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by Mike Vestil 

How I Made $10,000+ With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (Free Guide For 2024)

Last month I made $10,000 with Clickbank affiliate marketing alone. Promoting clickbank offers is one of the easiest ways to make money online with one of the lowest barriers of entry for the beginner online entrepreneur.

The only problem?

It’s obvious. Because of Clickbank’s low barrier of entry for the product creator and the affiliate marketer, Clickbank is filled with some really crappy products.

Navigating through the noise, and finding high quality products to promote was the secret in how I was able to make money even during the global crisis.

Here’s the full breakdown on exactly how.

How To Make Money With Clickbank In 2024

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-tBJAoPwlc[/embedyt]

Find a high converting offer (Traditional Way Vs. Advanced Way)

(Source: Clickbank)

The Traditional Way

Organizing Products By Gravity score

How most beginners get started with clickbank is they watch some fancy YouTube video of how other people are making money on clickbank which is typically by finding the product that everyone is already making money with and just promoting that. How you can do that is by the following

  1. going to the Clickbank Marketplace
  2. Clicking the search bar
  3. Looking at the gravity score of the products.

Now what the gravity score tells you is how many people have made money promoting the affiliate product in the past month.

If other people are making money with this product then you know that it has already been vetted and should be a decent product to do some of the marketing.

Analyse the landing page

After finding a product with a high gravity score, it’s important to check out what the sales page looks like.

The reason why I do this is I end up asking myself, “What does a potential customer need to see before actually landing on this page?”

The thing about most clickbank landing pages are they are horrible and ugly and just adding a direct link from social media would be extremely incongruent.

How we offset the ugliness of the landing page in the past is by sending the visitors through a quiz or blog article that then leads to the offer. This way allows the visitor’s mind to better transition from a social mindset to a buyer’s mindset especially if they were just scrolling around Facebook looking at cat videos.

Research the products sales funnel

(Source: Active Growth)

All of the products on clickbank should have an affiliate resources page. This is where the product creator explains how they make money after the initial sale.

The “upsells”’ or other products sold immediately after the initial sale could be one off products. Or in some cases, there can also be a recurring monthly sale that you can get recurring commissions on.

If you’re running paid traffic like Facebook Ads to these products, knowing how much money you can make from their upsells is extremely important as it will allow you to spend more to acquire the customer.

I look at things like EPC (earnings per click) and EPA (earnings per attendee for high ticket webinar products) to see if it is worth my time to promote when compared to my other top winners.

Research the product creator

Most products, as I said, are absolute garbage. So knowing who actually created the product and if they actually have intentions of helping the customer is an absolute must.

The reason why most people stray away from clickbank is because so many products leave a bad taste in your mouth, and very few you would be proud to ever promote especially if you want to build a personal brand.

There are only a handful of high converting offers on clickbank that are high converting but also have a product creator that actually cares about providing solutions to their customers.

I recommend you promote those products only.

Buy the product you want to promote

If you really want to have a competitive edge, I would buy all the products that you would want to promote. I already hear the naysayers, “but Mike, I’m trying to make money not spend any.”

Of course you could go ahead and just grab your free affiliate link from them and just start putting them everywhere and anywhere.

But that is the complete amateur way of doing things.

Starting off as a clickbank affiliate is more than just a side hustle. It can turn into a life changing lucrative online business when done the right way.

And the thing about business is competition can be fierce. So how I am able to adapt faster than my competition is going through the user experience of buying the product myself to see what I need to do in the front end to make the path of stranger to customer for this product more congruent.

If you want to treat Clickbank affiliate marketing like a real business, I would recommend taking my friend’s Gerry masterclass.

Gerry is one of my first mentors that I ended up meeting in person while traveling in Thailand.

Turned out he is Tai Lopez’s ex business partner, and one of the top clickbank affiliates in the world.

His students routinely earn $100 to $1000 per day following his simple 3 step formula.

The Advanced Way

Meet the top people making money with clickbank

(Source: My YouTube Interview)

This part was a lot of fun. It’s one thing to read something on the internet on how to make money with clickbank, it’s another thing to meet the people behind the scenes that absolutely make a killing.

I did this all of 2018..

And this is what I realized. There are actually 2 types of ways to do affiliate marketing with clickbank.

One of them is the low ticket (under $100 products) and high volume approach. This approach is exactly what Gerry teaches without ever putting your face on any of these products. Usually offers in the fat loss space do extremely well.

The other one is the high ticket (above $997 products) and low volume approach. This approach is more done with people who want to build personal brands and want to use Clickbank not as the product market place, but rather the payment processor.

Interview them

Getting inside the product creators brains, and seeing how their mind works and recording it does 2 things.

  1. It creates amazing content to build an audience around
  2. It makes promoting their high ticket coaching programs higher converting

This is exactly what I did with Chris Winters, and Gerry Cramer in the beginning before our businesses started merging together.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to do this.

How you can easily do this for your niche is to find a way to reach out to any of the product creators by untraditional means.

Here are 2 interviews of how I did it with 2 product creators we wanted to test:

If everyone is sending emails to support, I would slide in their DM’s. If everyone is asking and begging for help, I would focus all my attention on finding out what the product creators main problems are in life and how I could add value.

All of the things I did in person can now be done virtually so there are no excuses.

There are people I know that are doing this with the fat loss products and negotiating higher end deals on the back end after giving the product creator consistent sales.

