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by Mike Vestil 

6 Ways To Convince A Customer To Buy From You

What I’m about to show you in today’s video is probably one of the most dangerous things when it comes to sales and marketing.

If used in the wrong hands, it would actually give you the ability to sell anything to anyone at any time..

And allow your clients to basically buy anything from you!

That’s why before I tell you these six principles of influence and persuasion..

I want you to promise yourself that you will only do this if you could actually solve your client’s life or business problem.


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In today’s topic, I’m gonna share some crazy persuasion techniques.

Find out the 6 ways that you can do in order to convince your clients and customers to buy from you.

And with these six influence techniques and tactics, you’ll have the ability to do whatever it is so you could sell any service, product, or offer at any time to anybody!

Principle #1 Authority

I found this out by accident.

Back in 2013, I was in a direct sales company and I was doing a lot of one-on-one selling. I do door to door and sit-down with a prospect.

The problem with that was, it was inefficient and it’s just freakin hard!

I was so engaged with those activities like talking to people one-on-one and getting a lot of No’s and rejections.

I was feeling a lot of pain and agony because man, this selling thing is so freaking hard!

And even though I failed my way to success when I was working for that company . .

The problem was it was literally giving me an efficient use of my time.

I did learn a lot of things.

But one of the things that I didn’t learn was how to do that skill.

What changed was when in 2013, I got invited to speak on stage at Holiday Inn.

I did the exact same presentation on stage as I did with a one-on-one.

The only difference was the psychology, because I was literally on a platform with people in the crowd looking up at me saying my exact same story and selling the product at the time.

If you think about it, the craziest thing is even though it was the exact same conversation and it was the exact same way I was selling

The difference was, I ended up selling more.

It’s because I tapped into the first principle of influence which is, Authority.

Back when I was doing one-on-one, people didn’t really know who I was. There was no  social proof that I am an authority figure who knows what he’s talking about.

Now when I was on stage and everyone was sitting and watching me as a guru standing on stage, it’s almost like they’re now seeing me as a celebrity icon.

Someone that would be able to help and solve their life or business problem.

And that’s exactly what the authority bias is.

We notice why is it that when an officer is dressed up or if you’re talking to a doctor and they are in their suit, why is it that you respect them more than some random stranger?

It’s because they have authority in that perspective.

So what I would recommend for you to do is, whichever ideal clients you’re currently serving . .

Try positioning yourself in a way where people are actively looking at you in that term of authority.

It could be doing some free speaking engagements, going out there and having conversations or just being in a position where you’re on a platform and everyone else is sitting down and listening to you because you are the “guru.”

Principle #2 Social Proof

The concept of social proof stems from the fact that as humans, we are innately very efficient.

Our brains are created so that we can actually survive and because of that, we try to find all the efficiencies in life where we can make a decision based on the crowd and not our own.

If you really think about it, how hard is it to actually make a decision?

It takes a lot of mental bandwidth and thought processes.

And what actually helps and why us as humans were able to survive was because of our communication skills.

We don’t need to get hit by a car for us to learn to look both ways when crossing.

We learn through social proof, through other people’s behaviors and through other people’s mistakes.

Well, It’s the exact same thing when it comes to your business.

Now the best way to get social proof is just getting a bunch of testimonials and case studies with clients that have actually been helped by your service, product, or offer.

When your clients and your prospects start seeing that, what happens is they actually start saying like, ‘Holy crap, this person can actually help me out because they helped other people that were similar to me, that were similar to my own mental tribe!’

If you could create testimonials of people that you serve that look like your ideal prospect or your client, in their brain, it turns off their ability to think because they could just say, ‘Oh this guy had this result, I’m sure this person can actually help me in my specific problem.’

Principle #3 Likeness

Now the thing about people when they buy, they only buy from those that they TRUST and RESPECT.

You gotta ask yourself:

  • Do people in my life actually trust and respect me?
  • Am I a person that people actually tend to gravitate towards?

If that’s a no, understand that if you want to influence anybody else, you have to first influence yourself.

You have to influence your character, your identity, your beliefs about the world, your beliefs about yourself and your beliefs about everything!

Start reading books.

