How I made $11,652.21 in one day WITHOUT a product

Seed Launch

When I went from zero to $1.5 million in 12 months.. I thought I was the cats pajamas, the bees knees, my mom’s favorite child. But then I saw Russel Brunson’s success story, I knew that I couldn’t just settle for what I had.

Not only was he making $17,947 per day with his eCom funnel, he was also building a huge multimillion dollar software empire.

So I couldn’t just sit there and watch. I knew I needed to keep on growing, keep on learning, and keep on embracing new challenges.

In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” – Lou Holtz

My only issue was that I had no other product to sell. I mean yeah I was getting some sales from selling t shirts, eBooks, and mini courses. But other than that I had nothing.

But then it hit me..

Holy sh*t Mike, you do have something.. that you can sell.

And that was my expertise.

For months now people had been private messaging me on Instagram and commenting on my YouTube videos. Even though it was maybe less than 100 people at the time, people were super curious about learning more ways to make money online.

But I was too lazy to create a huge course. As you probably know, I like making more money with less time. I didn’t want to spend hours and hours of my life on the computer to create something that people might not even buy.

Why would I do that when I could be jumping off of waterfalls or swimming with sharks?

Mike Vestil Swimming With Whale Sharks In Oslob
What I Would Rather Be Doing Than Working

But then after studying many of my internet marketing role models, I figured out I could create a seed launch. A seed launch was first introduced by a guy named Jeff Walker. He was personally responsible for $400 million in sales in a 15 year period.

Not bad for a one man show.

A seed launch is a way to make money even if you don’t have anything ready to sell. Its perfect if you are new and just starting out and it pays you before you even create the product. And today you are going to learn the ins and outs of my seed launch so that you can do the same in your niche.

Before The Seed Launch

Before I could actually sell anything, I needed to know what people wanted. The good news is that I almost couldn’t fail. Here are some notable successful people that did well with their products:

  • Mike Geary makes $1 million/month teaching people how to get a six pack
  • Backyardchickens.com has 3 million visitors a month teaching people how to manage their chickens
  • Pat flyn makes an extra $5,000 per month teaching people how to pass the architect exam, become a security guy, and starting a food truck business.
  • Sweaterbabe teaches people how to knit certain patterns
  • And this person has over 11,000 students teaching them how to use Microsoft Excel.

If they were able to do it, what was stopping me?

Absolutely nothing.

Back then I had a small social media following on my YouTube and Instagram. I reached out to them and asked what it is they wanted to learn. The overall reply was internet marketing in general so I was like ok lets do that.

My idea was a 6 week training course where i would hop on a webinar once a week and give a value packed 1 to 2 hour all value training around the subject. With each live webinar, I would then record it so that I can sell it forever and make passive income on the side of the other projects I have going on.

But I needed to know what to charge for my time. Attending online college classes can range from $935 to $1,320. Some personal trainers charge $15,000 for a six-week session. I think I could reasonably charge a couple hundred dollars for my time.

During The Seed Launch

I modeled my webinar after Russel’s webinar. My hypothesis was if I could give away a 10x more value than I charge, people would end up buying.

The more value I give, the more goodwill people would feel, and the more they will feel like they have to buy my products. That was my master plan.

So I created one badass webinar that taught people the ins and outs of internet marketing and how to create marketing funnels. It was so good and filled with actionable content that there were a lot of people that sadly didn’t buy my training because they had the information already needed to succeed from the information that I provided. This is how you want to run your webinars. You want to almost give everything away and add value to people’s lives. I even ended up getting a ton of emails like this.

Mike Vestil Student Success Story

I gave so much value in the webinar literally giving almost everything away, a student was able to get a client to pay him an extra $20K a year. And that is WITHOUT buying my training.

The good news is a couple of students still wanted more and bought my course anyways.

Seed Launch Success Story

$11,652 in one day. Holy sh*t. March 9th was a day I will never forget. That day I can proudly say that I stormed into Chipotle ordered a burrito bowl and extra EXTRA guacamole. They told me “sir that is going to cost extra.” I looked that lady straight in the eye and said, “I know.”

