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by Mike Vestil 

How I Make Over $10,000 Per Month With These 4 Side Hustles

These 4 side hustles completely changed my life. Not only did they allow me to win back my time, but they finally gave me the peace of mind that I desperately wanted.

Before building my Mike Vestil blog and YouTube channel to over 200,000 subscribers..


Before I lived in over 25+ countries..


And before I wrote the book on side hustles..


I used to spend 8-12 hours every day working as a dental assistant.


Then I realized I was trading all my time away for money that I was never going to have time to spend… makes no sense right?


So while working I found several mentors who taught me a bunch of ways to make extra money online.


After months and months of failure… these 4 specific side hustles started to work! So I grabbed my ukulele..


Left Everything Behind… And Traveled The World..


Here’s me in Peru


Here’s me swimming with the whale sharks in the Philippines


Here’s me chilling with a monkey in Thailand


The more I started traveling.. the more people started asking questions on exactly how I was able to do it..


So I started teaching people exactly what my mentors taught me


Best side hustle to start in 2021

1. Promote ClickBank products

ClickBank was one of the easiest ways for me to earn extra money fast because I did not need my own product or website to get started. How ClickBank works is you can essentially choose from thousands of different products that you can sell for free. These products are created by other people, and every time you get a sales, they pay you 50-75% of the revenue.

The beautiful thing about ClickBank is that many of these product creators want you to succeed. So they help create sales material to help complete beginners get their foot in the door and make their first sale.

Here’s the results of one of my first months with ClickBank promoting a new product I just found.


If you want to learn exactly how to make money with ClickBank and how we used the brand new “Silver Lining Method” to make $10/Day, then systematically grow to $100/Day, then $1,000/Day & more, then make sure you sign up for this week’s free workshop right now.


2. Start an eCommerce business

I started my first eCommerce business back in 2014-2015. My first thoughts when I first began? I was completely terrified. My background was in biology and chemistry (yes I’m a nerd hehe), I had no idea about shipping logistics, building teams, finding product market fit, and running advertising campaigns.

But with all that being said, I started an eCommerce business anyways.


Because Amazon.com is litterally taking over the world. When the lockdown first hit, everyone was buying Toilet Paper online. The demand for online commerce will continually grow as more people get used to buying things online. There was no way in hell I wanted to miss out on the pie.

In the fall of 2015 i ended up finding a product that worked as well as creating video creatives that people online resonated with and was able to make $5.9k in revenue.


I remember the feeling I felt when I made my first sale and realized just how big this opportunity is. I knew I wasn’t going to get much chances in life based off of my upbringing and being raised by immigrants, so when an opportunity came my way I knew I had to double down like crazy.

So I went all in..


a lot has changed since when I first got into eCommerce. When I first started I had to source the product, order inventory, build a website, run advertising campaigns, do customer service, handle the returns..

It was a nightmare.

Now you can actually partner with existing eCommerce businesses where they handle everything else and all you have to do is running the marketing end. We have students making their first $100 per day online with this method.

3. Adsense

In the 1900’s we were in the industrial age. The people that made those most money were the ones like Henry Ford who would build huge factories and mass produce vehicles and sell them to the masses.

Then in the 2000’s we transitioned to the information age. Thanks to the internet and mobile phones, information was no longer kept from people, and a little village boy from the Philippines (my ancestry lol) could have the same access to the upper class and highly educated. The people that capitalized on this trend were the Facebooks, Google’s, and Amazon’s of the world.

But now we are in the middle of another transition.

And that transition is now moving to people of influence.

You know this is happening when you have teenagers making ridiculous dance videos on TikTok and earning millions. You know this when someone like Kylie Jenner starts an ecommerce business and almost instantly became a near billionaire (her net worth is $900 million).

The people who have the most attention will make the most money.


Because money follows attention.

If you can control people’s eyeballs, advertisers are willing to pay you to put their products in front of your people. This is something that I accidentally stumbled into when I started traveling.

I was creating content online and documenting everything that I was doing when it came to my self growth. You can see how much has been deposited from just Adsense alone.


Moral of the story? Produce more than you consume.

If you’re trying to start a side hustle from scratch and you say “I don’t have time,” but you’re spending all of your time watching videos and reading blog posts, here’s a simple challenge.

Produce more than you consume.

If you read 1 blog article per day. Create 2 per day.

If you watch 2 videos per day. Create 4.

Income is naturally attracted to those that are producers.

4. Blogging

Obviously right now you’re reading this on my blog, so I guess I am a little bit bias. So why is blogging one of the better ways to start earning money online with a simple side hustle?

Here’s why.

I can spend 30 minutes of my time writing this blog article.

I can then use services like Tailwind to automatically post this on Pinterest multiple times over the next couple months to years.

People will come to this blog and go, “oh how, look how awesome this is, if this weirdo can do it then why can’t I?”

Then they go ahead and start their own blog in under 5 minutes. The hosting company that I recommend them to will then pay me a commission at no expense to the customer (this is affiliate marketing).

This can happen over and over again without me putting in any more work. I don’t have to make more videos, I don’t have to manage hiring people, I don’t have to handle customer support. Bam passive income.

But of course this will realistically take time and a lot of patience. So if you are looking for the fastest side hustle to start to earn your first $1000 online then I recommend joining this week’s free workshop right now.


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About the author 

Mike Vestil

Mike Vestil is the author of the Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life. He also has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers where he talks about personal development and personal finance.

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