How to Destroy Your Competition In Business

When it comes to business..

It’s survival of the fittest baby.

The weak will die off leaving all of the resources to those that are the strongest and most ready to ADAPT.

The question is..

Will you be a part of the weak that gets weeded out of the entrepreneurship gene pool..

Or will you end up on top?

Find out how I will always be on top and make more money than my competition in today’s video.

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In today’s topic, we’re gonna talk about how to destroy your competition.

Maybe you guys have a business and you want to win it in life.

Find out how Mike Vestil destroys his competition in business and how you can, too!

And then there are people that are preventing you from actually winning.

Well today, we’re going to talk about how to end that shit.

While I was training with my masculinity Muay Thai coach (his name is Niko btw)..

It kind of made me remember certain things in my life and in business that allowed me to destroy my competition.

It’s crazy because when you do a lot of learning and reviewing, you’re also realizing a lot of things that permeate all aspects of your life.

And this is what I want you guys to understand before I actually go over to the three steps that will destroy your competition…

A wise man doesn’t learn from their own mistakes, they learn from other people’s mistakes and other people’s experiences.

Maybe you have a Shopify store, an affiliate marketing business, a YouTube channel or a blog…

This advice would literally work for any business where competition is a thing.

The moment you understand these three things, you can literally break free from any limiting belief that you have and live a life where it’s just

all flowing…

No resistance. .

And I think that’s the beauty about life.

Once you actually get out of your own way and follow these three steps, everything gets simple.


The first step is actually learning with your body instead of learning with your mind.

This is what I’m talking about in terms of your competition.

How many of you have been told to read a bunch of books or listen to audio books.

Even in some of my YouTube videos, I‘ve mentioned about reading books and listening to audio books. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And what happens is, we put more and more information in our brain.

The moment you do that more than what you ought to be doing, the first thing that happens is you start over analyzing everything.

You’re too busy learning with your mind that you’re not actually learning and experiencing it with your body.

Let me break that down into four levels of learning. .

And if you get this, then you can kill your competition. Read carefully and make sure you take note of these 4 levels.

So here they are…

The lowest level of the paradigm is known as UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE.

It’s where you don’t even know where you’re going wrong.

For example, before I did Muay Thai, I didn’t even know the moves. .

I didn’t even know how to block or to move my body around.

And it’s because of the fact that I really don’t have any idea how to do it.

That’s your unconscious level.

Like if I want to do some skiing but if I don’t know the mechanics of it,  then my body isn’t aware of it.

I’m unconsciously unaware on how to do the skill.

Now what’s the second paradigm?


That’s being aware of your shortcomings and where you’re going wrong.

If you’re looking at a competition, they’re just doing the same thing over and over again every single day.

So if you just know what you’re doing wrong, then you’re ready for the next level above your competition.

Now can you imagine your competitors right now?

Let’s say they also do shopify, dropshipping and Facebook ads.

Guys, they’re unaware of what they don’t know so they’re bashing their heads over and over again on their keyboard, re-living the same mistakes.

Then now,  if you’re aware of where you’re actually going wrong and you realized maybe you need help with Facebook Ads..

Perhaps you need a sales training if you realized your ad creatives aren’t that good.

The biggest thing about this is YOU EXACTLY KNOW WHAT TO WORK ON.

Like when I’m doing Muay Thai, my training coach literally hits me in the head…

I’m aware that I don’t know how to block . .

But now that I’m aware of it, I could actually fix it.

Now the third level is CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE.

This is where you are now mindfully aware on how to do it right.

But the fourth level which is what we need to get on to when it comes to our competitor is UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE.

This is where you’re not even thinking about what you’re doing but your body knows what to do.

For example . .

Understand first that the body is one of the most powerful things in this world. It’s almost like we have two minds.

We have the mind up there that overthinks everything.

Then you have the people that are ‘in their bodies,’ they are aware of what they need to do.

And that’s like your second mind. It’s your body that knows what to do.

Like me for example, I know exactly what I need to do with my business because my body is aware of it.

Or like when I was in high school way back when I was using a phone with a literal keypad with locks on it.

Back then I used to memorize the numbers, but then when I went back the following year after summer, I forgot the digits.

But then I would twist my fingers while trying to remember the codes and all of a sudden my fingers remembered the digits.

Now that’s the power when it comes to getting on that level.

Because when you get there where your body knows what it needs to do, it knows how to destroy your competition.

They know how to always keep growing and how to do the next two steps that we talked about.

Then now, you’re always going to improve.


