What My First Mentor Taught Me About Making a Million Dollars

I hated my first mentor.


Because his success shined a light on my own shortcomings. And man did it piss me off.

I was 18 years old at the time, enjoying my life as a broke college student slaving on the weekdays so that I could “live it up” on the weekends.

I thought I had it good.

But then I met a guy named Zac that forever changed my life.

He was 21 years old at the time, a college dropout making $7k/month, and the worst of it all was he was more shredded than me.

Everything that he stood for made me felt inadequate as a man.

And that was the moment where I became pissed off for greatness.

Which led me on this insane journey of rapid growth and personal development. But it would have never of happened if i hadn’t learned this first major lesson from my first mentor.

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It’s amazing because every single day, I get to surround myself around mentors.

And Rob is one of them. .

He teaches me so many things!

He’s so good at sales copy and the psychology behind selling.

I really think that our ability to just pop out seven-figure sales funnels by now is literally because of just being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

But what you guys need to understand especially with everyone that are just starting off . .

YouTube videos and blogs can help..

But what really matters more is when you actually have a mentor that is literally there with you in the same room or in the same environment.

If you think about where you are right now and you ask yourself why you’re still not making money . .

It’s because your identity or your “thermostat” on how wealthy you are is so low. Your thermostat will always bring you back to where it was set.

The problem with most people is that their thermostats are so damn low.

They want to make millions of dollars a year, they want to create seven figure sales funnels in the next five minutes or less like all those damn clickbait videos…

But their identity and who they are as a person is only worth around $7 an hour.


Because that’s just how we are taught from school.

That’s how our friends and our family thought we were worth.

The problem with that is the mind.

You’re not ready for it.

Consider those people who just won the lottery. Give it a year or two and they’re more broke and depressed than they were before.

It kills them.

Because their identities weren’t prepared for that level of income.

Now let’s take a look at it this way…

Consider Donald Trump, a billionaire.

Let’s just say he becomes bankrupt.

What happens the following year?

Since his thermostat is set at a billion dollars a year, he always ends up coming back to where it is.

This is relevant to what Jim Rohn said:

“In order for you to earn more, you have to become more.”

And what I want you to understand and highlight is that everyone needs to find a mentor.

Now how I found my mentors is by first identifying my thermostat.

Once I did that, I then surround myself with mentors who are on that mark.

Because when you connect with people who are already on your mark of thermostat, it kind of like kick-starts yours to get even hotter.

It syncs with the fact that the “You become the average of the five people you usually hang out with.”

When you do, you are literally raising your standards and putting an end to your limiting beliefs.

Don’t forget that if other people can do it, or if me being an ordinary person can do it, then what’s stopping you?


I remember I was 18 years old when I first met my first mentor.

I truly believe that when the student is ready, the mentor will appear.

Now a lot of you guys are thinking that you’re ready.

Try to ask yourself today, are you really that ready?

Are you putting yourself through that mental exercise of understanding what it’s going to take to create a seven-figure sales funnel, a business, a side hustle, a blog or an e-commerce store?

Because for me, I wasn’t ready for that because I was lost.

How many of you guys can relate to that feeling of being lost?

Where you feel like you’re on this path where it seems like nothing is going right and everything is just so hard.

And maybe you’re already starting a business but you’re wondering why it’s not working yet but it’s working for all these other people.

And it’s just probably the hardest part of the journey.


Many of you guys just want to give up and that’s where I was.

But here’s the craziest  thing, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT I NEEDED A MENTOR.


My entire life, society has brainwashed me into becoming a dentist and to have a job. .

And when I met my first mentor, it literally punched me in the face because it was just so different to what I was used to.

His name was Zach.

I met him when I was 18, and he was 21.

He dropped out of college but was making seven grand a month with the business that he created.

So immediately, I was intimidated because I used to not like anyone that’s bigger than me. It’s an ego thing, if you know what I mean.

And that’s the next thing that I want to highlight when it comes to finding a mentor.

Kill your ego.

Because your ego is not gonna pay the bills.

Start seeing people that started off with less than you that now have more than you in terms of resources, money,  or success.

That’s one of the most important mindset that struck a part of me.

It literally humbled me and made me realize that there’s something that he’s doing that I’m not doing that’s giving him those results that I don’t have.

So guys, make a decision today to drop the ego and just allow yourself to learn.

Because when you’re ready, when you’re humble enough and you understand that you know nothing…

That’s when a mentor will just pop out literally out of nowhere.


Before you can make a lot of money, you gotta start questioning the current thoughts that are going on in your mind.

Because the only difference between you and the person that has what you want are the questions that you are asking yourself on a daily basis.

I knew that Zach was asking himself different questions than I was.

He’s wondering how can he live life that’s more abundant and with more freedom.

