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by Mike Vestil 

Why Drop Shipping Is Dying In 2018

I’ve been drop shipping since I was 18 years old..

So yes as an original gangster dropshipper, I have seen it all.

And with so many people claiming the death of Shopify and the drop shipping apocalypse that many beginners are facing..

I have decided to reveal the truth about drop shipping, and why it will die in 2018.

Find out how to protect yourself in this new video.

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Let me begin by actually telling you the entire story behind this.

Find out why dropshipping is dying in 2018

I’ve been dropshipping since I was 18 years old.

I’m 24 and a half years old right now.

So if you think if I’ve survived dropshipping and online marketing since I was 18 years old . . (that’s 6 years basically)

Then that’s literally how much I’ve matured in terms of online business and entrepreneurial mindset in general. I’ve seen a lot of business models come and go.

And one of the biggest successes in my career was knowing beforehand when something is about to go up or down in the trend.

I’ve discovered how things are actually about to go popular or if things are slowly declining.

Like I said before, I had a good start with dropshipping because there was less competition.

However, since the dropshipping platform has a very low barrier of entry, anyone can do it. Ever since people keep coming in the platform, the trend started to go down.

As a result, my profits went from $3 per unit to $1 per unit. Worse! It became as low as 25 cents per unit. But it was fine because I still got travel rewards which I kept on using to pay for all my travels.

My revenue when I was 18 was around $40,000 a month, but I was only pulling in one to two thousand dollars per month.

It was insane!

But because of the fact that I was aware of the different trends, I was able to understand when to actually pivot. And that’s when I pivoted from that platform to Amazon FBA.

But then, guess what happened?

Everyone started taking my listing when I began selling like grill gloves on Amazon.

So I told myself I just can’t successfully keep on slaying in business while everyone could just easily hijack my listing.

It was between year 2014-2015 when no one was really doing Facebook Ads with ebay and Amazon FBA when I started adapting it.

I was literally one of the first people to actually start dropshipping using Facebook Ads before you see all of those Shopify gurus on YouTube.

And it was pretty amazing . .

I took a winning product that I had on Amazon FBA or on eBay, and I started running Facebook Ads to it on my own Shopify store.

It’s crazy guys! My business scaled from 0 to $100 a day!

The following week, it even went up to $1,000 a day.

I remember back in Christmas where it even reached up to $10,000 per day.


It’s been a couple years now that people have been dropshipping mostly from Aliexpress.

What’s happening is  that, the consumers that are buying things through Facebook Ads are now adapting.

People’s awareness are now advancing.

What I mean by that is, when they buy from a crappy website…

They think that it’s more likely coming from China. And these people are learning from their experience.

Now, as more entrepreneurs start dropshipping from Aliexpress, DROPSHIPPING WILL BEGIN TO DIE.

And it’s not the regular dropshipping.

Dropshipping will always be around especially for these multi-billion dollar companies who are as intact as they are right now.

It’s the fact that it’s these crappy people that provides their customers a very long waiting/delivery time that actually increases the chances for dropshipping to die sooner.


We, as entrepreneurs, begin to innovate ways to prevent this from happening.

I have friends that have family members that literally left their six-figure jobs so they could dropship on Aliexpress.

But if you’re just depending on this, you’re literally building your business foundation on sand.

So this is how you fix and innovate your business:


The first thing you want to do is to start focusing on building a brand.

It’s not like 2015 where you could just have a crappy ass theme and then just put on some products.

It was so easy back in the day because you don’t need to put an image on the header cover or over the homepage.

You can just screenshot a product and then put it on your website, start running some ads to it and then BAM! You’d be making $100 to $300 a day.

Guys,  it’s no longer the case in 2018.


Instead of taking a screenshot from the manufacturers . .

Have them send the items to your doorstep.

Some of the times, they’ll even send it to you for FREE!

So here’s what you can do…

Make your own videos and your own photos out of the physical product.

Believe it or not, some of my biggest winning products were the products that I literally had shipped to my house. We made few videos using our iPhones.

I literally had my little sister hold the product while I took a photo of them.

I’m telling you guys, it really did well!


The problem with other entrepreneurs is, when they start making money, they become too excited to spend it.

When you start scaling, instead of spending your money, reinvest it back into your business.

How I did it was by hiring a team of video people from Hawaii to actually make really cool videos.

And if you’re part of the accelerator family (my five-week intensive training academy), you’ve probably seen the exact same video ads that I’ve done.


You need to start realizing that it’s not about you all the time.


With amazon.com innovating, like the 2-days shipping and their growing user experience, you need to start figuring out HOW YOU CAN MAKE THE USER EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER.

I’m telling this right now…

If you’re able to do these four things, then you can survive the next Facebook/Aliexpress apocalypse!

So that YOU can actually live your life of abundance.

And that’s all this is about guys.

It’s about building your business foundation on a concrete ground that will last 10 to 30 years that will even pay for your future family bills.

That’s what we’re all about here at mikevestil.com.

So hopefully this helps guys!

I’ll see you on my next blog.

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