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by Mike Vestil 

What Is Email Marketing And Its Benefits?

Email marketing is the act of sending marketing messages to large audiences. An effective e-marketing strategy can be very beneficial for your company if you manage to do it right.

E-marketing is one of the best ways to personally interact with consumers and show them how your brand or product can help them achieve their specific goals or solve particular problems you address.

Your message will reach specific, targeted groups of people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say. With the 4 C's of marketing in mind, e-marketing can be used to great effect. It's similar to direct mail, but certain disadvantages are eliminated thanks to the growing popularity of mobile devices and smartphones, which enable users to access their email accounts wherever they go.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits that email marketing can offer if done correctly so you can use it to the fullest. We will also provide you with some tips that will help you avoid potential pitfalls when using email marketing for your business.

The Many Benefits Of Email Marketing

Here are the many benefits that email marketing can provide for you and your business in no particular order.

Ability To Create Targeted And Personalized Content

In email marketing, your messages can be tailored to a specific group of people with the help of data that you've collected from them in the past. 

For example, suppose you have an e-commerce website where visitors add items to their virtual shopping cart but don't purchase. In that case, you can send them an email reminding them about their abandoned carts, which might encourage them to complete the transaction or at least start it.


Image Credit: http://optinmonster.com

With personalized content, relevant deals, and offers sent regularly over a specific time, you will establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers, who will be more likely to return to your website to make purchases. Segmenting your list and tailoring your offers for different subscribers will help you increase the overall response and conversion rates.

Build Up Your Relationship And Credibility With Your Audience

The average open rate for an email is around 18 percent, which means that you have an excellent chance to build a long-lasting relationship with people who are interested in what you have to say. 

It's essential to always give it your best when creating content for emails. If people’s first impression of your content were terrible (due to either having irrelevant offers, being too salesy, or producing low-quality content), they most likely wouldn't open your emails again, and you will lose out on potential customers.

There are many ways to create email marketing campaigns that build up your relationship with recipients. Constant improvement of such a relationship is essential for success. A/B testing of various factors such as subject lines, email copy, time of the day, etc., are some of the ways to increase click-through rate or revenue per email campaign.

Increase Your Brand Recognition

Your brand recognition is also constantly increasing if you keep sending out email messages regularly. Since email inboxes are usually flooded with emails from other people and companies, it's essential to make yours stand out by delivering exceptional value in the content you send.

Email marketing software will help you stay organized and track your email campaigns. It might be a good idea to test assigning separate days for sending out promotional emails, newsletters, and other types of content to avoid flooding inboxes with too many messages. With time, you’ll also get subscribers that will be waiting for specific types of emails on particular days.

Increase The Number Of Sales And Lifetime Value Of Your Customers

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and email marketing can help you increase their number.

Having your own business email list is a great way to keep in touch with your existing and potential customers. The more relevant content you send, the more value you provide to customers and the higher likelihood they have of purchasing.


Image Credit: http://productplan.com

When customers regularly receive offers in their inboxes, they will be more likely to visit your website or check out new products since they know that you frequently release recommendations that might suit their needs.

Increasing the lifetime value of a subscriber can be done by offering special deals and discounts, incentives, and valuable free content that will make people want to return to your website or buy from you again in the future.

Make The Most Out Of Your Budget And Time 

Once you understand how the process works, sending a marketing email is not as time-consuming as other digital marketing campaigns, such as social media marketing or SEO.

Besides that, it's also relatively cheap compared to other marketing tactics. The only costs are those associated with creating email content (which might involve time and/or money) and having email marketing software that manages your list of subscribers and allows you to communicate with these people.

You could also consider hiring a person or a team to take care of your email communication. Sometimes, it's always better to have people on board who are experts at what they do when it comes to this type of digital marketing. Outsourcing this area of your business is easy to do once someone understands your brand voice. 

Good quality content is essential if you want emails to be read by recipients instead of them just ignoring them or even worse, marking them as spam. This is what tends to happen to messages that do not contain relevant information.

Analyze The Right Metrics To See What Works

Email marketing metrics will tell you how effective your email marketing is and which strategies work best.

Your open rate reveals how many people have opened the email as opposed to totally ignoring it. It's measured as a percentage of emails that recipients saw.

The click-through rate tells you how many people click on a link in your email, which can show you the number of people that are interested in what you're promoting. 

The higher this number, the more valuable your email campaign is for making new sales and attracting new customers who will generate more revenue over time.


Image Credit: http://blog.aweber.com

You can track all of the above metrics (and more) to measure your email campaign's effectiveness and decide what changes need to be implemented so you can achieve better results next time.

Consider that it's not always easy for a business to come up with new and exciting content. One can’t just repeat old successful campaigns without making any changes - people will get tired of them quickly, and they won't want to buy anything from you again.

This is why keeping an eye on which emails had the highest success rate is crucial. Understanding this will allow you to model successful campaigns in the future. On the other hand, if a certain type of content isn’t doing well anymore, you might have to introduce something new and test that out.

This could include anything from blogging to video marketing, both of which are very popular among consumers today and provide another way by which you can add value to your followers.

Establish Authority In Your Niche

Authority with your target audience is crucial for effective email marketing because you need to show that you know what you're talking about and that your products or services will meet and fulfill customers’ needs.

Knowing what you're speaking about is great for credibility, but showing that you're an expert in your niche is even better.

