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by Mike Vestil 

5 tips to INSTANTLY make MORE MONEY online

It doesn’t matter who you are..

A newbie entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran online marketing wizard..

If you do not implement these 5 tips RIGHT AWAY..

You will become obsolete in the market place within the next couple of years.

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Find out how to instantly make more money online

What most people don’t understand when they start off with making money online is that acquiring a customer is literally the hardest job.

And immediately once you have a customer, it becomes easier to sell to that customer over and over again.

Now what you need to start implementing right away is FINDING A WAY TO UPSELL.

As you can see in my video above, my upfront sales made around $20,000 from March 1st to the 31st.

It was cool, but had I not done even just one upsell, I would’ve missed out on an extra $10,000.

An upsell is either selling them more of the same thing that they bought or selling them the next step in like the goal that they want.

So for example you’re selling yoga pants…

If they buy one order of yoga pants, a good upsell would be getting two yoga pants for like the price of 1.5.

Now if you’re selling info products, one of the biggest thing with upsells if you’re selling someone like “How to Lose Weight”. .

The next step would be selling them what would get them faster results in your program.

That’s literally what I did for this ecom blueprint that I sold last year.

Take note guys, even just one upsell could add an extra $10K!

If you look at P90X, that’s literally what they do. People buys it and then right next, they sell a freaking pull-up bar and then some protein.

So always adding upsells is the first way that you could instantly make more money online.


Let’s say someone wants to buy the yoga pants that you’re selling.

Now the buyer says NO to the upsell but proceeds on purchasing the yoga pants.

Well, what you could actually do is then put a down sell where they could take the exact same offer except now. . GIVE THEM A ONE-TIME DISCOUNT.

Even though people have said NO to the first offer, oftentimes, they’ll actually say YES to the second offer or the down sell.

So if you could see the same thing in my ecom blueprint, I added one extra down sell and that caught up an extra $5K, now that’s an extra 50% of the upsell that people didn’t buy.

That means when someone bought my initial product but didn’t take the upsell, I then offered a 50% OFF.

And as you can see, it was able to capture an extra five grand.


Now try and take a look at the example that I’ve shown on my video above about How to make $100 a Day as a Broke Individual.

It’s crazy guys! This video caught up around 85K viewers and have started making some huge sum of money online.

As you can see, people are pretty impressed because it got nearly 2000 likes though 176 people slipped through and hit the thumbs-down.

Well that’s actually a good amount of traffic from YouTube sending it to my offers, my products & services and of course, my book.

But then here’s the thing guys. .

I realized I don’t want to just depend on YouTube. I need to find other ways to drive more eyeballs to my offers so I can make more money.

That’s where repurposing content comes in.

So what I did is I took the same video, I went over to Fiverr and have someone turn this video into a blog format.

It’s crazy because now, if you look at Google and you type in How to Make $100 a Day. .

Not only will you see the two videos that I’ve made, but you’ll also see that I’m ranking on the first page of Google.

And that’s a big thing guys, Google is a huge real estate for business and for traffic to your offers and services.


If you’re in a business especially an online business, by default you have an email list.

However, if you’re not emailing your list every single day, YOU, my friend are wasting money.

You’re definitely losing money guys!

You got to understand that for every single email subscriber that you have, that’s the equivalent of an extra $1 in monthly revenue hypothetically.

So say you have 10,000 subscribers… So then hypothetically, you could make $10,000 a month from those email subscribers as long as you nurture them and keep that relationship. .

Because all online marketing and “business” in general is all about building relationship with people that trust you. .

And in return you help them with their problems by offering them solutions.

That means you profit by helping solve other people’s problems.

As you can see in my example, I sent out an email to around 86% of my email list. Which means that this is a highly active email list.

And note that I send them straight to my offers every single time.

If you can imagine, it’s like asking THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE if they want to buy my $17 product.

So when people decides to buy, just think about it . .

Do you think out of the 30K people that I send this email to, that I could get a couple to buy an info product where it teaches them sales funnels for $17?


It’s proven. It happens to me every time since I’ve been emailing everyday.

So if you’re not emailing your list every single day and if you’re not building a list in your business, you’re definitely losing huge amount of TIME, most certainly huge amount of MONEY.

Get it straight to your mindset guys, adding an email list or an opt-in in your current business right now can instantly create extra profit for you.


As we all know, we as entrepreneurs don’t have all the time in the world to always make more products.

So one of the best things to do is actually FINDING A PRODUCT THAT ALREADY EXISTS as a solution. .

And then going out and finding the people that already have the problem.

In my case, let’s say they want to learn sales funnels.

What I can do is I can actually send them to a webinar of Russell Brunson who actually owns clickfunnels. It’s this funnel software that I use.

And if anyone buys the $997 product, I would get 40% of that.

Now if they continue to buy clickfunnels and do the software, I WOULD GET 40% OF THAT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Take note of these THREE THINGS guys:

  1. I didn’t create the product.
  2. I’ve not created any software of my own.
  3. I don’t have to do customer service.

All I do is take the people that has the problem and have them click on the solution that I got.

The minute they buy, I get an affiliate check.

(you can watch my video to see the screenshot of the exact payment that I got from my affiliate links)

Also remember this guys, the ones that I got are software and products that I believe in and that I personally use for my business.

Since I’ve already found a solution to my problem, I can then refer them to what solved my problem – and literally earn from it!

So that’s it guys.

Those are my five tips that can make anyone, “anyone” from a NEWBIE ENTREPRENEUR to AN ADVANCED PERSON make extra money instantly.

Just following these five tips could literally save yourself thousands of dollars.

Take it easy guys!

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Mike Vestil is the author of the Lazy Man's Guide To Living The Good Life. He also has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers where he talks about personal development and personal finance.

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