubSpot's meeting software connects to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so prospects can see when you're available and book a meeting with you in just one step.

HubSpot allows you to schedule meetings in various ways with round-robin and group links, ensuring that everyone stays productive and on track.

Your HubSpot contacts database will expand and stay organized as prospects book appointments. They'll be added to your database automatically, so your list grows while remaining tidy.

Key Features

  • By emailing or embedding your calendar, you can schedule more appointments.
  • Use the appointment scheduler to book meetings with your prospects in just one step.
  • Share options for meetings allow you to invite everyone or limit it to specific individuals.
  • Automating sessions can help you close more deals faster, ensuring that you spend more time on what matters most.
  • Prospects will appreciate the straightforward, one-step scheduling process, and you'll enjoy the time you save.


It's free to get started with HubSpot meetings.

2. Magic Minutes

Best For Improving Business Operations Through More Succinct Meetings


Magic Minutes allows you to manage all of your meetings and activities in one place. By giving each session greater focus and accountability, Minutes will enable businesses to improve operations.

This allows you to stay on track, get organized and meet your goals.

Create a single list with easy-to-read information on your upcoming and past meetings. You can easily search for past meetings to reference.

You'll have the ability to manage every aspect of your meeting, including sending reminders, setting a plan, and more. You can also send messages to everyone involved in your discussion with just one click.

If you take notes during your meetings, you can put them in a simple list to keep track of your commitments and get things done.

Experience freedom from the burden of having to concern yourself with how much time a meeting will run - Minutes can help people manage better sessions and alter their approach at work.

Whether you decide to play it by ear or plan ahead of time, Minutes allows you to guarantee that your discussions stay on track.

Key Features

  • Send the minutes (and any meeting notes) out as soon as possible, ensuring that they're up to date.
  • Customize your lists to suit your unique needs and preferences.
  • Set the due dates on tasks so you won't be late or lose track of follow-ups.
  • Allow everyone involved in a meeting to receive an email summarizing the minutes with just one click.
  • Progress reports will be sent automatically when you receive updates about meeting actions.
  • Make people accountable by having them confirm attendance ahead of time.



There are three pricing plans as follows:

3. Zoom

Best For Having An Enterprise Solution That Works Well Each Time


Zoom provides its audience with a fast, reliable meeting platform that's easy to use. Employees can collaborate more efficiently with their colleagues worldwide with its tools and resources.

Zoom is great for virtual teams who often meet thanks to effective integration with well-known apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

With an all-in-one communications platform, you and your team can engage new audiences, raise customer experiences, and get more done together.

With the possibility of on-demand courses provided by Zoom itself, employees can learn at their own pace, ensuring that they're ready to come on board when the time is right.

Key Features

  • Meetings involving HD video and audio collaboration are available.
  • Use the Zoom scheduler for automated meetings that will save your team time and money by automating meeting planning.
  • No more endless email chains to schedule an appointment with teammates or clients.
  • Give presentations with easy-to-share links that can be accessed on any device at any time by anyone you've shared them with.
  • The Zoom Marketplace offers integrations that allow you to connect with the tools and platforms that your business uses daily.
  • Connect your staff and simplify communication by turning your team's communications into actionable workflows.



With personal meetings being free, Zoom's paid plans are as follows:

4. ClickMeeting

Best For Having A Platform That Scales Irrespective Of Team Size


To bring your students, clients, and team members together via video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar software, ClickMeeting offers its audience - whether large or small - an easy-to-use platform that you can customize to your needs.

ClickMeeting is ideal if you want to give everyone on your team access to state-of-the-art technology without having to spend a lot of money.

Educating your customers about a subject is the first step in purchasing. 

You can do this by demonstrating your product, sharing your opinions, and quickly selling your findings with a ClickMeeting webinar.

Networkers or business owners can use the platform to share their ideas and presentations with a large audience, making them more visible and credible.

You may also offer instructional courses and training sessions. You may teach your students from anywhere with laptops or smartphones as long as they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

With ClickMeeting, you can develop a sense of control, knowing that you can handle your work better than you ever have before.

In addition, if you want to scale up, you can go ahead and do so because you'll still be in control.

Key Features

  • On-demand webinars allow you to record and share your online meetings.
  • Choose from a wide range of templates so you can personalize your webinar for an extra touch of style.
  • A convenient meeting scheduler means less time spent on back-and-forth emails.
  • Automation options allow you to create automated meetings that can be scheduled to run on specific days or times.
  • Screen sharing options are also available, making it easy to share your screen with the people in your meeting.