And my thoughts in mind were like…

How can I save money?

What if I’ll be stuck in scarcity?.. and stuff like that.

How come I’m blaming other people while he was taking responsibility.


I remember way back years ago, I was talking self-development and paradigm shift with some of my friends.

And man was it the weirdest thing!

I can still remember the weird look from my friends eyes whenever I told them about this thing about changing your mindset and all that stuff.

They thought I was freaking crazy.

But I remember when I asked Zach what he would do with his life.

He looked at me with the fire in his eyes and I can still remember what he said,

“Man, something crazy happens when you just see something in your mind and you’re able to manifest it and hold it in your hand.”

I first thought it was weird but then guys, he was already spitting truths.

And the more that I stood around him, the more that it burnt my thermostat to a higher level of standard that I held myself with . .

To a point that I started questioning everyone else.

That’s the beauty about finding a mentor.

It’s when you’re by yourself and you’re building your business, you’re building your shopify store, your blog or your affiliate marketing business.

Everyone’s questioning you, and then you start questioning yourself if that works for you.

And most of the time, it’s not people that cause you to give up…

It’s YOU… believing in their limiting beliefs that causes you to give up.

So when I found my mentor, I immediately started adopting his mindset as he positively brainwashed me.

It was literally the most insane thing ever.

Because here’s the thing guys . .

The only way for your life to change is when you start adopting thoughts that you are not currently thinking yet.

I remember reading the book, “As a Man Thinketh” . .

And one of the things I learned is that our mind is like a garden where there are weeds constantly growing.

Now if you’re not actively taking out the weeds and throwing them out, then you’re literally allowing this garden of your mind to be filled with weeds – your negative thoughts.

So one of the things that you should start doing is keeping track of the negative thoughts that are going on in your mind.

Because that’s what’s literally sabotaging you from becoming successful.


One of the biggest thing that I want you guys to understand when having a mentor is the fact that this opportunity opens up the floodgates of what you think is possible . .

Find out the lessons I've learned from my first mentor about making million dollars.And then that lifts your paradigm and your level of thinking to a whole new standard.

So before when I was just in dentistry, the lowest version of my paradigm was the fact that I didn’t even know that opportunities existed.

But when I met my first mentor, I get to see the abundant opportunities there is for me to like make money online.

And then after I learned from Zach, it led me to the next paradigm shift.

This time, I’ve learned that when it comes to a scarcity amount of opportunity . .

Where when you understand that we’re only around for a hundred at most if we’re gonna live that long, you have to be willing to be

aware when the opportunity of the lifetime literally falls into your lap.

Eric Thomas once said,

“Take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime, in the lifetime of the opportunity.”

-with Clickbank, Shopify, blogging, or with affiliate marketing.

Because you gotta understand that this stuff isn’t going to exist in the next couple of years.

If anything, it’s gonna get more saturated.

Guys, the secret to all this is you need to take action NOW instead of waiting and figuring it out later.


When you find your first mentor, a lot of you want it to be perfect.

Probably you want to get started and you want to make sure everything else is in place.

But what a mentor will tell you is, it’s gonna be sloppy in the beginning.

Zack told me this when I first started: “You’re not gonna know everything.”

But unlike college, where you learn for four years and then maybe get a job and then you earn.

Now with entrepreneurship and making money, YOU EARN AS YOU LEARN.

When I started off at 18, I didn’t know everything.

But heck, I was able to make my first $100 a day .

And then I started getting older..

Then I started whittling down the things that I didn’t know and started understanding things that I did know . .

Which was creating seven-figure sales funnels out of my butt.


Now this is what I want you all to remember guys…

It’s gonna take time.

But hear me out.


One that resonates with the messaging, the idea, and the lifestyle.

And begin asking yourself what are the thoughts that he’s thinking on a daily basis that I’m not thinking.

Reverse engineer it to start thinking like that.

Now the beautiful thing about me finding my first mentor is it’s almost like I attracted him into my life . .

Because the thing about vibrations is like attracts like.

If you’re coming at these mentors with a low vibration, they’re not gonna want to have anything to do with you.

So for you to attract your mentor, you need to put yourself in that state.

That’s literally how I bond with so many people.

Like for example, when I met Gavin, he was someone that took a course and/or bought a book of mine.

And instead of like being in low vibration, he was with this abundant vibration.

Man, I just wanted to hang out with this guy and give as much value as I could to help him grow.

And that’s what you guys need to manifest.

Put yourself out there. See where your mentor is. Try elevating your mindset to the highest level of the thermostat possible, so that when you guys meet, he’s gonna wanna just bring you up.

Once you realize that, then the world is yours!

I hope that helps guys.

I’ll see you in my next blog.

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