Why “Overthinking” Is DESTROYING Your Chances Of Becoming Successful

If you’re someone who tends to overthink, not only it is crippling your chances to get out of your head and into the life that you want.

The truth of the matter is, it’s gonna be the number one thing that sabotages your success.

In today’s video, I’m going to talk about how and why this habit destroys your chances of becoming successful, in getting to where you want to be and becoming the person you want to become.

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Let’s talk about overthinking, or let me call it over analysis paralysis. 

Overthinking means thinking too much and psyching yourself out of either a business idea or an action that you need to take.

If you're someone who tends to overthink, not only it is crippling your chances to get out of your head and into the life that you want. The truth of the matter is, it’s gonna be the number one thing that sabotages your success.

The other day, I got on a call with a lead who owns a business where he basically hold workshops with relationships particularly in the LGBT community.

His biggest business problem was trying to market his workshop so that he could find people in the LA area to get them to pay him $4,500 for his two-day workshop. 

After creating the entire system on how to have him not only just find the people that have no idea who he is, but the current strategy on how he could turn strangers into high-paying clients..

It came to the point where we needed to close the deal where our team could go in and help him with his business.

But here’s the thing.. 

When we revealed to him the cost of our services to help him with his business, he kind of had cold feet.

He was like, ‘You know, I have to think about it and get back to you..’ 

Sometimes when you want to make a big financial commitment, you want to think things through.

But here’s what I want you guys to understand..

There comes a point where overthinking actually ruins your chances of success.

One of the impact to his business is, he’s never gonna be able to charge high ticket prices.


Because he can’t even close a high ticket price himself!

That’s what the first concept is all about..


What that actually means is, if you’re wondering why no one’s actually closing on your deals to buy your services..

You gotta ask yourself how often do you buy services.

If someone is willing to invest in you, have you been willing to invest in somebody else?

That’s what business is, you just attract more of who you are in your business.


Overthinking tends to just destroy you, and it’s not even your fault. 

It stems from society, the old school way of thinking, and evolutionary psychology.

The reason why we overthink is, our brain is constantly looking out in the environment and it tends to ask itself, ‘what will kill me?’

That’s literally how our brains are wired.

And there’s only two things that motivate us the most: 

  1. Survival
  2. Replication

How can I survive? How can I replicate?

So every single action that you do, no matter how conscious you are..

No matter how much you are striving for fulfillment, the two biggest motivational forces in our DNA is will I survive and will I replicate.

Now you gotta understand that there are reasons why, logically, as human beings, we tend to overthink a lot of things.

It is because back in the day, if you don’t overthink a situation or a decision or an action and if you do it wrong, it will end up killing you.

For example, back in my dating days when I was taking a lot of dating boot camps in Vegas, if I saw a pretty girl and I wanted to talk to her.. 

If I didn’t say hi within five seconds and my logical brain started kicking in, the thing that would happen the most is, excuses would start coming in on why I shouldn’t do it.

What if she has a boyfriend? 

What if she’s with friends or what if I look stupid? 

What if I look dumb?

If you look back in evolutionary speaking times, if you talk to the wrong girl and that’s the chief’s daughter or the king’s daughter, you’d end up dead.

That’s why we have a fear of taking action with our prospective loved ones who we find attractive.

It’s because we tend to overthink because we don’t want to die.


Now in terms of business, why do we overthink a lot of business decisions?

Well, if you overthink and you lose money back in the day, you would actually lose your tribe’s resources.

So not only would you die but your tribe would die and you would be ridiculed.

But if you survived, you would be killed because of the fact that you killed the tribe, you ruined their resources.

If you compare that to today, we are in a position where we have so much opportunity..

There’s so many things that you could do and there’s endless possibilities.

What that means is, in the worst case scenario.. 

If you lose money or if you talk to the wrong girl/guy, you realize that it’s okay.

You’ll realize that you’re still alive!

For example, if I said hi to the wrong girl and she had a boyfriend or a husband, I would still be alive and I wouldn’t die.

Or if I make a decision like I made a bad decision one time, I lost 20 grand in a single deal.

Then guess what? I was alive. I survived. 

Literally with that worst case scenario at play, even if you lose everything and you lose your money or your savings. . 

As long as you have your mind and the internet, you could literally create a business no matter what, AS LONG AS YOU ADD VALUE TO THE WORLD.

