Why “Finding A Niche” Is DUMB Business Advice

Finding a niche is a dumb business advice.

And that is because you have picked a niche and cornered yourself in a way that’s keeping you broke.

It’s keeping you in a huge competition and preventing you from getting to the next level!

And the only way to counter that is what we’re gonna talk about in today’s video.

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Today, I’m gonna talk about a concept that’s going to change your business.

That is known as the Red Ocean and the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Most business owners who are just getting started in business who wants to get out into the marketplace. .

They immediately get this advice: PICK A NICHE.

Now all of a sudden, the moment you pick a niche, you’re actually shooting yourself in the foot because now, you are competing in the marketplace!

What happens is, you’re destined to have a lower profit margins.

You’re destined to have more competition..

You’re destined to have a business that won’t survive in the next three to five years.

This probably doesn’t sound as appealing, right?

Then that’s where the Blue Ocean Strategy comes in.

The blue ocean is when you go into uncontested territories where you make your competition irrelevant.

Instead of competing for demand, you go out there and create and capture a new demand.

This is what separates the million and billion dollar companies with the people that are just struggling to make six figures.

It’s because the blue ocean companies find that there is a gap in the marketplace and they realize that they need to create and capture new value in form of the new demand.

Cirque du Soleil and Apple

Now, let’s talk about the following example..

Consider the companies like Cirque du Soleil and Apple.

How many of you guys know who they are compared to all the other computer businesses or the circus businesses that ended up failing?

For example..

When Cirque du Soleil got in the business, they saw the existing marketplace.

It was a “Red Ocean.” That means, everyone was competing for price.

Everyone was competing on this circus game and the prices were just going down. The competition was literally insane!

And they had to then build a business based off of the existing market constrain.

Now, guess what happened?

If Cirque du Soleil continued using that model, they would never been around up to this day.

They never would have made hundreds and millions of dollars had they not tried to transcend from a red ocean to a blue ocean strategy.

Now what did they do?


When everyone was charging low, they started charging very high.

When everyone was trying to serve the families or ones with kids, they started communicating to the business owners, to the professionals, to the people that’s almost like the opera and want something different than the opera.

They literally combined the opera niche with the circus niche and created their own niche.

Now to this day, they’re still in uncontested waters.


And they’re continually growing year after year up to the point of actually securing their brand in the marketplace.

Then you have Apple.

Can you imagine if Steve Jobs go to Microsoft like “I’m gonna go copy Microsoft” or “Oh, I’m gonna go copy Dell”.

Can you imagine?

If that was a case, we wouldn’t have Apple.

We wouldn’t have Macbooks and iPhones.

Apple would have never been one of the most well known brands in the history of brands!



Even to this day, long after Steve Jobs is gone..

Because of the fact of that mentality of creating a blue ocean (not competing but instead serving their client), they have uncontested waters up to this day!


Right now, you’re in your business and perhaps you are competing.

Maybe your profit margins are going down and you have no idea how to distinguish yourself from all of the competitions around you.

Well, that’s because you have picked a niche.

You have literally cornered yourself in a way that is keeping you broke, that is keeping you in a huge competition, and that’s preventing you from getting to the next level.

The only way that you could transcend that is by moving from the red ocean to the blue ocean.

Now let me show you exactly how I did it in my business and how you can apply them to yours, too!


A red ocean is like a shark-infested waters.

Imagine if you’re a new baby shark and you go into this ocean and it’s filled with other sharks as well. .

And I put in like ten pieces of fish..

What is the probability that you are going to be able to survive if there’s only ten pieces of fish and the rest with you are just full-grown sharks in the ocean?

Most likely, you’re gonna die.

And even if you do, you’re actually gonna get eaten up by the bigger sharks sooner or later!

That’s like what most businesses are.

They pick a niche, and then guess what?

Their business ends up dying.

They can’t survive.

They ran out of cash flow.

They have no idea how to sell their products or services because they’re in a red ocean.

Now, if you’re in a red ocean, what I would recommend you to do is to find a way to get into a blue ocean.


It’s finding out that competition is irrelevant because you’re creating the aim of the game.

You’re creating the rules of the game.



Hand pick high quality clients who gives you the least headache..

One who gives you the most money for the least amount of time and effort!

That’s exactly what I did.

I looked at my existing audience and I ended up firing all of the lazy procrastinators that did not care about adding value..

That did not care about raising their consciousness.

They did not care about making the world a better place and instead wanted to take away.

These are the types of people with a scarcity mentality.

They’re like, ‘well, I just want to create a business. I’m gonna sell people things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.. and I’m just gonna take their money and run away and I’m not gonna answer customer services.’

At some point, it could also be a reflection of myself. I was in a low vibrational state.

I was always in scarcity where I used to say things like, ‘I just need to make money now.. What’s the best way to make money? Maybe, I can target those get-rich-quick people’.

What actually happened was, I was attracting people that were just like me whichI didn’t like.

I hated it and it wasn’t until I realized I was in a red ocean.

Think about it..

The moment you’re in a red ocean is when everyone is copying each other.

If I was new and I wanted to make money online, I wouldn’t know what to do because everyone is copying each other. People are using the exact same titles.

They’re using the exact same freaking images and information and it’s just some regurgitated BS of people that don’t really know what they’re doing because at the end of the day, they’re just all copying each other when no one else knows what they’re doing!

So what did I end up doing?

How did I find a way where I no longer wanted to compete?

