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by Mike Vestil 

How to Sell Weird Things Online

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People are always looking for the next big thing. Sometimes it’s a new gadget, a new invention or just something to make them feel like they’re ahead of the curve. But, sometimes it’s not the newest thing that ends up being popular with consumers, but rather something that is completely weird.

If you think your product idea is weird yet has potential, keep reading this article, where we discuss how to sell weird things online, along with some fictitious products that are meant to stir up your creativity. 

Got a Weird Product Ddea? Here’s How to Sell “Weird” Stuff Online

Does your product idea fall into the category of being weird but awesome? 

Here are some tips for how to sell weird stuff online:

1) Offer something unique or innovative — like nothing available on the market.

2) Think about packaging — make it intriguing.

3) Be daring — stand out by offering an extreme product.

4) Test-market your product first before investing too much time into making large quantities.

5) Think about pricing — your product might be perceived as a novelty or a collector’s item.

What Makes a Weird Product Idea, Weird? 

A lot of the products that seem weird initially actually have pretty interesting backstories. This means that you can start by doing some research (or even creating the background story) about what it is that makes your product so weird, funny or just plain strange. 

Once you know the backstory of your product or business idea, you’ll have a good understanding of things — such as how much to charge for your product and how best to market it as well.

“Weird” is a subjective term, so here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding if your product idea is weird enough to be considered such.

Does My Product Idea Follow the Usual Rules of Marketing?

If you are selling a product that has rules, regulations or general guidelines for how to go about doing business in a certain way, your product will probably not be considered “weird.” Take Jell-O, for example; it comes with specific recipes and instructions for use — this makes it less weird than, say, jello shots, which do not have any set standards or restrictions at all.

Does My Product Take Well to Mass Consumption? 

Weird products can be tough when it comes to moving them in large quantities — they need either: 

  • Some kind of novelty value (like jars full of real fire ants for sale)
  • To be mass-produced to get a reasonable price point

Is My Product Easily Imitated?

If your product is not only weird but also easily replicated by competitors (or even just consumers), then it’s probably going to be tough for you to move large quantities of this particular item. If everyone can brew their beer at home these days because all the materials are readily available online, selling beer kits might be kind of tough.

What Makes My Product Weird, and What’s So Special About It? 

This is another way of asking “am I selling a novelty item, or am I providing some kind of useful service?” Take things like pet rocks, for example — yes, they were popular at one time but their value (and sales) dwindled pretty quickly because there wasn’t much going on with them.

Is My Product Going to Be Weird Forever? 

The best products are the ones that outstrip their novelty value pretty quickly and then become well-known and well-liked. This is because if your customers see no reason to come back — they won’t. But, if they do keep coming back, this means a strong brand has been created around your initial idea. 

If you can successfully create a brand or even just an interesting backstory for your business or product, it will make all of the difference in the world when it comes to marketing success.

Benefits of Selling Weird and Random Products

There are various benefits associated with selling weird products. Let’s have a look at the most important ones.

Unique Products

If you want to sell a product that is not available on the market, then it’s great. You can provide a unique solution for your customers and fill an empty niche. 

It might be more difficult to persuade people to buy from you at first. However, if you are successful, there won’t be anyone to compete with later.

Very Niched

If you are selling in a very niche market, then it’s also great, as there is much less competition. Drilling down into a specific niche means you are making a great impact on the people who have that niche interest, and they are more likely to become your customers.

No Competitors

If you can find a really weird product to sell, then usually there won’t be many other sellers doing it already. It may be hard to find one but if you do, then it’s great. 

You will have little or no competition which gives you more financial freedom. You’ll also have more responsibility, as this is your product and only yours — so don’t let everyone down by not looking after your customers properly.

Dedicated Fan Base

Some people sell crazy products that they have a lot of knowledge about. They know more than anyone else about their product and perhaps theirs is the only place to purchase such products. These people will often gain a dedicated following because their customers trust them. 

If you can make your service highly trusted, you will be in nice shape, as you won’t have much competition, and customers won’t have any reason to not buy from you.

20 Examples of Weird Product Ideas

Let’s now look at several examples of weird product ideas. As mentioned before, these are all fictitious (as far as we know) and are only intended to get your creative juices flowing.

Despite the fact that they’re not real products, if you implement a couple of these ideas along with your own, you can easily be on your way to making 300 USD per day — even if this is your first business endeavor.

1. Custom Doll That Looks Like You (Or Someone Else) 

This custom doll would make a classic and timeless gift. The doll would have an outer layer that can be customized to look like anyone you want. It could even take pictures and record sounds in real-time, like Google Glasses but for your eyes and ears.

2. Wedding Gown Shaped Like a Pizza Slice  

This one may be a little more niche than the others, but that’s why it’d likely do well. Pizza is the most popular food in America, and if couples registered for wedding gifts at Macy’s, they could get 10% off a (real) large pizza.

3. Custom-Made Shrunken Body Statue

These shrunken statues might have their heads based on a monkey, but then, the rest of it is based on a person’s appearance. Other gene therapies could be integrated into the statues as well, such as hair growth (or loss) and eye color change.

4. Custom Painting of Your Dog or Cat  

Why not put your pets to use and start selling custom paintings of them? You could even include some fun facts about each pet with the painting, like “This cat likes to sleep on the kitchen table.”

5. Electronic Rat That Moves and Makes Noise 

This is a very loud electronic rat that can be used for many different things. It can be placed on the ground to scare intruders, or it could even act as an intruder itself, scaring people out of their homes by moving around and making noises (just like a cat does).