For example, if you're running an eCommerce store, you want to show that you know more than your competitors. You can achieve expert status by interviewing industry leaders or sharing advice on your blog, website, videos, and even the emails that you send out.


Image Credit: http://elearningindustry.com

Answering your subscribers' most burning questions is another great way to establish authority because it shows them that you care about their problems and know how to help them.

Once they trust you, new customers will be more likely to buy the items on your website, and existing customers will constantly come back for more.

Periodic contests with valuable prizes can also help build a sense of community and familiarity among people who read your emails and take action on them, which will lead to more sales down the line.

No matter how many customers you have, doing the right things that help to keep increasing your authority is key. These methods are some of the best ways to make the most out of your marketing efforts and maintain excellent relationships with your customers.

Build Excitement For Upcoming Promotions

An email marketing campaign is a great way to promote promotions that are planned for launch later down the line. This creates excitement among your subscribers and makes sure they don't forget about your business and what you stand for.

You want to create a sense of urgency, so people take action as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any special offer. Depending on the type of promotion, you could offer discounted prices for a specific time, or even prizes that can only be won a specific number of times.

Telling your subscribers how upcoming products will benefit them is another way to convince them that they cannot miss out on the deal and build excitement for what is coming. This will give your subscribers a reason to act quickly and take advantage of your offer while it lasts.

However, keep in mind that whatever promotion you run should always be related to your business and should also provide the right type of value. If it doesn’t, there won't be any point in offering it at all.

In addition, make sure you do everything in your power to fulfill whatever it is that you're offering. If the promises that you make aren’t fulfilled, people will feel like they can't trust you and won't want to open your emails anymore.

Low Barrier To Entry

Compared to other forms of marketing, email has one of the lowest barriers to entry because it doesn't require significant investments in terms of time and money.

To get started, you simply need reliable email marketing software to send out your content, a mailing list(s) to contact, and a bit of creativity.

However, do keep the following warning in mind. With such a low barrier to entry, some businesses consider buying an email list that someone else has collected. This is a big mistake because if you do so, you won't be able to legally send emails to people who haven't given their consent.

Using an unethical method of collecting email addresses, such as buying one from a third-party provider, just isn't worth it. You’ll end up annoying those subscribers since they didn't sign up for your content. You might also end up on some blacklist which will make it even harder for your business to succeed in the long term when it comes to email marketing.

This means that building your own email list is the only way to go.

Email Automation Can Drive The Desired Actions

One way to make the most out of your marketing dollars is to use email automation workflows to increase your productivity. Automation marketing tools can execute tasks that you would have had to do by yourself otherwise.

The beauty of automation is that it will kick in at various stages in the customer journey. Customers are more likely to respond positively since the marketing material they will get will speak directly to them and the problems they’re facing at a particular point in time. 

The automation workflow will even take care of sending them appropriate follow-up messages depending on questions that they might choose to answer. This allows you to think about the bigger picture when running your business without having to focus on every little minute detail. You’ll also be able to get more data to create better products and services for your customers.


Image Credit: http://soffront.com

Email automation can help ensure nothing falls through the cracks because it will always send timely emails when appropriate -  whether it’s about making new sales or even reminding people to take action on a product they bought. 

This will significantly increase the quality of the relationship you have with your subscribers, which in turn, will further up the odds of them becoming repeat customers over time.

Almost Complete Control Over The Message That You Send

When you compare email marketing to other marketing channels, there are so many items that you have control over. These include:

  • the subject lines you use
  • the content of your marketing emails
  • the email designs that you use in your emails
  • the links you include in your emails
  • the timing of your marketing emails
  • the focus/topic of your email

Having an email marketing strategy to build loyal customers within your industry might be precisely what you need to achieve your business goals. Your marketing message can be easily controlled from beginning to end, so you won't have to worry about anything else getting in the way.

You can even use different email templates for each of your products or services to target specific groups of people interested in one type of product within your business, which will let you communicate with them more often and constantly provide value.

People Can Tell You When They're No Longer Interested

The unsubscribe link in your emails is great news for your business. When your subscribers want to opt-out of receiving your marketing emails, they can easily do it through the unsubscribe link, which means you'll receive fewer complaints, have a cleaner list, and pay less money for email marketing services.

People will also appreciate that you're giving them control over what information they receive, unlike other types of online marketing such as social media where they might feel like their privacy is being invaded by receiving more messages than they wanted to.

With email marketing, customers always have control over who gets to send them content. When someone is not the right fit for your business, they can remove themselves (or you can do it for them) which means that they won’t hear from you again.

This is great news for everyone involved since no party will be wasting their time and effort with a business relationship that doesn’t work for anyone.


Email marketing is one of the most valuable marketing tools available right now. It is not only beneficial for your customer's experience, but it will also benefit your business by increasing the number of sales that you make. 

You can send out automated marketing emails to specific groups of people based on what they were interested in when they first subscribed and at different points throughout their journey towards making a purchase.

All of these combined strategies mean that your business will be able to send out the best content in due time, which will improve your customer's relationship with your brand. You can (and should) also use personalized messages in each of the emails you send out, allowing you to increase the email open rates over time.

Ensure that you give your potential customers the best experience by using email marketing as part of your overall strategy to reach them. If they're open to receiving messages from you, then you have a tremendous relationship-building tool at your disposal that will get your business on its way towards the growth that it deserves.

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