Here’s what I did..

I identified my highest quality client that I wanted to serve.

I asked myself who are the people that I wanted to serve.

I wanted to serve the people who love what they do, that are in alignment with their purpose and know exactly what it is that they wanted to do but they just suck at sales and marketing.


I wanted to create a community and a tribe of people who RESONATE AT THE SAME FREQUENCY where we understand that the only way to make money in this world is to add value..

To actually detach yourself from the goal of making money, and instead attaching that goal to what it is that you are passionate about.


Because the only way that you can make long-term income is you need to be INSANELY PASSIONATE about what you do.

Steve Jobs talked about it every single time when he was alive..

“You need to love what you do.”

The moment there is a disconnection and you are no longer aligned, I don’t care how much money you make.


It will not survive the next three to five years and you’re gonna be hating yourself and then hating your business.

There’s gonna be moments in your life, five ten years down the road, where you’re gonna realize that you’ve got good at the wrong thing!

Imagine that at the end of your life, right before you die, surrounded by the people around you.

Before you close your eyes to forever..

You’re surrounded by all the dreams, goals, and aspirations that you gave up because you were willing and able to just get comfortable, because the money that you’re making at the time was just okay.

You never created an impact.


You never helped your family to the utmost extent.

And you never reached your full potential!

The moment I understand and identified my ideal client was the moment I started firing all my crappy clients.

If you look at my YouTube videos, you see how polarizing I’ve been.

I don’t really care much about the procrastinators and instead when most people look, like, comment and subscribe..

I’m telling you, if you’re a procrastinator and you’re watching my YouTube videos..

If you’re lazy, do not like, do not comment, and do not subscribe.

If anything, get the hell out of my channel and unsubscribe. I wish you the best of luck!

But for the people that actually are good at what they do and they care about serving their clients. .

They realize that life is so short and they need to focus on doing what it is that they were put on this earth to do..

Those are the people who I want to welcome in my channel and my blog site. And like I said, I’m not going to put up with lazy procrastinators any-frickin-more.

The most annoying ones are the ones who get into your programs.

They get results..

And then they ask for a refund.

Literally guys, I’m done with that.

That’s why I killed all of my courses and I only deal with high-end clients now.

People that I could actually fully help, serve and also become friends with, and travel around the world with.

It’s just amazing!

The clients that I’ve been getting right now, they’re no longer the make-money-a-lot people, they’re no longer the broke people.

They’re the people who are actually making a difference in their lives.

For example, Brett, helping women with their abusive relationships.

Or Nikko, helping the masculine men get to the next level..

Or other people who we helped in the accounting niche gets into a point where they are no longer competing against other accountants and creating these authority brands.

But they’re gonna create 10-40 million dollar a year businesses.

These are the business owners who I want to deal with, not people who just want to make money online or get-rich-quick, but existing business owners that are actively doing something which I found that a lot of them just suck at sales and marketing, which is where I come in.


Fire those crappy customers and at the same time, communicate your branding to the highest quality customer.

People try selling everything to anybody and because of that, they sell nothing to nobody.

And it’s because they’re in the scarcity mindset that they never transcend to the next level.

They’re being like the Microsoft, the Dell and the circuses when they should be like the Cirque du Soleils and the Apples of the world!

That’s what you need to do if you are in a business and you are struggling.


Stop competing.

Stop looking at other YouTube videos and asking, ‘oh how can I model this YouTube video?’

And instead, reach out to your existing customers, your VIP clients, and ask ‘how canI better serve you?’

Because like I said, what separates six-figure business owners that are struggling to eight and nine figure businesses that are in this blue ocean is. .

Instead of looking at the competition, they looked at the people that they’re serving.

And they find innovative ways to help them up.


That is why when you pick a niche and you stick to that niche and you follow this horrible business advice instead of creating, capturing new demand..

You’re going to become broke!

You’re not gonna be able to scale, and you’re not gonna be able to create a business to be proud of.

However, when you create demand.. when there’s no demand, when you’re able to serve an audience that you love serving, and when you’re able to be in alignment with what you were put on this earth to do..

That is the moment the doors start opening!

That is the moment that you start living in this blue ocean and that is the moment where for the rest of your life you are no longer living in scarcity.

You are no longer living in reaction and instead you are living in the moment in time, in place, where everything just becomes easier.

And that’s what I realized when I’ve been building businesses like it was the hardest struggle to get to six figures.

I tried doing everything in my potential to get me to seven figures but that’s because I was doing the exact same things on what I did to get to six figures.


To get to six figures, it’s a grind.

It’s a hustle.

But note this down, to get to seven and eight figures, it’s a whole new paradigm.

After hanging out with people who owned businesses that are $10 to $40 million a year, I started realizing, ‘holy crap! you guys worked a lot less harder than some of my friends who are struggling to make six figures’.

What is the difference?

It’s because they identified that they were in a red ocean and they should’ve been in a blue ocean.


And that’s what I want you guys to do.

Stop picking a niche.

Stop picking existing market conditions and instead make your own damn niche!

Look at my niche..

It’s my own damn niche!

And I don’t care because I love it and I’m able to attract amazing friends from this platform.

They are the best business partners that I’ve met, the most amazing relationships that I have, and the craziest mofus that I’ve met through this journey.

And it’s because of the fact that I was no longer in a red ocean!

So with that being said, I love you guys so much!

For the people that are ready to create greatness in their lives, to create an impact and a legacy, welcome to my site!

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