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by Mike Vestil 

Uscreen Review – The Best VOD Platform On The Market?

As on-demand streaming services become more popular, users are looking for a service that can offer them the best possible streaming experience. The right VOD platforms will provide users with the ability to watch their favorite shows and movies without any lag or buffering.

In addition, it is essential for those who provide online courses and other educational content to find a service that can offer high-quality video without any downtime.

Uscreen is one such service that offers users a high-quality streaming experience.

This platform is an on-demand video hosting and streaming service that lets you host, share, sell and deliver videos online. It's an all-in-one platform that makes creating and managing your video channels easy. Uscreen is perfect for entrepreneurs, educators, trainers, content creators, and anyone looking to share their content with the world.

In this article, I will take a closer look at the features and benefits of Uscreen and see why it's one of the leading on-demand streaming services available today. Let's get started.

What Is Uscreen?

Uscreen is a user-friendly platform that you can use to host, share, sell and deliver videos online. It is perfect for those with a message to share with others - through video marketing.

The platform also offers a high-quality streaming experience perfect for online courses and other educational content.

What Is Uscreen?

You can use Uscreen to deliver your content to a global audience without buffering or lag.

In addition, Uscreen also offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it one of the leading on-demand streaming services available today.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features and benefits of Uscreen.

Features Of Uscreen

Features Of Uscreen

Some of the features the Uscreen platform offers include:

Upload & Organize

Uscreen makes it easy for you to upload and organize your videos. You can easily create folders and sub-folders to keep your videos neatly organized. In addition, Uscreen also offers a wide range of video encoding options that make it easy for you to optimize your videos for the web.

You can easily upload your videos through their bulk upload features in just a few clicks. You can also use their drag-and-drop interface to add videos to your library quickly.

Uscreen also offers powerful search and filtering options that make it easy to find the videos you are looking for. You can search by title, description, tags, or even upload date.

Stream On-Demand

Uscreen lets you stream your videos on-demand, so your viewers can watch them when they want. You can choose to stream your videos in HD or SD, or let your viewers have the flexibility to select the video quality that best suits their needs.

Stream On-Demand

In addition, Uscreen also offers live streaming capabilities so you can broadcast events and lectures live to your audience. With Uscreen, you have the power to reach a global audience without any buffering or lag.


Uscreen offers a wide range of monetization options that let you make money from your videos. You can choose to monetize your videos with ads, subscriptions, or donations.


The following are the various types of monetization offered on Uscreen when it comes to your video content.


The subscription model is great for a video streaming business to create a long-term revenue stream. With this model, your viewers will be able to subscribe to your channel and have full access to all of your videos.


Some entertainment and educational channels prefer the pay-per-view model. With this model, your viewers will pay for individual videos or video bundles that they want to watch.

Free Trial

As a video platform, Uscreen offers a great way to give your viewers a free trial. This allows them to experience your content before they decide to subscribe.


If you want to take video monetization further, you can offer video rentals. With this option, your viewers will rent individual videos for a set period.


Another way to monetize videos is by creating video bundles. With this model, you can offer a selection of your videos at a discounted price.


If you want to have lifetime customers, then the Uscreen video platform also offers a lifetime monetization model. With this option, your viewers will be able to purchase lifetime access to all of your videos.


As with any other type of business, tracking your analytics and seeing how your videos perform is essential. The Uscreen platform offers in-depth analytics that allows you to track your viewer engagement, video plays, conversion rates, and more.

With this data, you can make informed decisions about the future of your video business.

Uscreen offers reports on the following items:

  • Watch Time: This report shows you the total watch time of your videos.
  • Views: This report shows you the number of views for each video.
  • Videos: This report gives you an overview of all the videos in your library.
  • Collections: This report shows you the number of times each collection has been viewed.
  • Authors: This report provides you with an overview of all the authors on your platform.
  • Countries: This report lets you see which countries your viewers are coming from.
  • Devices: This report tells you what devices your viewers use to watch your videos.

One can generate all of these reports for the last twelve months, which means that you can track your progress over time.

Create Your Own Branded Apps

Having your own white-labeled OTT video-on-demand app allows you to extend your brand to mobile and connected TV devices. Uscreen provides you with everything you need to create a branded app for your video business.

You can customize the look and feel of your app to match your brand, and you can also add your logo and splash screen. In addition, you can control the navigation and functionality of your app so you can offer a unique experience to your viewers.

With Uscreen, creating a branded app is straightforward. You don't need any coding knowledge or experience, and you can have your app up and running in no time.

You also get a centralized CMS that support dynamic changes.

This means that the platform will automatically update your app as needed, allowing you to keep your branding consistent across all platforms and your data up to date.

Create Your Own Branded Apps

You can even make the app experience even better by creating and publishing your Apple Watch app that allows your viewers to have full control over the playback of their videos. Used mainly for fitness, this is a great way to promote your video content while on the go.

