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by Mike Vestil 

5 Steps to Creating an Epic Lifestyle Business

In the past couple of weeks..

I have optimized my lifestyle business to the point where I only work 1 to 2 hours a day.

The crazy part?

I make more money in ONE DAY then most people make in an ENTIRE MONTH.

This would not have been possible however if it wasn’t for these 5 steps that I learned when creating my lifestyle business.

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A lot of you guys have been wondering and asking me how to actually create a lifestyle business.

The problem with most people that become entrepreneurs is, ALL THEY DO IS WORK.

Find out the 5 steps on how to create an epic lifestyle business.

That’s awesome and dandy.

It’s perfectly fine.

But the problem is, why on earth would you leave your job to build a business and then devote your time back to working harder for that business.

The reason why I created a business wasn’t to freaking work 10 or 20 hours a day.

It’s so I could surf!

I did it so I could use my time to hang out with my close friends and meet new people.

I wanted to live a life of action, adventure, love and passion. I didn’t want to be stuck in a freaking cubicle or just in my hotel room.

Life is too short to actually live a life where you’re not experiencing every single damn emotion that this beautiful earth has to offer.

So let’s now go over with the 5 steps that I wanna share to you guys!


The reason why people are just failing in business even when they make a lot of money is because they give themselves a revenue goal.

Once they hit the revenue goal, they’re happy for a little bit.

Now after the happiness subsides, they choose a higher revenue goal.

The thing about this is you’re just chasing this happiness that doesn’t necessarily exist because you’re tying your happiness to how much money you’re making on a daily basis.

I was the biggest victim to this.

I remember when I first started in my e-commerce business, a small fluctuation in sales would seriously frustrate me.

Even though I was making more in one day than most people are making in an entire month, if it was just down a little bit, I’d literally feel screwed.

Why? Because my ego was tied to the money.

And that’s when things started to turn around.

Like what’s the point in business if it’s just about ‘who makes the most money?’

So right after I realized that, I shifted the question to ‘How can Mike Vestil be the happiest person that he could be? Do I really need that much?’

I knew right then and there that I don’t really need that much. That’s when I took away my ego from the revenue goal.

I’m 24 years old and life is too short, so I’m just gonna enjoy my life.

I told myself, I was gonna die at age 30 so I literally got to experience the TIME, LOCATION, HEALTH, FINANCIAL & SOCIAL FREEDOM that I’m able to enjoy right now.


Once you have defined your goal and realized that what you need is time freedom instead of just making more money and going into this entrepreneurial hamster wheel . .

You need to reverse engineer who it is that has the life that you want, what business model they’re in, and see how they did it so you can do what they do.

So for me, the first thing that I decided to do in order to make a bunch of money fast is to get into dropshipping.

Because back in the day even until now, a lot of people who went from nothing to something started out with dropshipping.

So I gave it a try and it worked. But since a lot of people are doing the same thing, I asked myself what else could I do and who else are living the life that I want that I could just reverse engineer.

Now one of my biggest role model was Tim Ferriss.

He wrote a book and he talked about how he got into e-commerce & how he leveraged it to build his brand.

And it has now turned into a lifestyle business that seriously went into autopilot because of the fact that that’s what he wanted.

It’s not about making more money, it’s about having more freedom.

So when I studied Tim Ferriss’ business model, I saw that he had a blog, a YouTube channel and he wrote a book.

Right then and there, I asked myself what can a 21-year old Mike Vestil do?

I thought to myself, probably I need to have a super sexy blog, create a Youtube channel, and write a book like Tim Ferriss.

There were other entrepreneurs that were making more money than Tim Ferriss but I didn’t care about the money, I cared about his lifestyle. .

Like how he was just dancing and freaking talk to girls and just do Muay Thai & Brazilian Jujitsu!

I found that freaking insane! He’s like a modern-day Jason Bourne.

And I’d rather have that lifestyle as opposed to someone who’s a super billionaire like Mark Cuban and the rest.


If you look at my blog, it infinitely scales.

The content that I write literally ranks on Google search, on YouTube, and on Pinterest.

On top of that, since the contents are so good…

Other people are back linking to it, so my presence exists everywhere.

And guess what?

The cost of a blog is literally nothing.

My overhead cost is so low but the scale is infinite.


Because I talk about the main problems in society:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness

Those will never go out of scale!

Let’s say, the elephant necklace that you’re selling… There’s only a number of people that like elephants.

But how many people do you know wants to know more about health and wealth?

How many people do you know who wants more love, who wants to discover their passion and just escape from being alone to being someone who lives a life of abundance?

Those are the people that I’m talking to.


Because I was that kind of person.

My health was bad because I was working 16 hours a day on Facebook ads.

My wealth was bad because even though I had a lot of money, I was time-broke. I don’t care about how much money you have, if you’re time broke, YOU ARE BROKE.

And guys, even though I was already making money, I was alone.

Since I didn’t want that kind of life, I chose the business that scales infinitely.

And that was Blogging.

Because here’s the thing guys…

If YouTube goes away, it doesn’t matter. My blog exists.

If Pinterest goes away, it doesn’t matter. My blog exists.

My blog will withstand the test of time because of the fact that it is its own platform.

I create my own content on that platform which I then direct people to either affiliate marketing stuff, my own physical products, my offers and courses which are directly routed to my own sales funnels.

It’s literally indestructible.


Understand that you only have 24 hours in a day.

You could only trade so much of that time to actually do your business.

Find out how to create an epic lifestyle business using these 5 stepsSo for me, I only work around 20 minutes to an hour a day.

Crazy, right? It’s because I have a team of six virtual assistants.

Because think about this…

If I work every single hour in a day, I only have 20 hours in a day to actually work. .

But if I hire 6 people, 6 by 24 is 144 hours in a day. Think about how much more efficient that is!

So now, my one-hour a day of work is really just me communicating with the six people on my team to either transcribe the videos that I’m creating, to edit the videos, or to create the Pinterest images (so that it ranks on Google/Pinterest).

Everything else is outsourced so that I could focus on my core competency.

Now the reason why you want to hire a team, is because this is what I learned from one of my mentors.

You want to focus on what you’re good at and either hire out everything else that are noisy.

Because think about this guys…

There are people out there that are better at a specific skill than you.

So why would you waste your time, your headache and your energy doing something that you hate doing?

Why would you do the things that takes away your time and freedom if you could just delegate the task and hire people with the profits that you’re making?

I started with one…

And then we built a team of nine.

Then we had to cut down because some were not that good so we’ve just fired two. .

We’re now at six.

It’s now like a lean business where I can literally pivot where they could help me grow the business to an infinite scale.

Seriously guys, the team is awesome!

I’m actually gonna go see and visit them in the Philippines next month.


The fifth and final thing in creating the lifestyle business is utilizing Facebook Ads to fuel your business.

The thing that I like about Facebook Ads, especially if you’ve just started creating your first sales funnel, is because of its immediate-infinite scale.

Now if you utilized Facebook Ads and immediately, it allowed you to make $100 a day within the next 30 days, would it be worth it?

It’s a 100% YES, guys!

And that’s what Facebook did for me!

If you want to learn more about that, I have a bunch of Facebook tutorials, just check it out  below this blog.

Literally, Facebook has been one of the biggest things that’s changed my life.

It is one of the major sources in my business for traffic, most especially to my blogs.

So hopefully this helps!

I’ll see you guys on my next blog.

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