Why Your Friends Want You To Fail (And Why It’s Normal)

Looking back…

Most of your friends and your family members are poison dripping you and wanting you to fail.

In today’s video, I’m gonna share another story of what it’s like when I first got into entrepreneurship and how it became one of the worst things of my life!

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In all honesty, looking back, I have no idea how I was able to take all the ridicule, the loneliness, and the severe depression of not actually having a support system.

There were also many different things that I did to actually create my own support system, visually.

It’s a crazy technique called as quantum leaping.

Find out the reasons why your friends want you to fail and why it's normal and what you can do about it.

When I first got into college, I was eighteen years old, and I was studying to become a dentist.

I’ll be honest, it was kinda cool, guys.

Because through that platform, I started meeting a lot of friends.

I joined a fraternity..

I had an amazing girlfriend!

As some of you may have already known, I came from the small suburbs of Chicago and then went to a big university.

I started being influenced by so many different people and ideas, and making so many new friends. And it was awesome at first, until I found out about entrepreneurship.

I remember a day when I first met a guy. His name was Zach, and he was making seven grand a month, driving e-class Mercedes.

And for an 18 year old kid that has literally everything, I thought to myself, ‘this guy has a nice car, this guy has a nice lifestyle yet he actually never finished college.’

It made me realize how in my entire life, I thought that I had to finish school to become successful..

That I had to have a degree to succeed.

However, when I started getting influenced by the people around me, the things that I didn’t know were actually possible.

But looking back, I had all of these close friends before my entrepreneurial journey.

Every single day, we‘d just play basketball..

We would go lift.

We would go party.

We would get drunk as we go to the bars.

It’s all fun and dandy, because I had an amazing group of friends.

But something had switched inside of me one time.

I started questioning everything that was going on in my life. I felt like I woke up and realized that this little facade..

The four years in college doesn’t necessarily have to be the best four years of our lives!

Because the truth is, we still have the rest of our lives to live.

That made me start wondering why I was celebrating while I was out partying..

Why was I doing all these things that usually would represent that I’ve succeeded when all necessarily everything that I was doing, all the actions that I was doing at that time just meant that I was just escaping.

Escaping from my reality, escaping from my fear of the future. .


Because of that, I loathed in numbing myself every single day.

I found myself around all these people that were also doing the exact same thing because let’s be honest..

No one knows what they’re going to do for the rest of their lives when they’re 18 to 20 years old!

And it was just weird when I found out about entrepreneurs because I started to ask myself questions like. .

  • What do I want to do later?
  • What is the ideal life that I wanted to live?
  • Who are the people that I wanted to surround myself with?
  • What is the life that I wanted to create for myself and my mom, my dad, my little sister and my friends?

I looked at all my friends and I remember trying my best to tell them about this idea..

I was trying to give them some of the books that I was reading.

I was trying to explain to them the law of attraction and stuff like that.

Now here’s literally the weirdest shift of my life!

When I started showing them all the things that I was learning, all the books that I was reading, they started to isolate me..


They started to think I was almost crazy when I told them I felt like I needed to quit dentistry.

And going through that ridicule and feeling of loneliness, I wondered if that was the right decision.

It got me confused if this entrepreneurship thing actually works or is it gonna make all of my close friends hate and reject me.

I started to doubt if my decisions were actually worth it.

That time was probably one of the worst periods of my life.

I literally went from having a lot of friends, amazing relationships, so many people that supported me, to being the loneliest person in the world.

I remember when I started looking around and I would just lay awake at night, staring up at the ceiling like, ‘man I literally have no friends at this point.’

Yes, I have this dream..

I have this goal to travel around the world, to create an epic impact or a movement to help change people’s mindsets.

And here on the side, are my close friends, my best friends, my fraternity brothers..

They were talking behind my back.

They were making fun of me.

They were calling me names and they never supported me!

That was literally one of the most painful times because seriously if you have the wildest dream of your life, and you have every single person around you telling you that you’re crazy, telling you that you’re stupid, telling you that you’re dumb..

Now this is when it made me realize, looking back, that most of your friends, most of your family members..

They are poison dripping you and wanting you to fail.

As harsh as it sounds, that’s human nature.

But here’s what you need to understand guys..

When you and your friends start off the same. .

What happens is, they start seeing you grow. They start seeing you read books. They start seeing you traveling. They start seeing you changing.

And that change and them calling you names, them ridiculing you..

It isn’t because they’re ridiculing your growth!


Their own inadequacies and their own failures!


And this is where you gotta realize that with everything in life and human beings in psychology and perception, it’s all relative.

It’s all a reflection of our own insecurities.

I remember I have a really close friend, his name is Emil.

He does amazing events here in Bali and he says this all the time..

“My perception of you is a reflection of me; and my reaction to you is an awareness of me.”

Think about this. .

Every time you judge somebody else, like when you call that person stupid..

How the hell can you do that?


It’s none other than a reflection of one’s own inadequacies that they’re very much afraid to come in terms with.

And when our friends see us succeeding, when our friends start building businesses, and going out there and risking our relationships..

When we’re trying to invest in the business that we’re creating, they’ll think you’re crazy.

But think about this. .

While labeling you as crazy, what’s actually happening inside of them is, they’re looking at themselves and asking themselves, ‘why don’t I have the courage to do what it is that you do?’

That is one of the biggest reasons why most of the time, your friends, as amazing as they are, as much as they love you so much, they don’t want you to succeed, and they actually want you to fail!

Because when you fail, guess what?

