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by Mike Vestil 

YouTube Tools To Maximize The Video Creation Process From A To Z

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YouTube is the largest video-sharing website on the internet, having around 720,000 hours of videos uploaded every day. As a content creator, YouTube can help you get your video content out to a broad audience, allowing you to share information in different contexts.

Whether starting your YouTube affiliate marketing journey or marketing and selling your products, YouTube can bring numerous benefits to your business.

Using the right tools will allow you to get in front of your target audience and share your message; the wrong ones will leave you pulling your hair out in frustration.

This article covers some of the best YouTube tools available, making it easier for content creators to find an audience for their videos. Let’s get right into it.

Why Starting A YouTube Channel Makes Sense

YouTube has a large number of users who watch videos repeatedly every day. A well-made video can go viral across the internet because many people share it, and as your views increase, so does your eventual revenue from advertisements.

In addition, you’re free to provide links in both your videos and video description, making it easy to get a user to leave YouTube and land on a website of your choice.

Using the various tools available, you can find an audience for your videos and present your content in front of them. Ranking in YouTube search results is vital to finding your audience, and getting views on your videos will build momentum in the number of viewers, watch time, and audience base.

Tools To Consider As A Content Creator

Let's look at some of the available tools to make it easier for content creators to create YouTube videos and ensure that they get seen.


Best For Beginners Who Are Just Starting To Learn Video Editing


Filmora is a video editor that makes it simple for novices to work with its features. It offers all the right editing tools and features, including transitions, screen recording, and text overlays.

Users have access to distinct effects and themes, allowing them to discover the ideal ones for their videos.

Once you finish editing your video, you can choose between converting your file into multiple output formats or uploading it directly to YouTube (or both).

Another feature worth mentioning is Filmora's capability to produce all kinds of 4K videos. This means users can take advantage of this tool even if they have 4K recording devices.

Compared to other free tools available for managing YouTube channels, Filmora offers many more noteworthy features that are easy to use.

Key Features

  • Add premade scene templates such as animated texts and titles
  • Create stop motion and time-lapse videos that you can upload directly to YouTube
  • Automatically back up your work to ensure nothing is lost
  • Add text to your video with a range of fonts, colors, and effects



There are three pricing plans available for Filmora, as follows:

Best For Creating The Best Screen Recording Possible


Camtasia uses the right combination of screen recording and video editing tools, allowing you to record and create professional-grade movies on Windows and Mac.

It's simple to get started with Camtasia. You don't need advanced video editing skills. Begin with the video you want to create and customize it with the tools at your disposal.

You may either use a pre-made template or go live to capture the proper footage for your video. You can then add some sound effects to your footage, making the process as easy as possible.

Camtasia includes all of the tools you'll need to produce a high-quality video, regardless of your level of expertise or experience.

Rendered videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube and a wide range of other platforms.

Key Features

  • Video tutorials show how to use the software to get started quickly
  • Create videos with high-quality images and texts
  • Add sound effects (including applause or laughter) to your video
  • Record yourself with a webcam as you talk about your products or services
  • Create explainer videos that pair with your website to increase conversions
  • Easily publish videos you've created on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Camtasia 2021 costs $299.99 per user license.

This includes the first year of maintenance in the price.


Best For Ensuring That People Want To See The Video Content You Create


TubeBuddy is a browser plugin and mobile app that works with YouTube to make it easier to manage your channel. Let TubeBuddy take you from novice to professional in no time.

Tubebuddy is a tool designed with both YouTubers and viewers in mind. It helps content creators have the best experience possible while also delivering high-quality videos to their audiences.

It can help you discover high-performing, searchable video topics and create the ideal titles and tags for them.

TubeBuddy's collection of time-saving templates and solutions can help you get up and running rapidly by cutting down on time it takes to publish.

With that in mind, TubeBuddy has a suite of tools to help improve your YouTube channel and make it more effective.

Key Features

  • Use various tools to help you promote your videos across the internet and utilize your existing content to attract visitors to new uploads.
  • Use the thumbnail tester to have TubeBuddy give you the answer about the better performing thumbnail, making A/B Testing simplified.
  • Determine what titles and tags work best with existing content or new uploads.
  • Never feel lost when it comes to the type of content you should be creating.

There are three pricing plans available for TubeBuddy:


Best For Boosting Your YouTube Views


Designed to improve the number of views your videos receive on YouTube, VidIQ has numerous features that can help you take your video marketing to the next level.

Get free assistance and advice to expand your YouTube channel and help grow your audience.

VidIQ collaborates with other YouTube tools and services to integrate seamlessly with them, maximizing the value you receive and making it easier than ever for you to find success on YouTube.

Artificial intelligence can help you find your next big video concept to create, helping you to build your brand faster than ever before.

Giving you the power to understand what's working for your channel, VidIQ can provide insights on the performance of your existing content.

Finally, keep track of and compare your progress in real-time, so you never miss out on another chance to increase your views and earn money from your videos.