For me, if I lose all my businesses and if I lost all of my revenue streams, the worst case scenario for me is this..

I’ll move back with my Filipino mom and dad who would then love me forever..

She would cook for me and then I would probably just get a job to save up a thousand dollars and get started with another business idea and try again.


We are in this opportunity where so many people are so damn scared, so they overthink every single time of their life!

Because of the fear brought by overanalysis, people never take the action that they know they needed to do.

That is why the results that they want takes a long time to be accomplished.

So here’s the biggest thing that I want you guys to realize: OVERTHINKING IS UNNECESSARY.

Especially if you’re in your 20s to 40s, even if you have a revenue stream coming in or even if you don’t have a stream at all, overthinking will only burn you out!

Now if you don’t have the wealth that you want, understand that there is an exact correlation of the following:

Your ability to overthink and your lack of financial abundance is the same.

If you think about it, most people that are successful, it’s because they saw an opportunity and they jumped on it WITHOUT ACTUALLY THINKING.


Because they knew that it actually added value to other people and they could add value with their own skills and expertise.

Did you ever notice that each time you overthink something, it’s always the negative things? 

You never tend to think about the positive things. 

In terms of dating like you talk to the wrong girl, you think of all the negative things, but no one really thinks about the positive ones.

What if she’ll like me?

What if she’s actually gonna be my future girlfriend, my future wife, or the future mother of my children?

Or in business..

What if this works?

How much wealth would this actually bring to my family?

How much abundance would it actually give to my loved ones? 

How much more freedom could I actually have when I make the decision that I know I need to make?

Most of the time when you overthink, you tend to go back to the life that you’ve currently been living and some things just stay the same..

Because your brain does a very good thing in overthinking when it comes to new things, and then under thinking when it comes to things that you’re used to.

It’s the same thing with the logical brain and the rest of the portions of your brain including the primal and the prehistoric brain.

It’s programmed to be efficient, and because of that, it tends to get lazy.

When one new data or new experiences or new situations come in, that’s when it throws in an overdrive because it’s like, you’re not used to this.


To add to that, it’s also because everything that you do is stemmed with thoughts like, ‘oh, will this kill me?’

It’s in the wrong negative frame point of the tribal ancestors.

There’s no surprise, that’s also the reason why most people get stuck financially, because like I said, they are overthinking their possible opportunity.

If you don’t have the wealth yet, you don’t really need to overthink.

The only time you need to overthink is when you already have all the money that you need.

It’s when you’re going to speak to yourself saying, ‘Now I got to critically think and find ways to passively invest this or that so I won’t actually mess it up..’

That’s when you can overthink.

But until then, until you have a business that is at six figures and you’re trying to scale it to seven figures, overthinking is just gonna ruin your life.

Or worse, it’s going to keep you constantly getting the same results having the rest of your life just an average where everyone else just tiptoes their way to death..

Where they’ve never been judged, they’ve never been ridiculed, and they never actually risked it! 

Because of it, they never actually gained anything that was worth being proud of!

So if you’re overthinking, allow me to tell you this.. 


 Do the thing that you know you need to do because you still have time..

You still have your health. 

Or you still have the internet.

Worst case scenario is, you could start back up. But now that you have the knowledge of what not to do, and instead of you overthinking it, let your actions do the thinking for you and get the feedback from the marketplace or from the people you’re talking to to know what to do next.

Because if you overthink it, you overthink all the negative situations.

But if you’re actually doing it, you get to actually obtain the data from reality and obtain something that’s tangible on what to do better. 

That’s how Michelangelo when he made the Statue of David did.

Critics asked how did he came up to make such an amazing masterpiece from such a crappy piece of stone.

I liked how he responded when he said that David was already inside that crappy piece of stone, and he just needed to whittle off the excess pieces.

You can’t whittle off the excess pieces if you’ve been constantly overthinking.

Michelangelo wouldn’t be able to create the Statue of David if he was just thinking about it.

What he did was he visualized it and he chiseled off the excess pieces. 

Now if you have a vision, the best thing to do to prevent overthinking is to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does this align with my vision?
  2. Does this add value to the world?
  3. Can I see myself doing this and will it be something that will actually help me with my goals?

If the answer is yes, then I recommend you to do it!

I hope this helps..

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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