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by Mike Vestil 

How To Find Products To Sell On Shopify

If you have trouble finding products to sell on Shopify, you are not alone. Many merchants find it difficult to identify products that will be profitable and generate consistent sales.

While it's true that there are many different products that an entrepreneur could potentially sell on Shopify, finding the right ones to invest your time, money, and effort into can be challenging.

This is due to competitive reasons (many people are already selling these products), geographical restrictions (merchants cannot ship specific items to their customers), and difficulty sourcing the items locally or importing them.

In addition, starting a shop on Shopify does require some upfront investment, so merchants need to be confident that the products they are selling will generate a return on that investment.

This article will discuss some tips on finding products to sell on Shopify. Let's get right into it.

What Is Product Sourcing?

If you are not familiar with the term, product sourcing refers to searching for potential products that will be profitable on Shopify. 

This involves finding suppliers that offer these products wholesale and then reselling them in your store.

When it comes to product sourcing, merchants need to consider multiple factors such as price (e.g., what is the cost of each item?), design (is it easy to customize?), and demand/supply (can customers find this item easily?).


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Some of the most popular product categories include fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and watches, while some less popular ones have toys, gadgets, sports equipment, and musical instruments.

It's worth mentioning that an entrepreneur could also source unique or handmade items to sell on Shopify, but this would require more research and finding suppliers.

One of the benefits of product sourcing is that it goes hand in hand with dropshipping. This is because a dropshipping business is not limited to the available products in your region. 

Instead, you can sell any product that your supplier offers.

When talking about dropshipping, it's good to understand that finding the right product to source also comes down to the shipping method that you'll use. 

When you consider the comparison between dropshipping and Amazon FBA, you'll quickly realize that both have their own set of pros and cons.

How To Know What Product The Customer Wants

Before you open an online store and sell products, keep in mind that a Shopify store that doesn't support what people want is on the path towards doom. 

You have to constantly sell what the customers want, not what you think they should have.

Let's have a look at how to determine this.

Solve A Customer Pain Point

In each particular industry, there is an issue that the customer faces each time they make a purchase, and if you can solve this pain point for them, you will be able to secure their loyalty.

For example, if we take fashion eCommerce as an industry, people's most significant pain point is matching clothes with other outfits in their wardrobe. So manufacturers that offer mix and match clothing sets are likely to succeed on Shopify.

Similarly, another big pain point in the fashion industry is returns and exchanges. 

This means that brands offering free return shipping and eCommerce stores specializing in apparel exchange programs could do well on Shopify.

In short, pay attention to what your potential customers are looking for because what they need might not be what you are selling right now.

Check Out The Competition

One of the best ways to determine if a product will sell on Shopify is to check out the competition. 

You can do this by looking at other eCommerce stores in your industry and analyzing their product selection and the pricing and branding that they use.

If you find that many merchants are already selling a particular product, it is likely not profitable for you to sell it on Shopify. This is because you will have to compete with these merchants on price, and it's challenging to make a profit when doing so.

On the other hand, if you find that there are very few (or no) merchants selling a particular product, then this indicates that you might be able to make a lot of money selling it on Shopify.

However, don't get too excited just yet because there's still more research to be done before making the final decision on whether or not to sell the product on Shopify. 

This involves checking if your supplier can offer these products at wholesale prices high enough for you to resell them and turn a profit.

Appeal To Enthusiastic Hobbyists

Shopify gives you all the tools you need to make a successful online store, but you'll only be able to use these tools if you have the right products.

Products that appeal to enthusiastic hobbyists are a great place to start because it’s already been proven that a market exists and that such a market is predisposed to spend money on the products they want.

For example, if you sell skateboards on Shopify, you could also sell skateboard wheels, clothing, and accessories.


Image Credit: http://circuitcrush.com

The key here is to identify the interests of your target market and then find products that align with these interests. 

This will help you create a targeted and relevant store, which will increase your chances of making sales.

Go With Your Passion

Sometimes, product ideas don't have to come from the marketplace. They can also come from your passion and interests, which you can turn into a product idea for Shopify.

For example, if you love astronomy and space travel, you could create a store that sells these products to other people who share the same interest. 

This would give you an advantage because you already know your target market's interest in paying money.

As another example, an online fashion store doesn't have to sell apparel. 

If you are passionate about fashion, you could also offer accessories like handbags and sunglasses and beauty products like perfume, makeup, and skincare items.

The key here is to make sure that your store offers something unique because if it's not, it will be challenging to compete with merchants who already operate established stores.

Consider Your Professional Experience

Having a background in your industry can be an advantage because it gives you the skills and knowledge to succeed in your product ideas. For instance, if you've previously run an eCommerce store or worked as a buyer or supplier within your industry, then this experience will give you an edge over other merchants. 

However, even if you don't have any previous work experience in fashion, there's still no reason why you can't become successful by selling apparel online.

The product category you choose to sell on Shopify is less important than the products themselves. 

What's more important is that you take the time to do your research and make sure that the products you choose are relevant to your target market.

Capitalize On Trends Early

Your store offers you the advantage of capitalizing on trends early. For example, if you see a trend emerging in the skateboard industry, you could create a store that sells products related to this trend.

This is important because if you wait too long to capitalize on a trend, it might be too late, and your competitors will have already taken all the market share. 

However, it's worth noting that you don't want to jump on every trend that comes along because this can be risky and might not produce the desired results.

Ideally, you want to find a trend relevant to your target market and offer the potential for long-term growth. 

Potential customers for this trend are likely to be more interested in buying associated products.