Key Features

  • Discover your next big shot video idea and watch it go viral
  • See how viewers interact with your videos in real-time to help you optimize content for maximum impact
  • Boost channel rankings on YouTube by improving the quality of your videos and optimizing their performance across various devices
  • Get keyword, title, and description suggestions that can help you improve your views and subscribers
  • With artificial intelligence in VidIQ, you can cut hours of research and planning your video creation process
  • Using the View Prediction tool, you may focus your work and examine what might be the predicted results for each video you create

Apart from its free plan, VidIQ has three pricing plans available, based on your specific needs:


Best For Finding Video Keywords That Will Rank In YouTube Search Results


Get measurable results from your video efforts using SEMrush. This tool helps you understand which keywords will drive your success on YouTube, which competitors are worth targeting, and how to improve your search engine optimization.

SEMrush delivers the most comprehensive analysis of any other tool available when it comes to determining how well you're doing regarding organic traffic from Google or YouTube, to your videos.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, and competitive analysis can be done for your YouTube campaigns, ensuring that you're able to learn more and improve your video efforts along the way.

Key Features

  • Create the most successful social media campaign you've ever done
  • Create and publish content on social media at convenient times
  • Analyze and compare competitors' accounts to see how they are doing, who they are targeting, and the type of content they are creating
  • SEMrush helps you understand how to reach more people on YouTube - by giving you insights more about which types of videos attract the most views and subscribers, you’ll be able to level up your video marketing

SemRush comes with the following pricing plans:


Best For Creating YouTube Thumbnails That Pop


Get a head start on bringing your most incredible ideas and efforts to life in your videos by using Canva. With several templates, images, and premium content to select from, you'll be well-equipped to bring your best work to reality.

Invite your friends to collaborate on projects with you or let Canva handle brand assets and scale your visual content for you.

All of this is done without relying on expensive, confusing software that may require costly updates or bug fixes.

Whether you're creating YouTube thumbnails or content for your actual videos, Canva offers a convenient way to make it happen.

Key Features

  • You may quickly produce images that explain a topic, illustrate a procedure, or exhibit your product using the right tools from the Canva dashboard
  • With Canva's video editor, you may choose from several ready-made templates, each of which is professionally designed to help your video stand out
  • Trim videos to the best YouTube shorts possible. In addition, you can also trim videos for platforms such as TikTok or even  Instagram Reels
  • Create YouTube Thumbnails that help your videos pop and stand out from the competition

With a free-forever option and a free trial on their Pro version, Canva offers the following pricing plans:


Best For Planning Out A YouTube Video Campaign


Hootsuite is an excellent tool for managing all of your YouTube channels. You may use Hootsuite to stay on top of your social media presence and make the most out of it.

Save time by submitting your material to all your YouTube channels simultaneously. You can automatically schedule your content and review postings in a simple calendar view.

Produce quality content with the help of the Hootsuite dashboard, which lets you monitor hashtags, topics, keywords, and competitors.

Monitor all your YouTube channels (and other social media profiles) in one place to save time with Hootsuite Pro. You may also quickly respond to questions or comments for all of your accounts at once.

If you want to keep track of the most recent social discussions, trends, and brand mentions, Hootsuite is a great choice.

Key Features

  • Find out what works and what doesn't with monthly analytics
  • Manage all of your YouTube channels in one place
  • Collaborate as a team to understand your YouTube results
  • Measure your success with visual reports and graphs

With four pricing plans, HootSuite's plans are as follows:

Premium Beat

Best For Finding The Right Music To Go With Your YouTube Videos


Premium Beat provides high-quality, royalty-free music to enhance your video projects.

You'll find thousands of tunes on Premium Beat to choose from, with all styles and moods available for you to select from. Whether you're looking for upbeat tracks or more mellow ones, you may find the right choice on Premium Beat.

Every composition is not only affordable but also free from copyright restrictions. You may use the music for commercial purposes without legal issues while avoiding licensing fees.

A curated collection of royalty-free music provides the polished feel of major recording companies in your videos.

Key Features

  • All the music on this site is unique and free of copyright restrictions
  • Exclusive music is available, allowing you to enhance your projects
  • Everything is guaranteed to be copyright-free with safe music for YouTube and Vimeo



Premium Beat's pricing plan is as follows:

The Benefits Of Using YouTube Tools

The right YouTube video can put your brand or business on the map. The great news is that you don't need to be an expert filmmaker—with the right tools, you can make sure that your message is heard.

This is why YouTube creators search for software that will help them create better videos. They use such tools to ensure that the content they create is in demand. They also need tools to edit their videos, add sound effects or change color and brightness.

With so many tools available, the benefits that such YouTuBe tools can bring are many. Let's have a look at some of them.

You Can Make Your Videos More Professional

As a YouTube creator, you know that the quality of your video is crucial for success on this platform. Many people are watching videos these days, which means more competition than ever before. People will usually click away if the sound is out of sync or a video has many spots with insufficient light.

