college is a scam

Why The College Education System Is A Scam

Is college a scam? Here’s the truth.

You’ve been straight up lied to.

And if you’re not living the life that you want.. it might not even be you’re fault.

Here’s what I mean.

Before I became the ratchet person you see on YouTube..

I was told that the only way to become successful in life was to be a doctor dentist lawyer or a nurse.

(Or disowned since I had super Asian parents lol but more on that later on)

So there I was..

A little kid with big dreams.

But college, my parents, and the education system had a different plan for me

Every single time I spoke up they told me to be quiet..

Every single time I stood up they told me to sit down..

And what was once a free happy go lucky kid became a robotic drone stuck on the assembly system that pumps out perfect employees.

But here is the thing..

Einstein once said,

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will go through its entire life thinking it is stupid”

So instead of following the path that was designed for me to lose I decided to take back control of my life, here’s what I did.

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