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by Mike Vestil 

Best Motion Capture Software To Create Eye-Catching Animations

Motion capture software (also known as MOCAP software) enables users to record movements for applications such as animation, movies, digital puppetry, gaming, and more. The software analyzes the movement of objects recorded via special sensors known as motion capture devices or optical markers.

Finding the right motion software that matches your needs is not always easy. It can be time-consuming, and you might end up going with something that doesn’t provide you with the needed features. On the flip side, finding the correct type of software allows you to create animations, videos, and games with realistic movement.

In this post, I will share the different types of motion capture software available on the market. This will allow you to have all the information available before choosing the right software for you. Let's get straight into it.

What Is The Best Motion Capture Software?

The following list is a compilation of the best motion capture software available on the market right now.

Best Overall For Letting Your Imagination Run Wild


With Adobe After Effects, there's nothing you can't accomplish. You can create movie titles, intros, and transitions with ease. You can also remove anything you want from a sequence. Start a fire, make it rain, or anything else your imagination comes up with. Whatever your project calls for, After Effects has the tools to help you execute.

See how easily you can animate with the new animated text presets in 3D space. New masks make it easy to refine your keyframes and create the required detailed movements.

You can also create a logo or character, both of which can be animated. You may even build in 3D space and navigate about the world you built. With After Effects considered the industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects software, you can turn any concept into reality.

Titles, credits, and lower thirds can all be animated. Start with custom settings or the built-in presets right from the program. Create expressions to start something moving. Then, use presets to get started on your designs with various outcomes in mind.

Key Features

  • With features that enhance your previews, flag layers that might be slowing down the rendering process
  • Render your pieces when you're not using them so you'll be able to utilize your computer's CPU fully
  • Output 3X faster exports when rendering with Adobe Media Encoder or the reimagined Render Queue, enabling you to set the foreground and background threads
  • Check out compelling new features like Real-Time 3D Draft Preview, 3D Ground Plane, Extended Viewport, and 3D Transform Gizmos

There is no charge for your first seven days.

After that, a creative cloud single-app membership for After Effects starts at $20.99 per month.

Best For Turning Your Ideas Into Unique Films


Corel VideoStudio brings easy tools, innovative effects, intelligent features, and optimized performance that can turn your most delicate moments and life events into one-of-a-kind films.

With hundreds of filters, effects, titles, transitions, and graphics - including new artificial reality stickers -  you can customize your videos with drag-and-drop creativity.

Create original films that wow and inspire others, using a robust platform by your side to take your creativity to new heights.

Make beautiful films with easy-to-understand, enjoyable-to-explore video editing software that's jam-packed with useful features and special effects. Import, create, edit, and share videos with all the creative control you've been looking for.

Key Features

  • Take advantage of auto features like crop, rotate, and brightness and contrast adjustments to make your output that much better
  • Make essential repairs, get creative filters, and discover handy tools that are simple to use
  • You may also choose a video converter to cut, trim, and combine video clips
  • You can even export your projects in popular formats so that you may distribute them online or view them on several devices
  • Convert your footage into a polished production by enhancing color, applying white balance and lens corrections, and removing all the flaws from the final product

Right now, you can try the software for 30 days, allowing you to explore all of its features.

After that, VideoStudio is available for $51.99, which saves you 35%.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best For Beginners Looking To Get Into Animation


Animate CC allows you to animate anything and everything. It's fun, easy, and anyone with basic knowledge can make it happen. Moreover, if you have no prior experience animating, this will be a breeze to pick up due to its ease of use.

Create stunning 2D and 3D animations for games, TV shows, and the web. Make cartoons come to life with banner ads. Create doodles and avatars that move. You may also enhance infographics and eLearning courses with motion. With Animate, anything is possible.

Get started by combining your artwork with interactive web and mobile content for games and advertisements using accessible animation techniques. Create game environments, produce start screens, and integrate sound that responds to motion and action on-screen.

You can quickly publish to numerous platforms in whatever style you desire after using Animate to create and code your assets inside the program itself.

Key Features

  • Combining the power of warping and rigging to create natural-looking animation is straightforward with Adobe Animate
  • Share compositions to your favorite outputs with a single click allowing you to create animation for any screen size
  • Easily integrate Adobe Animate projects into other Adobe programs, take advantage of the Creative Cloud Libraries, and make your workflow easier
  • Panels now include sound clips and extra animations so you can get started right away

There are four pricing plans available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best For Having A Solution That Works For Multiple Industries


3DS Max is great for design visualization, games, and animation. The best part is that you can use it for various fields, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

It is perfect for intermediate to advanced users and can be used for architectural design, product design, engineering, and more.

With centralized creative tools for interactive light mixing, color grading, and lens effects on the finished picture, you'll save time and frustration when getting the job done. You can work faster with an artist-friendly user experience and intuitive controls that help you focus on your creative vision.

3DS Max makes it easier to get desired results faster by smoothing out iterating and generating high-quality renders and variants. Work more quickly and meet deadlines with tools that empower you to work with 3D, even with limited experience.

Autodesk 3DS Max also allows you to automate your workflow and scale it to focus more on the creative part of the process.

Key Features

  • With enhanced spline tools, you may create and dynamically animate geometry in various creative ways
  • Rendering various items is easy. Create spaces such as modern living rooms (with specific items such as a green sofa, a marble coffee table, a stone floor featuring a charcoal area rug, and more) and outdoor scenes with grass and mountains
  • The workflow is efficient, allowing you to preview the changes before applying them
  • Create or utilize OSL maps for any supported renderer to create atmospheric effects like fog, smoke, and dust
  • Simple, precise tools let you create best-in-class procedure analysis details with ease

With payment plans available on a three-year, annual, or even monthly basis, 3DS Max offers you the flexibility you need. 

