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by Mike Vestil 

How to Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

“I can’t seem to get any sales with my Facebook ad strategy.. does Facebook advertising even work?”

I hate this question..


Because it means that the marketer asking me is too damn lazy to actually see where they are going wrong.

You see the thing with Facebook ads and successful marketing campaigns is that they are not discovered. THEY ARE BUILT.

Like how Michael Angelo had to chip off the excess pieces of a crappy slay of marble to turn it into the beautiful Statue of David..

YOU need to chip off the excess pieces of your crappy advertising campaign to turn it into that beautiful profit margin of joy and abundance.

Find out exactly how to look at your metrics, what those metrics mean in plain english, and how to optimize your Facebook ads from the data in today’s video.

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So many people come up to me with their frustrations and complaints about how they’ve spent a lot on Facebook Ads and still not getting any results.


Here’s the biggest thing that you guys gotta understand…

Life as an entrepreneur (i.e. Dropshipping) is not just about screenshotting something on Aliexpress and throwing a five dollar Facebook ad and bam! You make millions of dollars!

It’s not as simple as that.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, these winning campaigns are not discovered. THEY ARE BUILT.

The Statue of David

I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of Michelangelo and the Statue of David.

There came a time when some odd sculptor went up to Michelangelo and asked how he came up with the structure of the Statue of David.

He was so amazed how the artist made it from a crappy piece of marble.

And his response struck me the most.

He explained that the statue of David has always been inside the crappy piece of marble . .

And that all he did was to chisel off the excess pieces.


Now as a metaphor, you guys have this really crappy slab of marble that’s not yet the Statue of David. Let’s just say it’s not yet making you a bunch of profit.

Every single Facebook ad that you first start off with, starts off as a scrappy piece of marble.

And most entrepreneurs that are just getting started are acting so lazy. Instead of actually analyzing their data, they throw ugly piece of marble for Facebook ads and then they wonder why they’re not getting any sales.

The reason why you’re not getting any sales is because of the fact that you’re not chiseling the excess pieces that is making your campaign unprofitable.

One of the biggest remark that makes me so angry is whenever I hear people complain that they’re just breaking even despite using Facebook ads.

what do I actually mean by that ,well well here this is another big complaint that literally just gets me so angry

Do you know how good it is to actually break even in Facebook ads?

You are training your pixel.

On top of that, you’re learning what is working  and what does not work in terms of your ad.

The Meat and Potatoes

So now it’s time to discover what really makes a good Facebook ad, why your Facebook ad freaking sucks, and what you need to do to fix it.

First and foremost, you gotta take note of these guys who are just taking a screenshot of a picture they saw on Aliexpress . .

Then they run a $5 ad to which everyone runs the same thing, too.

So what happens is, while everyone targets the same people with the exact same picture and the exact same offer…

The cost of advertising goes up.

Now if you’re wondering why you aren’t making any money, it’s because of these people that are just getting started in Facebook ads.

They are too lazy to do one step forward to actually get out of the competition.

And here’s the crazy thing guys…

A lot of people that have been killing it in my student groups in the e-commerce space did the same thing in the past.

So what happens is, the barrier of entry goes down.

And that’s what happens all the time when it comes getting a free and easy start.

The easier it is to get started in something, the more competition there is going to be.

Guys, anyone can go on Aliexpress and screenshot a freaking picture.

Anyone can go over to YouTube and just scrape together a bunch of videos that they can’t really do . .

And then they run an ad to it.


Which is why you gotta ask yourself if that can build you a business that’s going to last a lifetime. .

STEP 1: Create Your Content & Run Ads To It

With the small barrier of entry, people are very lazy to do the next step.

What is the actual next step in this?

Well, that is actually doing something like buying the product and then making your own video.

That’s what I did.

STEP 2: Understanding The Tech Side Of Facebook Ads

Here, you need to know what a CTR, CPM and CPC means and how vital it is in scaling your business.


Understand that in any single ad when you’re running it, some of the metrics that you need to look for is your CTR or Click-Through Rate.

It’s the percentage of people that actually see your ad and how many of them are actually clicking on it.

That tells you if the creative, the video or the image is appealing.

Most of the time, if your CTR sucks . .

It’s because of your image or your video. If it does, then you need to change it.

This metric alone can tell you why your Facebook ads suck.

Now instead of complaining like what all these lazy entrepreneurs are doing…

Be the smart entrepreneur that immediately takes action whenever you see that your CTR is going low.


Another thing that you need understand is the CPM which stands for Cost Per Mille.

That’s the latin for thousand, that’s why CPM means cost per thousand views.

The CPM rate in terms of YouTube, for example, tells you how expensive the traffic you are getting for 1,000 impressions.

So first, it tells you the competition level in the space.

Like for example in one of my YouTube niche, the advertisers pay me $15 to $20 CPM rate.Find out how to optimize your Facebook advertising strategy.

So for every 1000 views that advertisers are putting their ad on on my video, I get around $15 to $20.

So in terms of Facebook ads, you need to understand that it shows you how much competition is in your marketplace and what you actually need to do to tweak it.

Now if your CPM is way high, what that actually means is maybe you’re using an image that everyone else is using.

Maybe you’re using a headline that everyone else is using.

So do something different!

Another reason why the CPM rate is really high is either the traffic that you’re getting is really expensive because your offer is not resonating with them or  the headline, so change it.

These CPR and CPM rates will literally tell you why your ads suck and what you actually need to do change it.


CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

This tells you how expensive it is per click.

And if the click is too damn expensive, then it means that either the headline or  the call to action in the ad copy probably sucks. .

Or maybe it’s the image or the video that sucks!

The biggest thing that you gotta remember is why people are on Facebook.

Facebook isn’t a platform for you to profit.

In terms of Facebook as a company, it’s number one priority is its users.

There are so many people that are just trying to spam Facebook with crappy ads. They’re not even thinking about the user experience.


Now the best way to make sure you get really good CTR, CPM and CPC rates is thinking of the user first and creating content around that which the user can share and like . .

Because the more they like and share, and the more the comments come in, the more likely those costs for your advertising goes down.

And that’s only when you think like a consumer, not like a marketer.

Remember to be the producer that creates these ads and understand that Facebook Ads is so damn profitable as long as you think in terms of the user.

The problem with entrepreneurs is we think too much like marketers and we forgot what it’s like to just be a consumer.

Like I said in the past, the more you live in your consumer’s shoes, the more you’ll understand their needs, wants and desires.

And you’ll understand the real problem where your offer can be the solution.

You guys can then start fixing your Facebook ads.

Just understand that even though they suck…

When most people will quit, grab the opportunity to find out why they suck by looking at your CTR, CPM and CPC.

And understand that if your ads suck, it doesn’t matter because ads aren’t discovered. THEY ARE BUILT.

As you understand your metrics, you’ll never have to worry why your ads suck ever again.

So hopefully this helps.

If you want more Facebook ad tutorials, make sure you comment “Facebook Ads Tutorials” below!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog.

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