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by Mike Vestil 

What To Resell On eBay: The Most Profitable eCommerce Items

Becoming an eBay reseller used to be a lot harder than it is today, especially when it comes to finding the right products.

People did not have the information they needed, did not know how to get started, or were too busy to learn. Nowadays, it is much easier because you can find plenty of information online, and there are even sites that do all the research for you.

There are several categories of products on eBay - books, antiques, collectibles, crafts, etc. This makes it challenging to choose the correct categories when reselling on this platform. 

In this post, I will talk about the products that sell best on eBay in order to point you in the right direction when starting an eCommerce business. If you want to understand what the most profitable items to resell on eBay are, this article is for you.

eBay's Best Selling Items

According to official eBay analytics, the top-selling niches are as follows.


Image credit: https://export.ebay.com/

Jewelry & Watches

If you are looking for what to resell on eBay, one of the best categories to consider is jewelry and watches. This niche includes engagement rings, fine earrings, and rings.

Getting started with this niche is not very difficult since you can easily find products to sell. All you have to do is ask friends and relatives so that you can buy from them whatever they no longer need.


Image Credit: http://watchshopping.com

You can also check out local thrift stores, yard sales, and even a garage sale here and there to find suitable products.

If you have a Facebook profile, you can also find people selling their jewelry on Facebook groups dedicated to this niche.

Once you have the product in your hands, figure out what you can do to increase its value and then list it for resale on eBay. You should sell your items at a reasonable price, but make sure that they are not too cheap since there is always a huge demand for jewelry.

You can also use sell jewelry on Instagram if you want to make the most out of social media.

Computers/Tablets & Networking

Computers, tablets, and networking-related items are also some of the best-selling items on eBay.

You can buy printer ink, toner, and paper to resell on eBay easily from local computer shops or even third-party websites. You can also find such products at discounted prices at stores that offer discounts for recycling empty cartridges or at your local thrift store.

Graphics and video cards and other computer parts such as PC laptops, netbooks, and laptop replacement parts also sell very well and should be considered.

Of course, if you want to work in this niche, you need to have at least a basic idea about computers, but the good news is that there is plenty of information online - search for "computer repair" and "computers" and their specific components such as graphics card. 

All it takes is to look up tutorials on YouTube. You don't need to be an expert in computers to be successful when reselling on eBay. You just have to know how certain parts work so that you can find details online and test them before shipping.

Cell Phones & Accessories

Another popular niche on eBay is cell phones and phone accessories such as cases covers and skins; headsets; tablets; memory cards; etc. This niche includes cellular devices such as cell phones and smartphones, including replacement parts like batteries and screen protectors.


Image Credit: http://chinabrands.com

If you want to resell on eBay, it is best to buy bulk products for a reasonable price because then you can resell at a lower cost.

As far as the cell phones and smartphone parts are concerned, you need to know what you're looking for. As with technological devices, there are plenty of resources online that provide detailed information on these products. If you don't have enough time or patience to research, you could even look for wholesale companies that sell such parts at a reasonable price and then list them online.

Smartphone cases and covers also sell quickly, especially when a new phone model comes out. These products are easy to find online, too. If you search for " iPhone cases" on eBay, you'll quickly get tons of results.

Headsets and various accessories such as memory cards and tablets also sell well on eBay, so if there are specific devices that a friend or family member does not use anymore, you can always see if there is a demand for such a device by listing it on eBay.

Video Games & Consoles

Video gamers are some of the most active buyers on eBay, so there is plenty of potential for this niche. You can buy popular games, consoles, and video game merchandise online or at your local store - ideally, try to find them at a discounted price.

The easiest way to list them fast is by listing the name of the game along with its console ( for example, " Zelda Nintendo Wii"), which will provide more results than you can sort through. You can also try listing it as "used" or "refurbished" since this will give buyers looking for a deal an incentive to click on your listing.

Also, you can make some good profits from selling gaming consoles online. This includes the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can also consider putting together a bundle of used games or consoles along with one or two new ones for greater profits.

If you have friends who are into gaming, consider asking them whether they have any old games that they don't play anymore. Refurbished games or even those that gamers did not play much might still sell well. 

Moreover, if you know someone who bought a new game but didn't finish it, ask them if you can have it for resale. Keep in mind that the condition of the item has to be good.

Collectible Game Items

Collectible items are generally easier to sell and might fetch a better price than other types of similar games. For instance, Pokemon cards can be worth thousands of dollars depending on the model and condition (and what you know about them). If you find a collection like that somewhere, see how much it is worth on eBay, then try to buy the whole set for cheap and resell each card on eBay one by one or as a set. Some people will even pay extra for certain rare cards.


Image Credit: http://polygon.com

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Clothing is always a good investment because there is always a massive demand for it. This includes clothing, women's accessories as well as designer items. While many eBay stores sell brand-new clothes, it is sometimes more affordable for buyers to buy second-hand clothes in excellent condition from resellers on eBay.

If you decide to resell on eBay, be prepared to do some sewing yourself or look for wholesale companies that sell items that need only minor repairs, such as missing buttons, thread fraying, or minor stains. Make sure that you can afford the shipping fees, so you don't end up losing money in the process.