That is why you need tools to help you create better videos. With them, you'll be able to edit your footage so it looks smooth and professional. You can also add different effects, whether it's music or text that pops up over an image, highlighting important points. 

YouTube users are interested in how your video looks. That is why you should always try to make it look as professional as possible.

If it doesn't speak to them from the very first second, they won't be willing to watch until the end.

Your viewers aren't necessarily just looking for information; they also want entertainment. YouTube creators are aware of this and know that the right tools can help make their videos that much more watchable.

YouTube Marketing Tools Allow You To Monitor Your Progress

These days, businesses understand how important it is to monitor their performance on social media and everything else. YouTube users often look for helpful information about a product or service, but they also want something interesting.

If you can become that source of entertainment, you're likely to succeed on the platform and with your viewers.

The most effective way of doing this is to keep track of all your metrics. That includes the number of clicks on every video and where most people come from (your channel or other sources.) You can even use these tools to compare yourself with other media to know what content works best with your audience. This allows you to improve your performance and eventually turn YouTube into a marketing machine.

Increase Your Earnings With YouTube Tools

As a business owner, you know that marketing is essential to make more money. Whether you run a small company or work on your own, one of the best ways to increase your earnings is through social media channels like YouTube.

For videos that get millions of views, YouTube allows you to monetize your videos, earning you an income for work that you only had to do once.

In fact, there are various ways you can make $100 a day on YouTube with your videos.

Monitor Your Channel And Video Performance

The best YouTube tools allow you to monitor your channel's performance at all times. This is crucial if you're looking for a way to keep track of everything that happens on your page and improve it.

You can find out where most of your viewers come from, their genders, what they might be interested in, and even how long they watch one video before clicking away. This allows you to adjust the content you upload to meet their expectations and make better videos overall. You'll also know when to produce more videos since you'll be aware of how many views each gets; this will allow you to create a proper schedule around those numbers. 

With many tools having a free browser extension or even an app, you can track your videos wherever you are. This is extremely useful if you want to receive notifications about new milestones that you hit, ensuring that you’re also in control of what’s happening.

Grow Your YouTube Channel

Having video ideas isn't enough to grow your channel and stand out from the crowd.

You'll need to know how to optimize it, and that's where YouTube tools can help you. Whether you're looking for a way to keep track of your metrics or increase the likelihood of people subscribing, it's all possible with straightforward processes.

Unlike most marketing strategies, videos don't require much money to work; just open the camera app on your home and start shooting. This will allow you to make videos on a budget without worrying about a long process to get started growing your channel.

Make Your Channel Your Own

Your YouTube audience is unique, and this is why it's so important to cater specifically to their tastes.

If, for example, they're primarily interested in videos related to the latest news, you'll need to upload content that interests them; don't try uploading gameplay videos if your subscribers are looking for something else.

Likewise, popular YouTube tools allow you to see which of your videos are most successful and get the most interaction. This means you can focus on those particular videos and identify the elements that make them successful within your channel.

The best part about these tools is how easy they are to use; there's no complicated "geeky" knowledge required whatsoever.

Speaking about something unique to your channel, YouTube channel art is another example of something you can make your own with the help of tools like these. There are many ways your channel art can influence your audience and make them more likely to watch the videos you’re uploading.

In addition, video thumbnails can be a significant factor in attracting new viewers and increasing your brand visibility.

The right YouTube tool is designed to simplify the entire YouTube channel creation process.

Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts

The right YouTube marketing tool will allow you to manage multiple accounts at once.

Businesses and other organizations often use YouTube to promote their products or services. However, if you only have one account, managing several videos in similar, yet different, niches is hard.

This means that having multiple channels or accounts will make the process much easier for you.

You can optimize your videos on various channels with little effort, even if they're on entirely different topics; this is very helpful for gaining more views and subscribers to your business. 

The great news about using YouTube tools to manage multiple accounts is that many tools offer both a free version and a paid one. This allows you to test the convenience and ease of use of a tool before going for one or another.

The Importance Of YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is one of the essential pieces of software that you should be using when you create content on YouTube.

It can show you the most critical analytics for making your videos more popular. This tool can help you make the right decisions about whether or not to upload a video, delete current ones, optimize them, or even make basic edits to your videos.

YouTube Studio's user interface is designed to simplify your life since you don't have to go through tens of dashboards to find out which videos are doing well. Instead, all the information is laid out in front of you in an easy-to-understand format.


The best YouTube marketing tools are designed to save you time and access essential information when creating your video content. They're also helpful when promoting products, services, brands, and even yourself.

If you want to keep up with the times and be in touch with your audience, then you need a good YouTube marketing tool that offers easy-to-use analytics and provides suggestions about what needs to be done next. 

With the quality of the information provided being improved, YouTube tools are crucial if you want to stand the best chance of finding success on this video marketing platform.

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