Identify the main pain points this offer solves

(Source: Amazon)

How I do this is by going to Amazon.com and reading all the reviews centred around books that solve the same problem as the offer.

I would spend hours writing down all of their complaints and what they loved about what they learned in the book, and use them all as ammo when writing sales copy for ads or sales pages.

Create content around the pain points identified

SEO, or search engine optimization, is how most people found my content in the beginning. I would take the list of pain points that I got from looking at the amazon book reviews, and I would plug them into search engines like YouTube and google to see what are the things people are actually looking for as the answer. This would allow me to realize just what I would need to create to put this affiliate offer in front of the right person.

Capture emails and promote the offer

After creating content centered around the list of pain points, instead of sending them directly to the clickbank affiliate link, I would have them download a free cheat sheet or quiz to grab their email address before promoting the affiliate offer on the back end.

The reason why I do this is because sending traffic to affiliate offers can be risky because you are never really building your own assets (an email list).

If you are going to put all this effort in sending high quality prospects to other people’s products, it’s best to capture the email beforehand so that you can promote more offers through email marketing because you already did all the hard work of acquiring the viewer through the internet.

When it comes to promoting affiliate offers, you always want to put a barrier between your viewer and the affiliate offer itself as affiliate offers can come and go, but because you have the email address, you aren’t dependent on just once affiliate offer.

Promote more offers related to the audiences pain point

The more you survey what the people on your email list actually want, the easier it is for you to start finding more affiliate offers that resonate with that audience on a higher level.

This is exactly how I find affiliate products now.

Before I would look for the highest converting offer and hope and pray that someone would buy.

Now I just ask my email list on what they want and which expert I should introduce them too and now I just broker the deal.

It’s a win for my audience because I am giving them exactly what they want, it’s a win for the product creator because they are making sales on their end without doing much of the marketing, it’s a win for me because I am just brokering the deal.


If you spend all of your focus building an assed like an email list, you will be able to promote high quality offers any time you want to make an extra flow of income.

That is where this $10k this month came from.

I asked what it is my people wanted. I found the expert. All I did was broker the connection. I made $10k.

What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank is like the ecommerce marketplace for digital products. It’s where product creators and marketers can meet without the complex paperworks or legal agreements. All you have to do to make money as a beginner is find a product you want to promote, click one button, and promote that special link on your own website to make an affiliate commission.

The PROs & CONs of Clickbank Affiliate Program


  • High paid commissions (up to 75% in some cases)
  • Recurring income for some products
  • Don’t have to be tech savvy to make money
  • Beginner friendly, low barrier of entry
  • Free to get started
  • Wide range of products from hundreds of different niches


  • Lots of ugly sales pages and low quality products
  • Extreme competition because of low barrier of entry
  • Hard to find good products to promote

Is ClickBank free for affiliates?

Yes, clickbank is free for everyone. When you find the product you want to promote, you will get a special link that tracks people who visit the offer page. When someone purchases through that link, you get a commission.

What is a ClickBank affiliate?

A clickbank affiliate is someone that promotes a clickbank product creators product. Clickbank is the middle man between affiliates and product creators. Product creators want to focus all of their time developing the product, while affiliates focus all their time in marketing that product and getting paid a high percentage of the upside.

Who is the number one ClickBank affiliate?

8 of the top 10 highest paid clickbank affiliates come from Gerry Cramer’s program. Gerry Cramer is one of my mentors that got started in affiliate marketing over 20 years ago, and he has students in their 60’s taking what he teaches and becoming one of the top 10 affiliates in clickbank.

How much does it cost to become a ClickBank affiliate?

It depends which method you try when getting started as a clickbank affiliate. If you only want to rely on free traffic.

All you need is your iPhone and maybe your own website.

If you want to run paid traffic like Facebook ads, you’re going to need about $1000 for testing.

How do affiliates get paid?

I get paid through direct deposit every 7 days. You can bump that up to a 3 day window when you start doing higher volume of sales.

5 Alternatives To Clickbank

  1. CJ Affiliate
  2. Market Health (supplements)
  3. JV Zoo (Biz Opp Products)
  4. Amazon Associates (Physical Products)
  5. Ebay Partner Network (Physical Products)

Best Converting Clickbank Products 2024

Products in the weight loss niche do really well. Here are the top ones I recommend that don’t have a sleezy feeling.

  1. Custom keto diet
  2. Numerologist
  3. Organifi

But don’t forget, there are clickbank deals that don’t even live on clickbank because you have to be approved for them.

I actually prefer these offers as there is a higher barrier of entry, and you’re usually looking at higher level products.

Looking at product creators that approve and disapprove affiliates is a good sign because it shows me that they truly care about their customers instead of just getting a bunch of spammy affiliates to promote their product. These product creators care more about the quality of visitors that are seeing their offer.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Summary

Learning clickbank affiliate marketing completely changed my life. But here is the thing, I am not special.

You can easily come in as a newbie beginner and do what I did. You can go the high ticket route like I did, which requires some type of a personal brand.

In fact, with high ticket affiliate marketing, the commissions are so much higher that it’s worth the extra effort.

Or you can easily get started selling how volume, low ticket products just copy and paste all the ugly images that one of my mentor’s Gerry tells you to copy.

Either way, I would recommend attending the free masterclass on how Gerry was not only able to become the top affiliate in the world. But how 8 out of the top 10 highest paid affiliates of clickbank are his students.

Join the free masterclass here

And I’ll see you on the other side.

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