Are you a smart entrepreneur who invests in reading books?

Considering mentorship, do you invest in things that actually make your brain and your personality grow?

I’ve probably spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to grow my mindset, my personality and in almost everything.

It wasn’t because of the fact that I forced myself.

I can still remember my mom who forced me when I was a kid, to actually actively go out there and exercise my own creativity.

I can recall a time when I told my mom that I wanted to do baseball classes, but instead of doing baseball classes, my mom was like ‘I got you son’.

She’s the kind of mom who wanted her son to be either a doctor, dentist, lawyer or TV celebrity.

She actually signed me up in acting classes. It was crazy!

I was a very shy kid. I had no personality. I was afraid of what the world would think about me.

I was afraid to be myself because I’m scared of being judged and ultimately, I was just afraid to step in my own greatness!

And because of the fact that my mom invested in me to literally take these classes to help with my confidence, speaking, and the ability for me to just be myself in front of people, I thank her so much for it!

Principle #4 Reciprocity

I learned this from a monk.

It’s what happens when you’re running around in Chicago or sometimes even in the airports.

There are monks out there that actually have flowers and they go up to you and they smile and they’re like ‘Here’s a flower for you,’ and you’re thinking like, ‘What the hell is this flower for?’

And then right before you leave, they’d stop to tell you it’s a gift and that they do accept donations.

Here’s the thing guys..

What they’re actually doing is tapping into the reciprocity principle where if someone does good to you, you feel the obligation to actually do good back to them.

It’s the exact same thing in business.

I truly believe that if you are the person in your niche that gives more value to your prospects, clients, or audience more so than anybody else, it’s only a matter of time until money exchanges hands.

And you gotta ask yourself,

Am I just trying to get the one quick single sale or am I creating something that will overwhelm them with so much value, that they just have the urge and obligation to give me their hard-earned dollar bills?

That is the reciprocity principle.

Instead of asking for the sale, you have to give.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about it all the time!

The problem with most entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service providers is, they ask for the sale so much before actually giving any type of value.

I just actually hired an agency to work with my brand because of the fact that they gave value.

They broke down my facebook page and all my businesses and they said, ‘Hey this is what you’re doing.. This is what we can do for you.’

They showed case studies and testimonials of all the previous clients that worked with them in the past from all the different influences.

They helped tap into the social proof bias as well as the authority bias because these were like high-level influencers that they did the ads for.

And because of the fact that they gave value and they tapped into the reciprocity principle, I gave it a go over the phone, but here’s what happened..

While trying to close the deal with me, I told the guy, ‘Hey man, you don’t actually have to do all the sales script. I have a sales team so I already know what that’s like but I don’t need to be closed because I’m already closed… Because you gave me so much value.’

Now ask yourself..

‘Am I the one giving value to my clients more so than anybody else?’

Instead of focusing on fame and significance, focus on how much you could actually serve your ideal clients.

Principle #5 Scarcity

In 2013, when I was working for direct sales companies, I was just trying to sell anything to anybody everytime. If I sense that they had a pulse, I’d be like ‘Yo! You need to buy this..’ or whatever it was that I was trying to sell.

Find out the 6 ways to convince a customer to buy from you.

Since I didn’t have a filter or any standard for the people that I actually wanted to serve, it was actually very hard to serve the people or to actually get them to buy.

The fact is, my messaging was very diluted. The exact thoughts on my mind was like, ‘Look, I can sell anything to everybody so I’m just going to start selling everything!’

Now here’s the biggest thing that changed me:

  • Increasing my prices way more expensively;
  • Only limiting people to a certain amount of clients per month that I actually serve

I started to get very specific of who I wanted to serve.

I started turning clients down and said no to helping with their marketing, sales, or ads.

What I did was to only focus on a certain amount of people on a monthly basis.

Guys, take note! Not only was I able to charge more sales and end up increasing..

Not only was I no longer a slave to my business, but I was also able to detach myself. Because of the fact that I started working with lesser clients, I’m able to actually give them more value since my energy is way more focused on them.

I used to sell a $7 product, $97 product, and a $997 product.

But what I found out was when I was trying to sell to everybody, I LOST VALUE OF MY OWN TIME.

