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by Mike Vestil 

How To Make $1000 a Day On YouTube

I’ve tried many different ways on how to make money online. YouTube is hands down by far the most lucrative when it comes to long term stable returns.

Find out exactly how I was able to make $1000 a day on YouTube even when I had little to no subscribers.

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Guys, there’s no need to worry…

You do not have to have a really big YouTube channel because I myself was doing this last March 2017 with only 1000 subscribers.

Definitely, anyone can do this!

To help you out, I’m gonna dispel any LIMITING BELIEFS you guys have.

Because here’s the thing…

You DO NOT NEED YOUR OWN PRODUCT nor do you need a really huge channel!

A lot of people when they’re starting in YouTube (especially me), thought we need a lot of YouTube followers before we can actually make more money.

Let me tell you this.. YOU DON’T.

As you can see on the screenshot in the video, it was when I only had around 2000 subscribers last year with not that crazy much of an online presence that I do now have.

I’m telling you guys, never let this limiting belief make you think that you need 30,000 subscribers before you could start believing in yourself.

In fact, you could actually accomplish your goals faster than you really think!

It’s kind of like what Bob Proctor always says:

“If you don’t get chills when you set your goal, you’re not setting BIG ENOUGH goals.”

Set those goals high…

Try to get a hundred dollars a day on YouTube and then maybe get to that thousand dollars a day.


When it comes to making money on YouTube, you gotta understand that there’s this crazy funnel that is happening behind the scenes that most people aren’t aware of.

If you look at any one of my videos and the thumbnails, you’re gonna see that every single one of these videos will automatically point to the Start Here tab of my Mike Vestil blogsite.

As you can remember, whenever I’m done with my YouTube videos, I always say “Get the free financial freedom resources link in the description.”

And if they click that, they will land to my Start Here page.

However, what most people don’t realize is the power behind Facebook pixel.

How does that help?

Well, whenever someone lands on my site, Facebook, in all of its infinite artificial intelligence, has the ability to now track the audience or the visitors that enter my site via YouTube and the ones that are ranking on Google.

As for me, there’s a considerable amount of traffic just from the blog alone.

It gets around 2000 to 3000 views a day.

Now from that amount of views which Facebook pixel gathered, there’s now a number of people that I could retarget.

The problem with advertising is you’ll see people scrolling down on Instagram and YouTube but you won’t really know who the hell is advertising to them.

But since you, as amazing as you are a creator on YouTube, people know who you are because you do the hard work in creating your content..

Now once people land on my mikevestil.com website, Facebook pixel now tracks every single audience so that I can go to Facebook and then send them to a landing page where I offer something for FREE in exchange for their email address.

Once I have their email addresses, I can then start selling them stuff on the backend which you can see in the bunch of the videos that I’ve done in the past.

A While Back In October 2017…

So a year ago, I wanted to just test if there was a demand in the making money online products on the Internet.

What I did is I literally created an ad with my face on it.

I took a picture of myself and called out my freedom fighter tribe . . and then people started liking and sharing it.

I used to do ads for physical products and I didn’t get as easy of an engagement as like when I just put my face on my thumbnails and people see my ads.

It’s because of the fact that people recognize my face on my Instagram and youtube videos where there’s already that pre-existing relationship built.

That’s why if you’re an online creator and you focus on that, your advertising will literally be amazing!

You’ll get the cheapest cost per conversions because you already did the hard work of building the relationship as opposed to everyone else that aren’t focusing on doing that.

Most probably they’re just focusing on making quick buck.

Well… Even though they may be making right money right now, they’re not gonna make money in the long run.

Like I’ve always said, you will make money on a long-term scale with YouTube IF YOU MAKE BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR AUDIENCE YOUR PRIORITY.

That’s exactly what I did.

I ran ads on basically every single person that just hit my blog from the traffic and it just led to a landing page.

I then asked for the free ebook.. Made two videos to further build a relationship and then edify the affiliate webinar that I do.

Once I talked about Russell Brunson on that video and how you can make $75,000 dollars per day, the audience can click the “Yes! Reserve My Seat In The Webinar” button, people are then getting sold that product where I get around $300 dollar commission from Russell Brunson whenever people buy this.

If they don’t decide to buy it, I still got something more important…

And that is their email address where I could just continually send them MORE OFFERS!

Now I know you’re probably wondering how the hell am I gonna do this in other niches like health, fitness, comedy, doing skits or selling merchandise.

You might be asking how can a normal average youtuber who’s not into entrepreneurship niche do the exact same thing even if you don’t have a big audience.

Well guys, this is how you’re gonna do it!


As soon as you found a content on youtube, make sure to choose the kind of content that has a bunch of views but little subscribers.

As you can see from the sample on my video, I did it in the fitness niche where I posted my 30-Day Jump Rope Transformation video.

Don’t you freaking complain about this niche that this might be so special and you can’t make money in your niche…


It doesn’t have to just be making money online and you don’t even have to have your own product.

So consider the jump rope video that I showed on the video which only got 20,000 subscribers, however there are 1 million views!

Or the other one jump rope transformation who got around 600,000 views and 200,000 subs.

Another youtube post had 1 million views but only 40,000 subscribers.

Create a Winning Title and Youtube Thumbnail

Now when it comes to making YouTube work for you in making income, the BIGGEST THING that really matters is your title and your image.

It’s where you make sure that people are gonna click on your image.

Because guys, remember this…

You could have the best content in the world but no one will ever see it if your image sucks or your title sucks!

Of course, you have to have good content.

But never undermine focusing on also creating a clickbaity image.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably already seen my jump rope transformation video

So like what I exactly did on my youtube thumbnail for that video, what works the best is you have a before and after image with a day 1 to day 30.

If you don’t have any idea how I do it, I do use Canva which is where I actually create these thumbnails.

Like I said, find a video that has a lot of views with small subscribers.

Which is why I took the exact same thing for my thumbnail from the jump rope video that I mentioned.

If you haven’t checked that out yet, check it NOW!

My Bribe..

So what happened was, after creating this YouTube video, I then direct the people to go see my blog post via link in the Youtube description. .

Now if you pull that up, you’ll then see the Facebook pixel, where literally anyone that lands on that page, instead of sending them money offers. .

I could just send them health offers.

With that being said, since I’m close friends with the guy from alpha shredding, I’m now able to sell his info product.

Any person that goes onto my jump rope video or to my blog then gets hit by my Facebook pixel.

That enables me to create a funnel where I’m basically going to sell this “How to Get Shredded” product.

So we’re basically going to split the profits and what can happen is we’re gonna model exactly what I did for this.

On the contrary, for some. . even though you know they won’t buy your offers, it doesn’t matter because you have them in your communication funnel.

You can send them more content or videos from all your other offers.

And that’s the goal guys!

Your goal is to literally just focus on making those viral videos.

As for me, even though my subscribers are in the making money online niche, they’re not much in the fitness niche.

So if this is gonna work for me literally having not that much subscribers in the fitness niche, it should be able to work for you!

Well, my bribe was just basically offering them a free ebook. You can do that as well if you’d want to.

You could offer a free ebook or even a free meal plan, it doesn’t matter, (and then asking for the sale on the Thank You Page)

Guys, you can depend on your ad money but as entrepreneurs, we value ownership over depending on other people.

And I’m telling you this right now, you do not want to be like one of those creators that are just depending on YouTube ads to make a living.

You want to be independent, you want to sell stuff like books or create funnels. .

And if you want to see how this works in a more detailed level, I have a free mastermind in the link in the description.

So guys hopefully this helps!

If you love this, give it a like and if you have any more questions, leave a comment below. I’d definitely love to hear from you.

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