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by Mike Vestil 

The Cold Hard Truth About “Getting Rich Quick”

Let me tell you one thing about my 18 year old self..

I was one jealous mofo..

You see, my first idea of “getting rich quick” was to be a good little boy and to study my butt off so that I could become a dentist.

Can you imagine how much sex appeal that would have been?

“Paging Dentist Mike to Room 8”

Umm.. hell no.

So what changed?

I saw people that were younger than me and no smarter than me… living their dreams, traveling the world, and creating a lifestyle that I didn’t think was possible.

I hated every single one of these people.


Not because they were bad people (they were pretty damn cool),

I was just so stubborn and jealous to think that that was even possible for me.

But then something changed. After stalking as much rich young people as I could on social media (I know I am a creep lol), I figured out the secret on how to get rich quick. Find out in today’s video.

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As you can see from my video, I was hanging around at a rice field.

I mentioned this because it has something to relate about the topic that I’ve prepared for you today.

Find out the cold hard truth about getting rich quick.

Considering the rice field as a plane planted with bamboo grass…

Here’s the biggest thing that I want you guys to take note of. .

Not a day was missed..

When it comes to bamboo farmers, it actually takes five years for the bamboo to actually break the soil and grow.

Now for a bamboo farmer, he has to water and nurture that plant in order to provide nutrients to that seed every single day for five years.

And if the farmer misses one day of watering the bamboo seed, the bamboo seed will die in the soil.

But guess what happens when the farmer does so perfectly without missing a day for that span of time?


Now for those who are wondering when did the tree grow the 90 feet…

Was it the five years that led up to its 90 feet?


Was it in the five weeks?

Well, let me put it this way . .

Had the farmer miss one day… just one day of watering the plant, it would have died in the soil.

And a lot of you guys are looking at success and constantly asking yourself when are you gonna get rich that quick.

Perhaps, you saw me or Odi make a bunch of money . .

What you guys don’t understand is, you’re only seeing the five weeks after we broke the soil.

And that’s the thing with entrepreneurship.

All of the struggles and the pains actually look like the five years that a bamboo takes to grow, before it leads to our successes.

So many people want to get rich quick because they see a lot of people getting rich quick on YouTube.

But then they fail to realize that the nurturing and the watering “happened five years” prior.


As for me, you’re probably wondering what the hell did I do?

Where did all the success come from?

Guys, some of you already know this.

I started when I was 18 years old.

And every single day when I had no success . .

When my mom and my dad thought I was crazy for dropping out of college . .

And when my friends thought it was a dumb decision to leave dentistry…

All those times when I stayed inside as opposed to celebrating because it was supposed to be my last years of college . .

The times when I had to face all the ridicule and the depression that I felt because of not having the results, that was me watering my bamboo seed guys!

And I had to endure and overcome that process for like “five years.”

Five years of just watering my plant and then, BAM!!

Within five weeks, here I am (metaphorically speaking). .

So for everyone else that are struggling right now, understand that you have to embrace the struggle.

Because like the farmer, if he just missed a day of watering the bamboo, then it would have never broke the soil and worse, it would have died in the ground.


Many of you guys have big dreams and goals in life.

And a lot of you are smart entrepreneurs, but very few are willing to go through the grind.

So here’s the challenge: GO THROUGH THE HARDSHIPS!

When your friends think this entrepreneurship thing is stupid and when your parents tells you to go back to college . .

Understand that this is just a test to your entrepreneurship faith.

You gotta be like a bamboo farmer who keeps on watering the plants every single day.

Because here’s the crazy thing guys…

When you get the results, your friends are gonna look at you and they’ll think it’s that easy.

But what they don’t know is the behind-the-scenes that took place.

They have no idea about the hardships you went through.

Today, understand that if you want to get rich quick, you need to kill this get-rich-quick mentality.

Because what appears to people getting rich quick, is actually years and years of struggles, pains, trials and tribulations that has allowed them to position themselves in a way where they can actually get rich quick.

So hopefully this helps.

Just a damn rant to help you guys break your limiting belief and to escape that victim mentality on why you’re not getting the success that you want.

And understand that even if you’re failing right now, that’s okay.


Every single testimonial begins with the test. A test of your faith, courage and perseverance.

So choose to remain a freedom fighter and take action EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!

Be laser-focused on your dreams even if people tell you that your dreams are stupid.

Because let me tell you this: You cannot convince small-minded people why your dreams are so damn big.

And screw that get-rich-quick mentality!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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Mike Vestil is the author of the Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life. He also has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers where he talks about personal development and personal finance.

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