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by Mike Vestil 


Passive income is cool. Making as much as you used to make in an entire month in a single day is even better.

But was it easy?

Hell no.

It required a lot of time, preparation, and sweat equity to make the vision that I had in my head become a reality.

Find out how you can start generating massive passive income online in today’s video.

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How’s it going, my fellow freedom fighters?

Today, we’re going to go over the HIDDEN POWER of passive income.

Before I tell you that, let me share one of the coolest things that happened to me recently.

This weekend was extremely fun. .

I’ve met up with a fellow digital nomad. A Hungarian vlogger where we decided to go to this place called the Sticky Waterfalls.

The entire journey was extremely fun and serene. It’s a kind of place where you can allow yourself to just be present in the moment.

And the coolest thing about the entire trip around Chiang Mai is the fact that you can just go and take your moped or scooter to any directions.

It feels as if there’s adventure anywhere around the corner!

Or you can even take a flight down to the islands for a very cheap price like around $60-$70 one way. By then you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

But for this specific adventure, we decided to take our moped to the Sticky Waterfalls where it actually took around an hour long ride to get there.

While I was hanging out and just relaxing the entire day…

I began to realize how grateful I am to see myself just enjoying the benefits of passive income.

I’m able to earn the monthly income that I used to make back in my job and make that IN JUST A SINGLE DAY!

And that’s without working as much as I did without putting as much time and effort in trading the hours of my life for dollar bills!

Which is why I decided to make the video above and this blog to show you THE REAL POWER OF PASSIVE INCOME.

And in order for you to get to that point, there are THREE THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO MASTER so you can start attaining an extra level of passive income.

When you do, you could do whatever the hell you want!

You can go wherever you want, or maybe you just wanna have more time with your family and friends.

Finding out a way to increase an extra source of income coming in on a passive level can help any person even if it’s not that much.

Let’s say it’s just an extra $500 a month…

Think about it guys, what would an extra $500 a month do for you, your family, or your business. Or even just for the fact that it pays the bills.

So what you need to master are these THREE THINGS:

  1. Creating Traffic
  2. Capturing Leads
  3. Converting Sales

If you master that, you could create passive income in any business whatsoever.

Now I’m going to break that down into specific ways in either dropshipping, in Youtube, or in blogging.

Since a lot of you guys are dropshippers, let’s talk about dropshipping and how to turn that into passive income.


The first part is all about creating traffic.

And the beautiful thing is if you’re using Facebook Ads over Instagram influencers, then that does all the work for you.

You have Facebook, the largest advertising platform in the world right now with billions of users. You’re now in a position where you can put your product in front of the buyer that’s already looking for that product.

And once you start advertising, the traffic and these eyeballs will start to see your offers.

The thing about this, is you can just spend 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to analyze your data results. And then another on lunchtime or maybe a little bit at dinner time.

But over all, Facebook is doing the hard work for you.

It’s going out there and finding more customers for you while you just sit back and relax and analyze the data.


For many stores, you’ll see random pop-ups that ask people to opt-in for like 20% discount.

There are certain apps where you can even win prizes if you put in your email address.

But another way that you can capture leads is by ACTIVATING YOUR FACEBOOK PIXEL.

Now for those who don’t know about Facebook pixel in dropshipping, here it is…

What happens is Facebook gives you a line of code where you put on your website. So whenever visitors lands into your webpage. .

Facebook can now access and analyze every actions that visitors do when browsing through your site.

Through that process, you can now target the right customers whenever you want to advertise a new product.

And guess what?

You could even retarget those same customers for the rest of their lives whenever needed. And of course you could do that if you know how to set it up in Facebook Ads Manager.

So finding a way to capture leads is either taking in customers by offering them a discount or just getting their Facebook pixel so you can target the right audience.

That’s also another way to increase your passive income in dropshipping.


There are many ways that converts sales.

You could do any or ALL of the following:

  • Countdown timers
  • Limit-time offer deals
  • Showing scarcity of the products left

Those are some of the really good ways that can help convert sales.

But ON TOP OF THAT IS EMAIL MARKETING that you should have on the back end after a particular sale is already done.

Which is why you should set up an email autoresponder. I, for example, use Klaviyo.

So every single day after the customers purchase, we send them relevant offers as well as content TO INCREASE THEIR ENGAGEMENT and their GOODWILL WITH THE BRAND.

That in return, increases the sales.

Once that is set, it’s literally set and forget. And that’s extra money that most amateur entrepreneurs are not doing in the back end.

So that’s basically what it is for dropshipping and making a passive income. It’s all about MASTERY of those 3 THINGS.

To enumerate:

  • You have to master Facebook Ads and having Facebook do the hard work in creating traffic.
  • You have to capture leads be it in email opt-ins or just retargeting them from your Facebook pixel.
  • And you have to master converting sales on the front end with countdown timers, limit-time offer deals, or scarcity reasons. Then at the back end with the email marketing follow ups with the use of an email autoresponder.


Now let’s talk about blogging and YouTube.

You’re probably now seeing a bunch of channels coming up and talking about Shopify and dropshipping and stuff like that. And you might be wondering why a lot of people are getting success while everyone is teaching it.

I’m gonna be straight up honest. .

The reason why people are teaching you these concepts is because it’s the exact same thing: IT INCREASES THEIR PASSIVE INCOME.

It’s really good for you guys.. Because now, everyone just wants to give you the best information possible so that you will like and trust them on the process.

So eventually or later on you can buy their books, their products, or their services.

Now how these channels actually make me an excellent source of passive income on the side is by those 3 things.

It’s literally the exact same thing.