You no longer start growing and you go back to the same person that you were when you first initially created that friendship.

And then they realize, ‘okay. I don’t have to change. I don’t have to do anything different now.’

Because seriously, when they see you start growing, when they see you start changing, they’d go, ‘holy crap I need to start changing, too!’


Most of the time, they don’t have the courage like you do. They don’t have the faith like you do. They don’t have the visualization that you do TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

So instead of trying to come up with you, they try pushing you down. They try getting you down to their level.

They try getting you down to their own means of being average.

But this is what I’m saying guys..


No matter how old or how young you are right now, each time that you level up as a person, there’s always going to be somebody that you love that is almost going to test you to see if you actually deserve the thing that you want.

You’re gonna tell them your idea, you’re gonna tell them the thing that you want, you’re gonna tell them the lifestyle that you wanted to create, you’re gonna tell them what you want to have, (like a cool puppy…)

You’re gonna tell them you want to move and travel around the world, they’re gonna look at you like you’re the craziest person in the world!

And what that is, is the universe testing you to see if you actually deserve it.


And here’s the funny thing about life..

If life and the universe gave you everything that you ever wanted, there would be no lesson.

There would be no stories.

For anyone to get through the crazy months of TESTIMONIALS in life, they have to first go through a TEST.

They have to go through a test of a hardship, of a loved one not believing in them, of a friend not supporting them..

And they need to understand that, ‘holy crap! This life is so much more worth it than the crappy form of being average for the rest of my life.’

I cannot tell you how many times that I started getting some success, my friends would talk behind my back. .

Or when I started traveling, they said ‘oh Mike’s just being weird’. Or when I told them that I didn’t want to be a dentist anymore they’re like, ‘you’re literally freaking crazy,’ and they would talk the craziest amount of crap behind my back!

It was hard..

It was freaking hard!

I remember only having two friends..

Imagine that 18 year old kid only had two friends because he had this dream..

He had this vision to do something so much different in his world to actually create an impact, to know that at the end of my life, I wanted to actually do something different.

And none of my friends actually supported me. It’s normal.


It is perfectly normal because like I said before, my perception of you is a reflection of me.

My reaction of you is an awareness of my own insecurities, of my own shortcomings, and of my own limiting beliefs.

The problem with most people is, they literally adapt other people’s limiting beliefs.

Ever since we were little, we were adapting the limiting beliefs of our mom, or dad, or a family, or friends.

It’s these limiting beliefs that literally constrain us from stepping into our own greatness instead of getting out of our head and stepping into our heart…

And until we actually understand that there is greatness inside of you, there’s an unlimited potential inside of you, there is so much freakin’ unlimited power inside of you..

You just have to really carve out the excess pieces of the limiting beliefs that were given to us and were imposed to us by close friends and loved ones.

That is when you just escape and break through all of the resistance and step into abundance, step into your life, and step into all of the blessings that this beautiful amazing life has to offer!



When you are close to succeeding, or when you’re on your way to success, or if you’re already succeeding, someone close to you, someone that loves you, someone that you thought was supposed to be your best friend and your family..

They’re going to go to you and they’re gonna test you, and you don’t wanna fall into the trap.

I remember I couldn’t really even go out and see my friends unless I wasn’t sober. And it was because I wanted to numb the pain that I was feeling when in reality, that pain that I was feeling was just a learning experience, just an opportunity for me to grow.

It’s just like when you lift a heavy weight.

The more you destroy your muscles, the more it comes back stronger than ever!

The more pain, ridicule, and suffering that you go through right now, the stronger you’re gonna get as a person.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Your friends aren’t supporting you? It’s perfectly normal.

All you can do really is to love them and to focus on your goals.

Because if they were truly your friends, when you succeed and you come back to them and you show them all the things that you learned, that is when you can actually pull them up.

But you cannot really go up together if they’re trying to pull you down while you’re going up.

The best thing you could possibly do is to focus on yourself, start traveling around the world, start influencing your mind with new ideas, start meeting friends that have the same vibration or wavelength and mindset as you, and start moving yourself up.


And once you’re there, go back and reach out to your friends, bring them up with you.

But only until you actually make that distinction of what you are actually willing to stand for in life. That is the only time that they’re gonna come up with you.

Literally, it took me up until now (okay I’m 25 years old right now) where all of the friends that ridiculed me, all the friends that didn’t support me, all the friends who thought I was crazy are now finally starting to open up.

They open up the fact that ‘holy crap man, there is so much more out there!’

It’s the weirdest thing when they say, ‘Mike, how are you able to do that? How are you able to travel? How are you able to build a business for yourself? How are you able to do whatever it is that you want, whenever you want it, wherever you want anywhere in the world?’

It’s almost as if they forgot all of the crap that I went through, all of the times that they thought I was crazy, all the times that I wasn’t supported, when I felt alone, when I only had two or three friends, and I almost wanted to give up every single time..

When I almost quit because I was drinking myself every single day trying to numb myself, when I should have been diving deeper and growing myself.

It was just one of the toughest times in my life, but when I look back at it and I look at the life that I’m living now, and the amazing relationships that I have with amazing human beings that I would have never met. .

Had I not taken that leap of faith, had I not been through all of that pain..

Looking back, it was just 100% worth it guys!

If you are going through any pain, if your friends, or your family members aren’t supporting you.

If they think you’re going crazy, if you’re just drinking all your sorrows away to numb the pain, take it from me..

All of that is normal!

All you gotta do is just pay your dues, and then success will happen.

I’ll see you guys in my next blog!

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