by Mike Vestil 

Giving Up

Today’s video is a little bit different.

It’s a story about how I almost gave up.

And many of you guys have been following me on my social media platforms and perhaps some of you feel like you don’t have a mission or a purpose.

You don’t have a reason to even get out of bed every single day. .

Just struggling and not knowing where in life you’re headed.

Or worse, you don’t know what kind of legacy you’re gonna create in the next five years of your life!

The fact is, this video is something that I’ve been wanting to make for a while and hopefully it helps you in whatever problems or issues you have right now.


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In today’s blog, I’m going to tell you guys what has been going on in the past couple of weeks.

Because even though it may look like you have an idea, you don’t actually know what’s been really going on behind the scenes.

Find out how Mike Vestil almost gave up and how he was able to craft his vision back five to ten years down the road.

And this is about what has been going on in my life.

Perhaps you got a hint because like I said in the past, I’ve scheduled my videos so far ahead up to even two months.

For those that have been following my Instagram, you guys can tell.

I literally haven’t even posted any stories recently.

That’s because there was a time where I thought, if you want to build something bigger, then you gotta let go of some things. Create something, earn passive income and you can just live your life!

But what I realized is, if you’re not tied to a mission or a purpose, you literally feel like you’re dead inside.


It’s like one of the quotes in Think And Grow Rich where it says. .

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

And that’s how I felt guys.

I told myself that I’m gonna build that business and it’s gonna be great.

But because of the fact that I didn’t have a compelling vision of where I wanted my life to end five years down the road..

I felt lost and I didn’t know what to do.

And I remember when I was with Aurio back in the day. He’s one of the best persons when it comes to having the right personality when meeting people.

May it be with girls or engaging with a new business partner.

But when I took it to myself, I remember how everything was so automated.

And with that, I told myself that maybe it’s time to actually focus on other things like dating and the like.

So what we literally do is to go out every single day and do the things that we thought of planning to achieve.

We would go out, make a video and meet a bunch of girls and other strangers.

But what happened was..


That’s the exact same vision I had when I was 18 years old that got me to where I am now.

And that’s what I want you guys to realize.


When you forget what brought you to where you are, you start remaining the same and you’re no longer growing every single year.

Now while undergoing the whole process, there’s one ultimate thing that I realized, and it’s the fact that LIFE IS SHORT.

That made me think of abundance.

There is abundance in the world right now. But if you really think about it, REAL ABUNDANCE is being rich in TIME and ENERGY.

This reminded me of the time months ago where me and Aurio were planning to go out on a bar to meet some new people, and I received a text message.

The text was from my friend, mentor and almost like my older brother, Gerry Cramer. This guy has taught me a lot about life, business, networking, money and everything.

And for those who are following him on Youtube, this is the reason why he’s been gone for a while.

The text that I got from him was about his condition back that time where he said he had cancer.

I remember reading my phone and just looking at it . .

And man it was the weirdest feeling ever!


It was for the first time in a while that I reminded myself that life was actually short.

As you can see in all my videos, I always talk about how you need to fast forward till the day that you die. .

To live as if you only had one day to live.

When Gerry told me that, it was the first time in a while that someone who’s close to me got something that was potentially life-threatening.

But by the time that you are reading this, he’s doing fine now and is on recovery.

As for me for the next couple of weeks, I was just going through life.

I’ve had questions that I ask myself about the meaning of life..

  • What is my purpose?
  • Am i doing something that’s actually leaving an impact?
  • Am I playing too small?
  • Were the goals that I set for myself too small? Or am I being lazy?
  • Am I living my life to my full potential?

These are the internal dialogues that have been populating my mind all throughout this time.


That’s literally the reasons why I’ve been a bit silent on social media or why all these YouTube videos seem like there’s no story behind it.

It’s because I was trying to find the story myself.

I was trying to find where is the Mike Vestil that you see today.

Where is he gonna end up five or ten years down the road?

And I needed to craft that compelling vision to understand what I needed to do, who I needed to become and what needed to die inside me.

’m referring to the present self that wasn’t necessary or wasn’t fit to receive the next level of my life.

As it was happening all inside me, man It was super depressing that it got me filled with so much anxiety!

I started to think about death all over again. I remember looking up at the ceiling and wondering, ‘what am I gonna do with my life that can leave an impact to the people?’

Remember this guys..

A man dies twice. First part happens during his natural death, and second is when his name is forgotten by people.

In the same way the two moments when people are birthed into this world is number one, during their natural birth and next is the minute they find their why.


So the last time I spoke to Gerry, he was doing fine. And when I got the time to meet up with my other friend Gavin, we were asking each other what else we could do next.

We’re trying to figure out what to do when Gerry’s back.

And in this next thing that I’m gonna talk about, I must say that I’m super grateful for Gavin.

I can’t thank him enough because while I was in this zone of sadness and depression, this guy kept on literally annoying me to go to this mastermind event.

He said it’ll be around four to five grand total and that I’m gonna meet a bunch of cool people.

In my mind, I was thinking that it’s not the thing that I needed in my life at that time. I kept on telling myself that I gotta prioritize how to figure my life out.

But this guy just won’t stop convincing me until I decided to just go in and see.

The biggest thing was, it ended up being one of the most insane moments of my life!

At first, I literally came close minded. I was telling myself that I’m the best person in the room and that no one else is better than me.

I had my arms crossed and my ego was in the way.

Now for things to change, I realized that I needed to change. The person that I was wasn’t fit for what I was becoming.

Now when I went to this event, I didn’t expect to actually meet really high level individuals.

Some of them were TEDx speakers, best-selling authors and people that owned some of the most successful companies in the world!

The highlight of that event was I SAW A VISION FOR WHAT I WANTED:

It was a mastermind group that’s surrounded by loving people that were all high-impact leaders.. Focusing on serving their customers and clients and making sure that the world was better because they lived through and their existence was able to change and impact the culture and the people around them.

When I saw it, that’s when I realized that it’s what I wanted to do.


At the end of the day, it’s not about the business that you build.

It’s about the communication, the community and the connection that you build with people that resonate with your message.

That was when I got fire literally lit in my soul, in my brain and under my butt.

So for the next like couple days, I literally locked myself in a room and wrote down the exact vision of what I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, the things I want to do and the people that I wanted to surround myself with.

I literally wrote that down for the next five years.

And when I looked at it, it was pretty exciting!

It’s so compelling and I can see that this is something that I could wake up every single morning to do.


If you feel like you want to give up and quit..

If you feel like you’re stuck and just looking up at the ceiling wondering how the hell are you gonna make that business work

You need to create that vision for yourself that will excite you to go out there and crush it!

Understand that this vision inside of you was given to you from a higher purpose so that you could only achieve it and nothing else!


For the next 30 minutes, write down how you want to end up in the next five years.

Once you’ve done that, I want you to ask yourself the following question. .

Instead of asking, “Am I worthy of these goals?”

Ask yourself, “Are these goals worthy of me?”

So many people are tired, stuck at playing small, and are allowing the limiting beliefs of their friends and family to dictate how big they play in the world.

Understand that there’s something inside you that’s so powerful and divine.

That thing inside of you was meant to be a creator and if that doesn’t come out of you, that’s the biggest insult that you can give to yourself.

The richest place in the world isn’t in China, Dubai or America…

It’s in the graveyard!

And that gift that you have inside of you right now will literally go to waste if you don’t go out there and accomplish what it is that you need to accomplish.

Hopefully that helps guys.

I’ll see you guys in the next blog!

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