The best way to find out is to search online for "what are the latest trends in boots" or "what are the latest trends in dresses" and see what's popular. 

Keep an eye on top fashion blogs and magazines (like Cosmo, Elle, etc.) because they will often provide information about new clothing lines before they become available. This can give you the edge over your competitors.

Cameras & Photos

eBay is a great place to resell digital cameras because the camera parts are pretty simple and easy to obtain and list.

If you have the original box and all the camera accessories, your item will sell even faster. Also, if the item has an SD card or any memory cards that accompany it, make sure that they are working correctly before shipping.

Paying big money for a used item that doesn't even work is never a good investment, so make sure you buy from reliable sellers with an excellent reputation. The easiest way to check them out is by reading their eBay ratings and feedback.

Health & Beauty

Few items sell on eBay as fast as personal care products, especially new things that are trendy. Some of the best-selling anti-aging products are vitamin C serums, night creams, and hair growth treatments.

When selling on eBay, try to focus on the ingredients of each product, so your buyers know what they're putting on their skin or in their body. If you have extensive knowledge of how these work or if they have worked for you, then you'll want to mention it.


Image Credit: http://newdimensionlabels.com

An excellent way to help sell such products faster is by offering instructions for best use so your buyers don't have to guess.

Most of these products are very easy to ship because they usually come in small bottles, so you'll probably want to purchase shipping boxes that are just the right size. You can usually find such boxes at any store that sells moving supplies.

Music & DVDs

People always pay more for music-related items on eBay because there is still a massive demand for physical copies. Some prefer picking up records in stores, while others enjoy having albums shipped directly to their homes, which is just the right target audience.

Garage sales are always an excellent place to find record players, records, and other music-related items because, generally, they are cheaper than what you would pay for in retail stores, so ensure that you keep an eye out for such items when you go to these sales.


Finally, if you're good at working on cars, then eBay could be a great place to sell all of your old car parts. Car audio and electrical components are always popular on eBay so if you're looking to make some money fast, look no further than this section.

When it comes down to the actual items themselves, make sure they are clean before shipping because nobody wants their car's battery or CD player to have any dirt or dust on it once they receive it. Some people might not even know how to install these products, so don't forget to give instructions on how to do this. 

Lastly, take good pictures of your items so your buyers can see everything they're getting before purchasing.

Important Considerations Before Selling On eBay

Shipping Costs And Packaging

eBay offers many shipping services such as USPS economy, USPS priority, and FedEx ground to ensure your buyers get their products as soon as possible. However, most sellers choose eBay's handling service because it allows you to send packages at a lower cost than what you would be charged if you used an outside shipping service.


Image Credit: http://theupsstore.com

The price points you would need to charge for shipping are dependent on where you live. For example, if you're in New York City, then the shipping price will be slightly more expensive than if you were in Pittsburgh.

Your job will be making sure that your products are packed correctly, so they aren't damaged during the trip. You can purchase boxes online or at any store that sells moving supplies. One essential tip for packaging is having good bubble wrap since this helps cushion fragile items. Bubble wrap costs only a few dollars, but it makes all of the difference in protecting your eBay products in transit. Also, consider securing items in place using tape on the inside of each box, so nothing shifts around while being shipped.

Availability Of items To Sell On eBay

Scope out some garage sales or thrift stores where you can find older versions of video games, music albums, and other collectibles wherever possible. This is the easiest way to start selling on eBay instead of buying new items as everyone else does.

Use places such as Facebook marketplace to find local buyers selling items at a lower price that you can then resell. You can also try Craigslist but be cautious when dealing with strangers.

Going to estate sales or flea markets is another great way to gather items for your eBay business and should be done whenever possible.

Vintage Items

Items such as vintage clothing or even vintage toys make the most money on eBay. Depending on where you buy them, these items might cost you next to nothing to source and then sell quickly on eBay. You can probably find many of these items at your local thrift shop.

You might want to consider vintage items that include books, collector plates, comics, and DVDs.

eBay Terapeak For Research And Analysis

eBay's Terapeak platform offers an abundance of information and analytics for anyone selling on eBay. 

Using this platform, you can see all the relevant data, such as pricing history, keyword trends, sales history, and even how much competitors are charging for similar products.


Image Credit: http://theupsstore.com

This is a great tool to use when determining the best product prices and knowing what other people are buying and selling at present.

Using such a tool can help you be a step ahead of the competition and give you a leg up on the market. It’s also one of the crucial steps to becoming a reseller on eBay.


Finding products to resell on eBay is a process that you shouldn’t underestimate. Much time and research might go into it, but the payoff is well worth the hard work involved. One good thing about reselling on eBay is that you’ll be able to reach a broad customer base and potentially build a full-time eCommerce business if you choose to scale up in the future.

If you dive deep into eBay and start reselling quality products, you’ll also be able to build a brand whose reputation precedes it. Delivering quality products that people love to buy is the start of a real, long-term business that will make a difference in both your and your customers’ life.

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