With a free trial available, the pricing plans are the following:

5. GlobalMeet

Best For Delivering Top-Notch Presentations To Customers All Over The World


For businesses that want to stay current, GlobalMeet offers meeting and event services. People use their webcasting, audio, web, and video tools to get their tasks done daily.

With an easy-to-use interface, GlobalMeet combines the features of a video conferencing system with those of a leaderboard.

Turn your online experience into a show-stopper with professional webcasts for all of your virtual event needs.

GlobalMeet is ideal for any occasion where companies or individuals want to share their knowledge or connect with a large audience.

With GlobalMeet, you can host online seminars and use its webinar platform to attract potential customers from all around the world.

With that said, GlobalMeet Webcast is more than simply a live streaming solution. Using GlobalMeet Webcast, you may also broadcast on-demand and simulated-live material to target audiences.

Key Features

  • GlobalMeet is an all-in-one webcast platform that allows you to easily manage any webcast or online event involving audio, video, and slides.
  • Live streaming webcasts can be scheduled at any time, allowing you to schedule your on-demand webcasts for later.
  • Screen sharing is also available to make it possible to share your screen with the people in your webcast.
  • Fully manage calls from start to finish to make it a breeze to deliver your conference calls without any additional third-party apps or equipment.



With pricing plans based on the number of viewers, these are your options:

6. Infinity

Best For Providing All The Features You Need From Just One Interface


Infinity is a tool for organizing a virtual meeting through a web platform. This makes it possible for you to have a conference talk at just the right time.

With Infinity, the collaboration process has been made straightforward thanks to features such as audio conferencing, screen sharing, chat, messaging, annotations tools, and much more.

Bury all of your documents and paperwork in one spot and have everyone on the team access them, keeping each other organized and synchronized.

You may build multiple views for different use cases, allowing you to customize how you work and keep everything organized.

Key Features

  • You can use specific views set up to allow employees to work on their assigned tasks and projects simultaneously, synchronizing and organizing everyone.
  • Structure your work by creating different teams, so you can easily assign tasks and projects to each person.
  • Each team member can know immediately when content has been added, shared, or changed.



With a lifetime payment of $149, Infinity is available for anyone looking to build a business web platform based on solid communication.

7. Vyte

Best For Scheduling Your Communication


Time tracking, project management, and time management are all handled by Vyte, making it easier for you to manage your tasks and projects.

With Vyte, you can make the most of your collaboration process by connecting with people across all of your favorite calendars, apps, and servers.

The solution is perfect for any project that requires you to work with other people on documents, spreadsheets, or slides.

This is a straightforward and easy-to-use program that will make your life a whole lot simpler.

With intelligent group scheduling, you can create different groups in seconds, allowing you to have well-organized meetings.

Key Features

  • Vyte is a simple online platform that allows employees to connect and work on their projects together.
  • Vyte allows you to plan events with a large number of attendees.
  • Invites are sent to users by email, text message, or Facebook's native messaging service.
  • Users may choose from a list of options and confirm their selections with a single click.
  • In a few minutes, you'll be able to get started creating a unique page where people may book you and access with a simple link.



With a free plan available, the paid plans are as follows:

Why Do You Need Meeting Management Software In Your Business?

A meeting management software comes with many benefits for your business, such as value-added services, smooth experience for all kinds of meetings, collaboration, and content sharing.

It is a new way to approach communication sessions to help you become more productive and efficient.

The right meeting management tool can help you save hours each month, automate the tedious tasks that distract you from growing your business, and help you maintain complete control over your meetings without putting forth too much extra effort.

Features Of A Great Online Meeting Management Software

Let's look at the features of a great online meeting management software.

Schedule & Host Meetings Effortlessly

A good meeting management software should enable you to create, schedule & host meetings effortlessly with minimal IT expertise involved on your side. A "zero-touch" installation process lets organizations set up and be ready to execute in minutes instead of months. 

This means that the right solution will work across all major browsers and operating systems, giving users complete control over how they access video conferences while also providing robust security measures that keep all data safe & secure.  

Ensuring the smooth running of all meetings is essential. A central repository for all information helps team members stay organized and on task. This tool lets attendees have everything they need at their fingertips, including screen share, HD audio, group chat, and more to make everyone contribute equally.

A Great Mobile App For Productive Meetings

A good meeting management software should have a mobile app, so you can schedule a meeting from your phone and complete it on the go without relying on a computer or laptop. The tool should notify all participants of upcoming meetings with enough lead time, invite them to events as needed and collect feedback after the event has concluded. 

By using apps in a feature-rich online meeting management software, you’ll be able to make instant video calls or web conferences anytime, anywhere at an affordable cost. No installation is required either – log in using any device with Internet connectivity and get started immediately—no more complicated procedure for creating a meeting.