These are their pricing plans:

Best For Providing Tools To Tell Your Story The Way You Want To


Cyberlink PowerDirector allows you to tell your story with video like a pro. It is perfect for people who are new to video editing and want to make professional-quality home movies or even experienced editors who need easy-to-use yet powerful filmmaking software.

Intuitive image-editing tools allow you to move and alter the position of objects in a video and produce high-quality cinematic effects.

The AI that comes with the tool can simplify your creative workflow, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you complete tasks. With Cyberlink PowerDirector, you can edit 4K video faster than other video editing software.

Bring your ideas to life with a vast collection of equipment to help you customize your project and make it unique.

Using beautiful video templates, an extensive stock media library, and a sophisticated live stream and recording studio, you can captivate and wow your audience while making exclusive films that get shared.

Key Features

  • Speed up your workflow by automatically detecting different video formats and intelligently converting them to the best ones for editing. This will save you time when importing and exporting videos
  • Apply video effects that will amaze your viewers, including tilt-shift, mosaic, and more, allowing you to create a unique look for your videos
  • Use tools such as lens correction, video stabilizer, and video speed control to perfect your finalized video
  • With editing tools created just for sports fans, you can make films that recapture the excitement and thrills of your action camera, making viewers feel as if they were part of the action

Cyberlink offers both lifetime and subscription-based pricing plans, as follows.



What Is Motion Capture Software?

Motion capture is a computer-related technology that records the movements of objects, people, and animals to animate them digitally. These animations can be realistic or caricature, depending on what the video editor wants to accomplish.

Motion capture technology is used extensively in the movie industry to create realistic animations when it comes to its use. Motion capture data is also used to create 3D models for video games and other digital media. 

Moreover, motion capture technology has also been used to develop medical simulations and prosthetic designs.

You can use several different software applications for motion capture. Some of these are dedicated motion capture applications, while others are more general-purpose 3D animation software packages that include features for motion capture.

What’s Involved In Motion Capture?

Motion capture involves several key steps. These include camera motion, motion tracking, motion data, motion analytics, and even products motion. This needs to be accomplished smoothly and efficiently for the best results.

Motion capture software can help to improve the workflow by automating some of these steps. This can save time and make the process more efficient. It is essential to have good quality software if you use motion capture for your projects. 

The best software will offer several features that make the process easier and more efficient. In addition, such software can help you create fantastic animations that blow people away.

Key Features To Look For When Choosing Motion Capture Software

When looking for motion capture software, there are a few key features that you should look for before making a final decision. Let's explore some of these features below.

User-Friendly Interface

The first feature to look out for is a user-friendly interface with a simple learning curve. It would help if you also looked for software that offers plenty of tutorials and resources to help you learn how to use it effectively. The best motion capture software will offer the features you need without being complicated to use.

Great rendering software that is easy to use should also provide tons of templates that you can follow, making the process of creating amazing videos and other animations as simple as possible. It would be best to look for a tool that will let you create the best content possible without overcomplicating things.

Detection Technology

The best software will also have easy-to-use, intuitive detection software to allow it to quickly and easily pick up the movements of different objects in an efficient manner. This means that if you create a video or animation with people or animals, there should be no problem detecting the movement so that the animation is as realistic as possible.

This is a crucial feature for any professional motion capture application. Detecting movement accurately is essential because it can animate using either frame or motion-capping. You should note that the best software will allow you to pinpoint movement areas on different objects, not just whole-body movements. Isolating movements of certain parts of an object or person can help you create super engaging animations with minimal effort.

While this may not seem like a big deal, being able to easily separate movement on an object can save you significant time and resources in the long run. Such features make it easier for you to focus on what you are trying to accomplish creatively rather than fixing problems that the software could have avoided with better detection technology. 

This feature is also essential for creating accurate animations of people and animals since their bodies move differently from inanimate objects.

Animation Tools

It would help if you also looked for software with excellent animation tools to help you create the animations you envision. Most of the best motion capture software will have several features to help quickly create smooth and accurate animations. While these may not necessarily improve detection technology, they can certainly make things easier by allowing you to do more with less hassle.

For example, some animation tools might allow you to take one character's movements and transfer them onto another character or object. This is an excellent way to speed up production time while still creating unique content that people will love watching, playing, or consuming in one way, shape or form.

Use Cases Of The Motion Capture Software

Whether you are into game developing, film making, creating CG characters, or anything else related to virtual reality, motion capture software can be of great help. 

Let’s look at three situations in which motion software is being highly used today.

1. Game development

If you are into game development, motion capture software is essential for creating motion for your characters. Using this technology, you can import the character's skeletons and create highly realistic movements. Such software also allows you to use pre-existing animations or real-life recorded data to make things easier during game production.

Motion analysis technology makes it easy to animate a character's face and body realistically without much hassle. You only have to import the character model, apply your desired movements or facial expressions, and then quickly render high-quality animations.

2. Film making

Motion capture technology is widely used in filmmaking because it allows directors/animators to quickly shoot scenes that would have been very difficult before this technology was invented. It also allows them to promptly animate any object by importing models onto the computer and automatically animating them without additional work.

3. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular by the day, and if you want to get into this field, you will need some excellent motion capture software. This allows you to create realistic 3D motions that you can use in VR applications or videos.


Motion capture technology is becoming increasingly important in the world of virtual reality, and this field will continue growing in popularity as time goes on.

Remember that software that allows created characters to behave realistically will play a pivotal role in this field. You should look for this feature when investing in any type of motion performance capture software.

If you want to get involved with any VR media creation, getting some good motion capture software and understanding how it works should be at the top of your priority list. It can save you a lot of time and money while allowing you to create fantastic animations that people will love consuming more and more as time goes by.

Use the software mentioned in the above list to start your motion capture journey today.

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