Now I didn’t have that much customers, but since it was a high ticket item, I did manage to get a good amount of sales.

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After The Seed Launch

Now that I had a couple of students, I had to deliver every single week. And every single week I did. Before every single class, I was now motivated to put together everything I knew about internet marketing. Parkinson’s law was on my side as I had a deadline every single week.

While I was dropping knowledge bombs to my fellow freedom fighter students, I recorded everything.

I then edited it using a simple video editor and uploaded it to vimeo.com for an extra professional feel. After the training period was over, I had hours and hours of content that I can now sell forever.

Now if you are wondering if you can throw money at me to become one of my students. You sadly can’t. The more students I have, the more time it takes away from me. And as you could probably guess, I value my time so much because I know that I only have a finite amount of it.

Luckily for you, I give a bunch of my old trainings (that I use to charge people for) for free on the posts in this blog.


Because slowly and surely, the information in this blog and YouTube channel will help you make so much money and give you so much results without having you pay a single cent. When the time comes and I do another product launch.. you will have no other choice but to buy my training. (Insert evil maniacal laugh here muahaha).

My philosophy is rather simple.

If I can help someone make an extra $100,000 a year online, then they would be willing to pay me a mere 1% of that for the results I help them achieve.

How To Do Your Own Seed Launch

Ok enough with the jibber jabber. You heard my story now its time to start yours. Here are the steps you can do to start your own seed launch in whatever niche you can think of.

Step 1: What area in your life have people asked you advice from?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself. You may not know this, but you have a gift inside you that other people are envious about. It could be cooking, gardening, knitting, singing, dancing, baking, a skill so simple and easy for you yet other people find difficult. They would love to learn from you and pay you for your expertise.

Take some time to look inside you to find out that gift that you innately have. Now is not the time to be humble and modest. Seriously think back and find out what is it about you that is special that people are curious to learn.

Step 2: Product research

Look around on google and look for other blogs in the same niche as you. Create a separate email address and use that to subscribe to every single one of their news letters.

After studying them for a couple of weeks, they will eventually try selling you something. (Spoiler Alert: bloggers sell sh*t).

Study the main points they cover in their courses as well as what makes that person/blog unique compared to all the other blogs you are subscribed to. Also figure out how much the course is.

After you get an idea of what people are teaching and how much people are willing to pay to learn, create an outline presentation on powerpoint giving away 99.999999 % of everything you know for free. Remember the best way to sell is by over delivering someone with value.

Step 3: Sell your product

Start collecting people’s email address using an email capture service. Surprise surprise, I use Clickfunnels to capture people’s email address.

Let everyone know that you are going to be doing a “live demonstration” on exactly what skill or topic you are good at or have somewhat a level of expertise in.

Set a date that you will be doing this live demonstration and make sure you send emails out leading up to the demonstration.

When the day comes, you can use things like go2webiner  (a webinar software I have used) or you can do something as simple as google hangouts.

Give value for the first 30 to 40 minutes of the training. Then at the end, simply let them know if they want to be serious in learning the skill, that you will be doing a private boot camp for the next couple of weeks for a couple of people.

Record the entire process and then package it as a membership site in your clickfunnels back office.

Ta da.. you now have an online course that you can sell for the rest of your  life.

Final thoughts

Remember you do not have to be the best in the industry to do this. All you have to be is slightly ahead of the average person and you would be an “expert” in their eyes. Now I am not the best in the internet marketing industry. But I would like to believe that the results and the lifestyle I have achieved for my age are somewhat appealing to a certain demographic.

Don’t let your negative thoughts and your “make believe” inadequacies stop you from getting results for yourself. Everyone has a gift that needs to be shared, a voice that needs to be heard, and a talent that was meant to inspire. Now the only question is.. what is yours?

If you need help getting started.. here is how you can build an audience and sell them things for your seed launch

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