Fast Video Player

Uscreen's proprietary video player is one of the fastest in the industry. It offers a smooth and seamless viewing experience for your viewers, no matter what device they use.

Fast Video Player

The player is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so it looks great on any screen size. In addition, it supports all major streaming protocols, including HLS, MPEG-DASH, and Smooth Streaming. This means that you can rest assured that your videos will play seamlessly on any device or platform.

Additional features include a mini video player, allowing users to create a picture in picture mode, and the ability to create playlists, episodes, or chapters that one can share with others.

Marketing & Retention Tools

Uscreen offers a wide range of marketing and retention tools to help you engage and retain your viewers.

To build your list and get all the advantages email marketing offers, you can use Uscreen's email capture tool. This allows you to capture email addresses from your viewers so you can market directly to them.

In addition, Uscreen provides you with the ability to create landing pages and opt-in forms. These can be used to drive traffic to your video content and increase conversion rates.

Uscreen also has a built-in abandoned cart recovery system. This allows you to recover any abandoned carts and increase your conversion rates.

Marketing & Retention Tools

You can also use Uscreen's subscription upsell feature to increase your revenue. This allows you to offer add-on subscriptions to your viewers, such as premium content or extra features.

With a simple-to-use platform that includes marketing tools and powerful integrations, Uscreen makes it easy to increase your viewer engagement and revenue.

As with any of the other features, there are zero coding skills required so that you can use the key features on this excellent platform without any headaches.


When it comes to your privacy and security, Uscreen takes data security very seriously.

Uscreen is fully GDPR compliant and offers a wide range of security features to keep your data safe. These include two-factor authentication, password recovery, and account lockout.

In addition, all of your data is stored in an encrypted format and is only accessible by authorized personnel. This means that you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.


Your video and customer data are 100% safe and secure with Uscreen.

You own and control all of your customer data - Uscreen promises to never sell or share your customer data with any third party.

In addition, all checkouts and payments are processed through a secure SSL connection. This means that your viewers' data is safe and secure when they purchase from you.

Other features include:

  • 24/7 monitoring: This ensures that your video content is always up and running.
  • 99.99% uptime: This guarantees that your video content will be available when your viewers need it.
  • SSL Security: This ensures that all of your data is transmitted through a secure connection.
  • Secured Payment Data: This protects your viewers' payment information when purchasing from you.


Uscreen offers the possibility of building a vibrant community of passionate people in terms of your content.

You can use the built-in forum to engage with your viewers and build a strong community around such content. In addition, you can use the platform to give and receive feedback and share ideas and resources.

Customized avatars and user profiles help create a sense of community and belonging.


With the ability to engage users in real-time, you can use their feedback to improve your content and keep them coming back for more.

Theme customization

With the ability to create a video content management system that's fully customized to your brand, Uscreen is the perfect platform for you.

You can customize the look and feel of your site to match your branding and use the built-in editor to create a unique website.

This means that no matter what type of video topics the businesses in question create - whether they are fitness and yoga experts, dance instructors, online chefs, or just bloggers - with Uscreen, they can have a fully branded video platform.

This means that there is no need to have TV apps that look like everyone else's. With Uscreen, you can have a unique platform that reflects your brand.

Theme customization

Whether you want to use a pre-made theme or create a custom site from scratch, Uscreen gives you the power to create a site that is perfect for you.

Whether you want to create a trailer video to help distribute your products or service through the Uscreen video management system, or need a more comprehensive solution for a live and on-demand video service, Uscreen has the features you need.

Requesting A Uscreen Demo

If you're considering using Uscreen for your video content, the best way to find out if it's the right platform for you is to request a demo.

A Uscreen representative will take you through the platform and show you how it works. They will also answer any questions you have about the platform.

This one-to-one demo is the best way to see if Uscreen is the right fit for you and your business.

You'll be able to see all of the features Uscreen offers and find out how it can help you create a successful video content business.

In addition, this is the way to get a personalized quote that is tailored to your business needs.

To request a demo, fill out the form on the Uscreen website.

Once you've submitted the form, a Uscreen representative will contact you to schedule a time for the demo.

Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing & Free Trial

If you decide that you want to start using Uscreen, you can choose from a variety of pricing plans, as follows:

Uscreen also offers a 14-day free trial so that you can try out the platform before you decide to commit.


Creating a video catalog that is features focused and helps create a VOD platform that is live and on-demand used to be a daunting task.

But, with Uscreen's video management system, it is easier than ever to create a video content site that meets your specific needs and helps you engage your viewers.

Uscreen also offers a wide range of pricing plans, so you can find one that fits your budget.

With tons of very well-thought-out features, Uscreen is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to create a video content site.

Check out Uscreen today!

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