I started getting burned out easily and on top of that, the scarcity principle wasn’t always there.

So as you can see on my YouTube channel and on my blog, the only thing that’s really available to the world are my books and my audiobooks.

But other than that, it’s actually hard to work with me.

You have to apply to work with me and you have to fill out an application process.

Part of that is you basically have to get interviewed and once you get accepted, then that’s when I work with you as my client.

Principle #6 Identity

As humans, we are very inclined to always do something when we feel like we’re the ones who came up with a decision.

My friend, Gavin (who went from zero to $100K a month in 90 days), before he actually got big in e-commerce, one of the biggest things that he was also good at was recruiting for a company.

He’s like a headhunter who recruits people to work as a sales representative for the company that he was working for.

What he did is, he suited up in like a giant suit and he had an iPad which made him tap into the authority principle that we talked about in principle #1.

He started going to all of these companies and he was asking straight up for the number one salesperson that was on the team.

Here’s the biggest thing guys..

People were actually fighting to schedule an interview or an appointment with Gavin!

One of the biggest things when you headhunt is you do a quick interview and then you schedule another appointment later on where you close the deal with them and then bring them into your company.

You prospect them and then you headhunt them because they do really well on another company and then you bring them into your company.

It’s also a good way to actually start building a team.

This is what we did to build the dream of the tribe that you see in our business where we work with some of the top marketing agencies and the top sales people.

Like for example, Harrison, who closed 68 grand in 48 hours with one of his businesses. What he (Gavin) actually does after the initial interview is he talks to the person and says ‘Hey, you look like a smart entrepreneur. You look like someone that actually shows up to appointments when scheduled and you show up on time. Am I right?’

Literally what happens is, it’s the prospect’s decision to confirm with his own identity if he is right or not. And the moment he says yes, Gavin literally has him and his fate sealed and forever be able to schedule that appointment.

Because he didn’t tell the person to show up, the person told himself that he was a person that was aligned and if something was scheduled he would actually show up.

So if he didn’t show up, he wouldn’t be lying to Gavin. He’d be lying to himself.

As humans, the power of identity is one of the most powerful human forces.

Think about all the times in your life when you’re telling yourself, ‘Oh, I can never make money because money doesn’t grow on trees’.


And for those people that have that thought process, there’s a reason why they can’t attract abundance and wealth in their life. It’s the exact same thing at anything.

If you can get hold of the identities of your prospects and your clients, you will be able to not only influence and persuade them, but also get them to buy!

That’s why it’s very important that you only use this if you actually have a product that solves a life or business problem for somebody else.


  • You’re selling crap
  • You had no offer to sell
  • You’re a procrastinator that doesn’t actually care about serving your clients

Only use this if you actually care about helping people!

Let me open up the question.

I gave you the six principles and guys these six principles are insane!

If you tap into just a couple of these in your business, you will be able to sell your offer or your product like wildfire!

Your competitors won’t know why you’re actually making more money than them. You’re gonna be able to silently obliterate all of your competitors.

But I want to ask you this..

“You know you look like the smart entrepreneur, am I right?

You look like the person that’s actually willing to invest the time in yourself, in your knowledge, in your mind and in your skill set.

You look like the type of person who’d actually surround yourself with winners that bring you up instead of people that actually push you down, am i right?”


Well, this is the identity bias right now.

Now ask yourself if you’re that smart entrepreneur who’s passionate about creating an impact and a legacy in building something that not just lasts a week, a month or a year. .

But for a lifetime that’s actively giving you wealth and that’s actively destroying any invisible income ceiling that is preventing you from getting to the next level!

I WANT TO INTERVIEW AND INVITE YOU to the link where we have a FREE Training more so on the psychology of influence and persuasion and how to get anybody to buy anything from you at any time!

Now, if you think you have what it takes and you’re ready to join the tribe of winners, of hungry motivated action takers, the top entrepreneurs in our society today, from people that are making six figures a year to six figures a month..


But like I said, if you’re a lazy procrastinator and if you just suck as a human being and you don’t care about giving value in the world, then this isn’t for you.

Hopefully this helps.


You guys are freedom fighters and welcome to the movement that we’re creating!
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