6. Plush Doll Shaped Like a Cow Udder  

We’ve all seen those people at the bar who enjoy a cold one and suck down alcoholic beverages as if they were going out of style. Well, this is a great gift idea for them. 

The cow udder has two small holes on it that can be squeezed to simulate drinking alcohol.

7. Matching Fart Cushion — Set of Two 

What’s better than one fart cushion? Two that are the same shape and color, of course. How thoughtful. 

It’ll be like the two people have already settled down (negatively) together and accepted that things won’t get any better. No need to waste time dating when you have your own matchy-matchy set of farts waiting for you at home — or wherever else you chose to sit.

8. A Wedding Dress Fitted Only With Pockets to Hold Your Cell Phone and Keys 

Sure, you have a diamond ring to wear down the aisle but what about your phone and keys? Both of these are essential for everyday life, so why not during your wedding as well? This dress has pockets on the side of it, perhaps with an invisible zipper or some kind of other hidden compartment. 

9. Baguette-Shaped Bread Maker for Making Smaller Pieces of Bread 

Instead of just having one regular-sized loaf of bread, why not have six mini baguettes? This will be a perfect gift idea for new parents or even kids — a small baguette is also the perfect size to fit into your child’s lunch box.

10. Custom-Made Mini Replica of Yourself — With a Mask on Top

This is another gift idea for people who want to show off their good looks without revealing their identity, just like a superhero would do. The replica will look exactly like you and can be customized from head to toe including hair color, skin tone and body appearance. 

11. Self-Opening Can of Soda 

Instead of just opening your can of soda, you’ll be able to do something a bit more glamorous instead. The self-opening can will open itself and then spray some champagne into the air before popping open, as if it had been opened with a key.

12. Cute Personal Pizza Maker  

This cute little device will make you a personal pizza in less than two minutes, perfect for those nights when you really can’t be bothered to cook. It’s also good for bachelor parties and birthday celebrations. The best feature of this product is that it doubles as a speaker, so after you’ve eaten the pizza, the device will let you listen to your favorite songs while you dance around the room with joy.

13. Personalized Dog Collar That Opens Up to Reveal an Instant Camera 

Made for the hipster on the go, this dog collar has a small black hole hidden on its underside where an instant camera would be placed. Snap pictures on your walk to work or while hanging out with friends. Most dogs are naturally photogenic anyway, and this will give you even more reason to take a picture of them — especially when they’re looking particularly cute. 

14. A Softball Jersey With the Names of All Your Exes and the Dates You Were Dumped, Printed on It  

If you want to have a fun conversation ready next time someone asks what you’re wearing, try this shirt on for size the next time you go out with friends. It will bring back memories and allow you to make new ones that very same night.

15. Glowing Keychain With a Ghost Inside 

The glowing keychain is bright enough to light up all of your current keychains, making them look dull and uninteresting in comparison. By connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, a ghost will leap out of your keychain whenever your phone rings, so that you’ll never miss a call again. 

Also, even when your phone isn’t ringing, the ghost can still move around in a fun, chill way. 

16. A Used iPhone 6 Plus in a Modern Cover  

If you don’t want everyone thinking that you’re just another person caught up in “the latest fad,” then this phone will fit right into your current lifestyle. No one will even know that it’s an old model until they ask to borrow your phone to make a call — you can even tell them that it’s out of service.

17. A Pair of Headphones Made From Fake Human Ears  

Now you can listen to your favorite music on the go without using any pesky earphones. You’ll be able to share your music with all of the people around you, even if they don’t want to listen. Just put these fake ears into your real ears and allow the sound waves to take over your mind while you walk along the streets.

18. Skull Ring Fitted With Real-Looking Human Teeth 

If you’re looking for a gothic accessory to make you look cool at the next party you attend, this ring is a perfect choice. Instead of boring old diamonds or even colored gemstones, this ring has three human teeth dangling from it. Each tooth will be of different colors and sizes, so that it can fit comfortably inside the skull’s mouth. 

19. Engagement Photoshoot Wearing a Suit Covered in Live Bees 

This is somewhat of a service, more than a product. If you’ve been dating someone for a long time, then it’s probably a good idea to finally tie the knot. Let your partner know that you’re ready to get married by getting them ready for this photoshoot and have them wait in excitement until the end of the day when they see what it is all about. 

After all, who doesn’t want to be covered in bees and make a memory out of it?

20. A Car Stereo System That Uses Your Heartbeats as Percussion  

This stereo system is unlike anything else out there — instead of using traditional methods like speakers or headphones, it makes music by having loud thumping beats directly pumped into your chest cavity. 

While it may not seem like much at first glance, you’ll look cool driving down the street while wearing this device. Just make sure that your heart can withstand the beats.

Final Thoughts on How to Sell Weird Things Online

In conclusion, oldies-but-goodies such as comics, gag gifts and collectors’ items are still in demand today; many of which can fetch a pretty penny, if you know the right places to sell them online.

However, it may not be the latest or greatest product that becomes popular with consumers. When it comes to how to sell weird things online, you need to be somewhat of a risk-taker, simply because you’re not going to find the everyday Joe shopping for weird collectibles and gag gifts (such as those mentioned above). 

In fact, it’s a unique type of person who will be your customer in this endeavor, so you need to be ready to put your thinking hat on if you are planning on selling these weird things online. 

Finally, if you’re ready for more ideas on how to make an income online (some are making up to $1000 daily and beyond), check out this free, high-quality webinar to get started right away.

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