You Can Set Up The Meeting Agenda In Advance

A good meeting management software allows you to set up the agenda of a meeting in advance, with participants suggesting their topics. The automated scheduler also coordinates with each attendee and ensures they don't miss any critical updates or deadlines ahead of time. It is very efficient for large organizations where different teams need to coordinate.

It can be used by everyone from small business owners, freelancers, and professionals (who want a better way to meet new clients & conduct projects online) to larger enterprises that have team members all over the globe. You can hold virtual meetings that feel like they're in-person while saving thousands on travel costs simultaneously.

Cloud Storage Is An Option

A meeting management system lets you share files at the meeting, saving them instantly to cloud storage. The system can be used by anyone, including employees, collaborators, clients, or other stakeholders who may need an account to access the proper material before a meeting. This is one great opportunity for collaboration and content sharing.

Whether your business needs are simple or complex, this easy-to-use tool can accommodate everyone. It has intelligent backup options, making even large global enterprises run smoothly & effectively.

Real-Time Chat Mechanism

The online meeting management system should have a real-time group chat mechanism that allows many people from different locations to participate and share ideas quickly. The system should also enable the organization to record the entire meeting and upload it for future reference or share it with other team members who were not present at the time of discussion.

An excellent online meeting management software offers a variety of flexible features and partnerships that can benefit both large and small businesses. It must provide everything you need to run your meetings like never before – whenever, wherever.

In addition to video meetings, a real-time chat has many advantages over emails. It is the most effective way to manage your work and time, boost productivity and improve the efficiency of each employee. Using this tool, you can create a virtual office or home.

Task Management Is Inbuilt In The Right Meeting Management Solutions

Team meetings are essential for a well-oiled team. The best online meeting management system will offer you the necessary tools to run sessions smoothly and effectively. You can assign tasks & action items in a few simple steps and track them over time.

The task management function should be straightforward to use – give each person one or more assignments, set deadlines, and publish the final project report when done. Select from predefined templates or create custom ones for your particular needs - no matter how many people are involved, the work will always get done on time.

Enterprise meeting management software offers excellent possibilities for your business regarding task management.

Meeting Notes

In addition, to have a dedicated meeting room that is great for having meetings, meetings notes should be part of the meeting management system.

Meeting notes should be recorded accurately and kept safe for future reference. Online meeting notes are essential for all teams, especially SMBs or startups, where everyone is expected to pitch in. It's also a boon for large enterprise organizations where people from different departments need information across the board & have to stay fully informed on everything.

The notes should be fully editable and shareable – you can set permissions for individual participants or groups. It is also possible to allow some people to make changes while preventing others from editing different document parts.

As soon as the meeting is over, everyone should access these online notes, which are always available anytime & anywhere.

Automated Notifications

An automated online meeting management software offers easy-to-use tools that will ensure you never miss out on anything. For example, team members can immediately receive notifications about upcoming events, making it easy to prepare ahead of time without forgetting anything important.

Meeting management tools offering timely notifications can be a significant advantage because they can help increase productivity and boost efficiency.

For example, if you use the automation function to schedule reminders about deadlines or follow-up meetings, these notifications will appear as pop-up windows on all connected devices. You don't have to keep checking for new emails containing important information – your meeting management system sends these messages straight to your desktop.

In addition to providing notifications via desktop pop-ups, you can also send out alerts directly from the chat – just one click, and everyone gets a notice about what's going on at that moment.

Brandable Links

Make it easy for everyone to find your meeting room at the click of a button by creating custom links for sharing across devices. Meeting management software should quickly and easily develop brandable meeting links.

You can also use your company name or logo as the meeting room link – this will make you look more professional and increase trust among potential business partners or clients.

The top meeting schedule software offers several URLs for different purposes, e.g., promotional or informational meeting links, client-only meetings, or demo presentations. Every participant can access all meetings via one universal URL that will work on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This way, you are ready to go no matter where your next online meeting occurs.

Campaign Tracking

Room bookings can automatically be posted on the proper channels to ensure no one misses out on any potential leads & maximizes exposure.

Social campaign monitoring functionality caters to the needs of modern business owners because it's not enough to send invites via internal networks anymore.

Sometimes, sharing your upcoming events on popular social media channels can generate new revenue streams by increasing brand awareness.

Among other options, the top online meeting management tool should feature a streamlined integration with Facebook and Twitter that allows users to schedule messages about events directly from within the program interface - without going into their accounts separately. This way, you do not have to waste time, money, and resources on managing external messages.


The right meeting management software is a must for businesses of all sizes. It can make your life easier and ensure you never miss out on anything important again.

Do not settle for less when it comes to meeting management tools & software - make sure to compare the top online meetings scheduler to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

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