How to Get Everything You Want In Life

how to get everything you want in life

You are a miracle.

Seriously, did you ever take the time to stop and think about it?

Out of 400 million sperm you were the one that made it..

So why sell your self short when it comes to your dreams, goals, and aspirations?

Do you think you were put on this earth to live a boring ass life?

Hell no.

This is exactly how you can get everything you want in life.

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Is it possible to live a life where you can have EVERYTHING?

The body you want. .

Find out how to get everything you want in life.

The passionate relationship that you dream of having. .

And the wealth where your business is just making so much money that you and your family never have to worry about surviving.


Many of you guys have this vision in your life where you want something more than you currently have.

You’ve probably been asking yourself a couple of times if it’s really possible to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Well the answer is, yes you can.

But before you can actually understand how to live that life, you need to discover WHY you’re still getting there yet.

“The Flinch”

Many of you guys are probably thinking, maybe it’s because the educational system sucks…

Or maybe it’s because you have unsupportive friends or family members.

Worse, maybe you’re playing as a victim to things that you’re just not in control of.

One more thing, let’s just say you were just born like me in an immigrant family. You weren’t taught about the financial literacy skills to get you out of the 97% of people that are living a life of scarcity mindset . .

Just trying to get by and living paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe those are few of the reasons why you aren’t having the things that you want.

And even though those are all very logical explanations on why you are not living your dream life, what I gotta say is it actually all stems down to one little concept called, “The Flinch.”

Now for those that are wondering what the flinch is,


an act of making a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain.


Flinching is a survival mechanism where if someone tries to hit you, you kind of flinch away or backwards to protect yourself.

The thing about the flinch is, it doesn’t just happen with physical contact.

It happens with every single decision that we have in our life.

Guys can definitely understand this whenever we attempt to approach a girl.

Like when you’re in the bar and you see this pretty girl that you want to say hi to. You take five minutes to muster up your courage and by the time you walk towards her…

Right when you’re about to say hi, you flinch and just walk on by.

Even though you wanted to do something, your body flinches and does the opposite thing.

Flinching In Business

Many people want to become successful in business.

Some of them would DM me and say they’re willing to do whatever it takes, and that they’ll be my next best success story.

But here’s the thing…

The moment they realize that they have to spend money in either advertising or maybe buying a course, THEY FLINCH.

And that’s the biggest thing guys.

So many people want to become successful but they’re flinching away from success.

It sucks!

And it’s literally preventing us from living the lifestyle that we know deep down we deserve.

It’s okay because back in the day, you had to flinch to prevent yourself from literally dying. That’s the primary reason why we flinch.

But in reality, because of the fact that we’re now safe in this environment including the infrastructure of our economy, we don’t need to flinch anymore.

If we have the tendency to do so, it’s just our brain thinking of excuses to flinch for.

So when we think we’re gonna go say hi to a girl, we flinch because deep down “in tribal times”, someone’s gonna kill us if we talk to the wrong girl.

In business, we flinch because if we lose the money, that’s in essence our resources that we can’t get back. And if we don’t have resources for our family, our family dies.

It sounds very extreme and abrupt.

But guys, that’s literally the flinch where deep down inside us, we are, by default, afraid of dying.

Understand this guys…

Once you understand the reason WHY you’re flinching, then you will realize most of the decisions that you face on a day-to-day life aren’t really gonna kill you.

Like you’re not gonna die if you spend $20.00 on Facebook ads.

You’re not gonna die if you say hi to that girl that you’ve always wanted to say hi to.

So understand the logical illness of it and be grateful for the fact that you have the flinch.

Once you understand that you’re not gonna die, then you can actually do the second thing that I want to talk about…


It’s not that complicated guys.

This is how you do it . .

Whenever you have a decision to make, instead of flinching back, speed up your implementation and flinch forward!

Find out how to actually get everything you want in life.Because the longer it takes for you to make the decision, the more likely you’re gonna flinch backwards. And what happens is, you’re actually letting that flinch take over your life.

Like most of the time, when someone punches you, you flinch backwards and inwards. Instead, you need to flinch forward and outwards.

Now do that with every single decision you make in life.

It’s the exact same principle that I apply in my life every single day that I wake up.

Imagine taking a cold shower. Instead of flinching away knowing that it’s very cold, do the opposite and engage yourself.

Some of you guys might feel hesitant in doing so . .

You’re probably thinking it’s gonna cause you some sort of discomfort knowing that it’s extreme temperature.

But the thing about this freakin cold water is that, it’s just water.

And even though it’s just cold water and we won’t get hurt from it, we’re flinching rather than jumping into it.

So this is what you guys gotta understand…

If your body realizes that it could survive in an extreme environment with such an extreme discomfort and you found out that you are alive afterwards, that permeates into every single concept in your life.

And if you want more out of life, you need to TRAIN THAT FLINCHING MUSCLE where instead of flinching inwards and backwards.

You shift to flinch forwards and outwards.

So whenever it comes to a business decision that you’re not ready for, flinch forward man!

Spend that money on the Facebook ads.

Figure it out.

Learn in the process.

When it comes to talking to that guy or girl that you want, flinch forward.

Instead of flinching backwards and say all the excuses on why you can’t work out, you gotta walk faster than your mind could even process.

And I’m telling you, if you do this, your life will change!

The best way to practice it is to take a cold shower “as fast as possible” right after you wake up in the morning.

Right now, we’re in Nirvana gym.

And they have this ice bath where it’s literally freezing cold!

The water is so cold guys that I literally have to meditate and focus on my breathing so that I don’t freaking jump out. Because the entire time that I’m in the water, I really wanna go out because I think I’m gonna die.

But after I stay in for a minute or two and when I actually get out. .

My default state of who I am arises.

Because what I realized is that I’ve just went through a crazy amount of discomfort for even just one, two or five minutes, and I survived!

And if I could do that then dude, I can spend that money on Facebook ads!

I can talk to that girl.

I could do whatever it is that I need to do, because I’m used to that discomfort.

I’m telling you guys, ever since I’ve been doing the cold therapy every single morning and an hour after I workout…


Seriously, this has been a time in my life that I know I needed to grow socially.

Which is why I moved to Canggu so that I won’t only be focusing on business alone but also to meet more freedom fighters.

Now every single time I saw someone that I wanted to talk to, I flinch forward and started saying hi before my brain could process whatever the heck I was doing.

Because of that, I’ve had the most amazing friendships and relationships in the past couple of weeks that it has been insane!

And that’s because of plunging myself in cold water!

If you wanna see how I literally did it, click here and jump to 11:45 time stamp. Go check it out!

That’s the huge favor you can ever do for yourself guys.

It benefits every single aspect of life.

You can have everything that you want out of life.

That chiseled body that you want, the passionate relationship that you know you are just excited about, the business that can create the crazy amounts of abundance not just for you but for your parents. .

Taking your little sister to college like what I was able to do.

None of this would have happened if I never learned how to flinch forward.

And that’s what you gotta do in life.

You can literally have anything, but instead of flinching backwards and inwards…

Flinch outwards and forwards.

Understand that if you could train your brain to literally take action faster than your mind can comprehend what you’re doing, then you can create whatever reality you want.

Guys, hopefully this helps!

Having said that, thank you so much for following me on this journey.

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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