If you run paid ads, it’s important to pay attention to the best-selling products on Shopify. The top merchants have already found a winning formula, and you can use their store as inspiration to help you find your perfect products.

In particular, look out for the highest-grossing stores in your industry because these are likely to be well-established brands that offer quality products.

In addition, using the Google Keyword Planner and looking at search volume can give you an idea of which products are in demand. 

This will help you create a product lineup that meets the needs of your target market.

Consider Keyword Research

Keyword research also ties into current trends. With this conventional SEO strategy, you want to find keywords with many monthly searches and low competition.

This is important because if you can rank highly for these keywords, it will bring in consistent traffic and sales every day, which means more money in your pocket. 

However, like the trends you choose to capitalize on, don't go overboard by targeting every high-traffic keyword out there because this can be counterproductive.


Image Credit: http://backlinko.com

Read Customer Reviews On Existing Products

Your target audience is another critical consideration for finding products to sell on Shopify.

To better understand your target market’s needs, read customer reviews on existing products. This will give you an idea of the features and specifications that customers are looking for.

If you can find a product that offers something new and unique, this is another way to get ahead of the competition. 

Even if your product will never be an out-and-out bestseller, having something that customers find useful will give you a competitive advantage.

For example, pet owners might be willing to pay more for a leash that can measure their dog's heart rate or mood. It doesn't necessarily have to be advanced technology either; it could simply be an accessory that is customized somehow.

There are several online tools that you can use to help with your product research. 

One of these is the Shopify App Store, which in addition to being a great resource, also offers a wide range of applications that you can use to help manage and grow your store.

Places To Source Products From

Now that I've discussed finding a product to sell, let's look at some popular places to source products.


Shopify's Handshake is the one-stop-shop for one-of-a-kind manufacturers brought to you by Shopify.

Handshake is the meeting place for people who are enthusiastic about their business and want to make new connections. It’s also a place to discover one-of-a-kind products from various manufacturers.

Handshake will serve the US market for now, but they see a bright future where Handshake grows worldwide.


Because printing companies compete to capture your business, Printify does its best to offer some of the lowest prices in the market. 

With a robust network of partners and automated routing capability, you'll be able to handle peak holiday seasons with ease.

Printify will get you up and running in minutes with your own branded products. 

You can discover the best items for your company with 300+ goods and leading brands.


Do you love coffee? If so, you're in luck because Dripshipper has a vast range of coffee products that you can sell in your store.

The coffee business is an $80 billion industry in the United States alone, with most individuals drinking coffee at home. 

This makes Dripshipper the perfect place to source coffee products differentiated by quality, customer service, and prices.

Your company's name, logo, and other promotional material will be on the coffee products, which makes them appear to be produced straight from you.

You can design and launch your products in minutes and open your store within a day. They make it quick and simple to start selling products.


Sprocket offers a wide range of unique and original products from around the globe. You can explore products by category or supplier and filter by color, style, and price.

Its mission is to offer a diverse range of products from reputable suppliers who provide high-quality items. Find the most popular dropshipping suppliers of original US and EU goods.

Sprocket is quickly becoming one of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in the market. They offer a wide range of unique and original products from around the globe. 

You can explore products by category or supplier. You can also filter by color, style, and price.

You may get free samples of your products from suppliers in a few clicks. It's also simple to try out the items and services and establish a successful dropshipping firm through Sprocket.


Syncee has all you need to get started with dropshipping in your store. You can easily find the most profitable dropshipping items to sell using Syncee's drop-shipment tools and services.

With hundreds of dependable suppliers offering quality dropshipping, you can find the most profitable items to sell with an incredible amount of bulk shopping data.

Syncee's new e-commerce platform will provide you with actual earnings when you use it to sell on your online store.


With a wide range of items from top brands and at low costs, My Online Fashion Store is your one-stop shop for closeout, discount, and wholesale fashion.

With a team of business consultants who can help you improve your profits by sourcing the highest wholesale prices, My Online Fashion Store is the perfect partner for your business.

The quality and diversity of the merchandise distinguish them from their competitors. 

They're dedicated to offering high-quality, fashionable apparel in regular and plus sizes, shoes, accessories, and more.

The sky's the limit with My Online Fashion Store, and you can be sure to find the perfect products for your store.


Lulu xPress is a user-friendly, simple, and quick print shop with all the printing needs for your business.

They offer some of the most efficient methods for creating high-quality books, catalogs, manuals, and magazines. Lulu Xpress offers a wide range of printing products and services perfect for any business.

You can print a single copy or 1,000 without worrying about inventory or storage with print-on-demand technology. Plus, you can order as many or as few colors as you want.

Professional quality and service at an affordable price are what you'll find with Lulu Xpress. With various printing products and services to choose from, you're sure to find what you need for your business.

With quick turnaround times, free shipping, and generous discounts on bulk orders, Lulu xPress is your one-stop shop for business printing services.


Shapeways offers 3D printing services for a wide range of products. From prints and home decor to jewelry and accessories, Shapeways has you covered.

Don't waste time assembling components or outsourcing production. Shapeways has all you need to start 3D printing and offers a wide range of materials, finishes, and colors.

Models can be quickly restored and new versions produced if required for final feedback and manufacturing. Shapeways will create and ship your order within a few days, with no minimum order.

Their secret to providing outstanding, high-quality goods is to combine the strength of digital manufacturing with a fast, lean supply chain.


When it comes to finding products to sell online, remember that increasing Shopify sales is about keeping the customers' needs in mind. 

Do your research, consider what trends and keywords are popular right now, and think about how you can create a new and different product.

Always remember that your main goal is to provide the best products and services for your customers so they will keep coming back.

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