BLOGGING + YOUTUBE: Creates Traffic

When everyone sees viral videos on the side, then there comes a bunch of social engagement. And whenever there’s a clickbaity title, and you go out to watch it out of the value you get from it. .

What happens is, YouTube starts promoting that content.

Now if you want to take it even seriously, you could extend that to other different traffic sources. For example, I run Facebook ads. I have a decent size following me on Instagram that people are constantly clicking on.

On top of that, I have several blog posts that are ranking on Google.

So now automatically, every single time I make a piece of content like the video I made in this blog. .

That video will survive the ends of time. The fact that this content is relevant and a lot of people always want to make passive income. .

This way, people will always want to learn and consume more information from me.

So what happens is, more and more people focuses on the Mike Vestil brand and mikevestil.com site. And more & more people will come in from Instagram, from Google, from Facebook, or from Pinterest.

What’s going to happen is there’s going to be a constant flow of traffic to my product, services, and offers.

That’s when I actually capture the leads.

BLOGGING + YOUTUBE: Captures Leads

Now if you could see in my businesses on how it works, there are multiple lead magnets where I get the email addresses.

That’s so I could start converting sales in the back end.

If you go over my blogs, just visit around because it’s filled with so much value. You’re going to see that it keeps people hooked because they’re constantly learning.

They’re getting value and entertainment at the same time by the cool stories and what not.

What happens is after every single blog post, you can actually download a FREE e-book that I offer. Immediately after doing so, I give them the e-book in exchange for their email addresses.

There’s also various other methods..

I have like a webinar that goes on and it also converts sales for me and capture leads and get that email address.

That’s so my email marketing follow-up sequence in the back end starts closing the deal for my products, my offers, and my courses.

So in conclusion, that’s how you capture the leads. It’s by offering a LEAD or a piece of BAIT. Something that could help people with their initial problem.

BLOGGING + YOUTUBE: Converts Sales

You’re probably wondering how does it convert sales in the back end while I’m hanging around & just binge traveling.

It’s because I took the time to set up the sales funnels a long time ago. That helped me set up the structure to make sales and convert the sales or the visitors into buyers passively.

And how I do that is by three things:

  1. By webinars
  2. By tutorials
  3. And by E-mail Marketing Follow-up Sequences


If you see the funnels that I’ve built, they either lead to a webinar or an affiliate webinar. So whenever people buy from those products, I would get commission from that.

(But of course, at no added cost to you…)


If you see in my blog posts, everything is at its most detailed especially when it comes to making money online while traveling.

As you can see on those posts, I’m literally teaching people how to create their own blog and how to make money from that blog.

I give people the complete guide on how to do so which leads me to this second thing other than webinar that converts sales.

If you’re in affiliate marketing, the most natural thing for someone to buy is teaching them the “how-to’s.”

How to use that particular product, the service, or the software in use. Now, If you could utilize that in your affiliate marketing, sales will come naturally.


This is another way to convert your sales even more.

If you go over to my mikevestil.com site and you click on Start Here, click on How to Make $1,000/DAY with Affiliate Marketing with 100% FREE Traffic.

It goes through the entire processes on how I’m using email marketing sequences to really create the passive income on the back end.

I have an autoresponder sequence that once people opt-in, I send them emails for the next 14 days of content and value.. And then asking for the sale after I’ve built trust with that audience.

If you want to check more about this, make sure you check the through that link above. It’s literally an hour long filled with so much stuff.

So what I actually use for my email autoresponder sequence is right here: Create Your Email Autoresponder with GetResponse.

Make sure to check it out!

And that’s really it guys. . The hidden power of passive income.

If you focus on these three things, on Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads, and Converting Sales with either dropshipping or with your YouTube/Blogging brand. .

What’s going to happen is you’re going to end up having the ability not this week, not next month, not even next year.

But eventually you will be able to have the ability to make this same amount of money you’re making in a month in a single day.

Will it be hard?

Hell, YES!

It’s going to be freaking hard, but it will be worth it. Absolutely!

What you don’t understand is a lot of entrepreneurs are lazy. They want passive income but they mistook it for lazy income.

They think passive income is stupid income, but in honesty, you need to put in TIME and EFFORT. And you need to be willing to do more work than the next person.


So now, you’re probably wondering what separates Mike Vestil brand from every other brands…

Well, this is how I separate myself. .

For example, I don’t really depend on YouTube’s traffic. I have things like my Instagram, Pinterest, Social Sharing, or Facebook Ads.

I have things like every webinars that are constantly doing it while everyone are focusing on taking over YouTube.

I’ve thought of what would separate me from the next person when everyone masters on YouTube channels. So I’ve built myself a blog that can congregate all the information so you can access it easily, learn from it, and take action. .

I have an email autoresponder sequence. A lot of people don’t have that set in place. I have every webinars that are constantly making sales for me on a daily basis.

So that’s what you guys need to understand.

When you get into passive income, you need to understand that there is an infrastructure that you need to create.

Now, if you focus on those three things I’ve mentioned above. . then you could start living that life that you just at one point envisioned. Do read our earning disclaimer as well. 

And all it takes is ACTION, IMPLEMENTATION, and UNDERSTANDING that a year from now. .

Your life could look completely different!

And if you really need help with that, I have literally created a FREE Financial Resources right here.

There’s no opt-in, guys. I’m literally giving you value because I know later on eventually, when you fall in love with my stories. . when you fall in love my brand and with me giving value..

Eventually, you’ll give me your email address where I could sell you stuff in the back end.

It’s these FREE Financial Freedom Resources that help you guys understand my entire journey and how I was able to do so. And you could kinda finally see how it all works for me from my back end.

So guys hopefully that helps, make sure you comment below!

Take it easy my fellow freedom fighters!

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