Now the reason why I need to put that in details is because THE MOMENT YOU START WIRING THAT, YOU START BREAKING THE HABIT OF WHO YOU WERE.

Remember this,

You can only get to live the life that you want by the person that you are.

And the moment that happens, your brain starts getting into the fourth paradigm of just unconsciously being competent . .

In being aware and knowing that you have everything you need to be successful.

This ‘wiring of the brain’ is one of the reasons why when you’re around 30 years old, you really can’t learn a new skill.

(I’ll probably gonna talk about this in my next videos…)

There’s this thing called Hebb’s Law and this basically talks about the neurons that fire together get wired together.

Once that happens, you begin to habitually start reliving your past experiences and your past experiences will get you the same results.

That’s why a lot of people are stuck.

A lot of competitors have been in the road for like five to ten years and they’re still in the same business. They’re worrying about the

same problems and they’re not freaking growing!


Because they’re not conscious about it.

Those neuronal pathway have already been hardwired.

And on another note, that’s the same thing that I’ve witnessed ever since I began travelling.

Every single time I go back to the US, I see my friends literally doing the exact same thing.

They’re going to the same bars, wearing the same clothes, talking about the same concepts and they’re not freaking growing!

They’re not focusing on getting to that fourth paradigm of being unconsciously competent and knowing that they have to keep on growing where it becomes natural.

It’s when you wake up and you get naturally pulled out of bed instead of you having to force yourself and hitting the snooze button.


Now the second thing that’s gonna kill your competition is understanding the difference between collaboration and competition.

What if I told you that competition doesn’t exist?


What if I told you that your competitors are literally some of your best assets?

In life where we’re told that resources were scarce and that opportunity was scarce, understand that it’s coming from a scarcity mentality.

A while back, I was talking with a buddy of mine, his name is Chris. He had killer numbers on his online business.

And he was talking about how in the olden days, in order to make more money, you have to grow more as a person.

So if you want to make more, your bank account will literally correlate to how much you grow as a person.

It was actually hard for me to grow.

When my business was growing, heck I still didn’t grow as a person . .

So what happened when the product died down?

I literally just felt destroyed because I didn’t know if I could do that again.

But what happened now is I grew to become the version of myself who deserve whatever wealth that comes in.

That includes the fact that now, my income stays consistent.

And here’s the biggest thing about collaboration vs competition..

When you’re in a competition, you’re in scarcity.

So you want to protect your product and you don’t want to share anything.

But the problem with that is you’re putting yourself in this position where you can’t freaking grow.

As for me, my competitors are like my best friends.

We learn from each other and now that’s all about collaboration.

It’s getting out of scarcity in that competitor mindset where it’s you versus him.

Now it’s about how we can all get to the next level.

And guys, this is the craziest thing, especially if you’re in dropshipping, you need to understand this because your income might be growing but you have not yet grown to the person that deserves that.

But when you understand that you need to grow in comparison to that and that LIFE IS ABOUT “WE” NOT “ME,” you could get to the next level.

You could find new products and start experiencing this life where instead of you just trying to resist against the world . .

You literally wake up and you just like fall into what it is that your life desires!

Like I said when I moved to Bali, I get to meet my competitors every single day.

I meet people that do Facebook Ads and Youtube. .

But guess what, I don’t freaking care because when I meet them, it’s a freaking awesome time to just learn something from them and as well as they can learn something from me and together we grow even better.

So understand that the moment you switch from scarcity mindset to collaborative mindset, it’s going to expand your level of thinking.

And as for me when I applied that same principle ever since I learned it, man I found out where the market was going.

And guess what?

I was ahead of the curve every single time!

My single focus was meeting with my competitors so I always had my thumb on the pulse of where the business is going.

And that’s what you guys need to understand.


Because the way you’re making money right now might not always be the case.

It might be the case for a year or two years, but say five years down the road. .

It might not be here.

So you gotta ask yourself what’s the point of you getting into making money online?

Was it to just be in reaction to your boring life or is it to live your life?

So get out of the competition mindset and get into the collaborative mindset.

Start befriending your competitors and making them your closest friends.

The moment you start getting close to them and you start sharing the ideas, you are like the freakin’ illuminati of entrepreneurship for your business model.


The last thing that I want you to understand is  the one which I learned from Jeff Bezos, he said:

“Live 10 years in the future.”

Now let me rephrase this for you, “live 10 years in the future when it comes to your business.”

The problem with most people, like what Jeff Bezos says why he wasn’t excited in the past, was he was stuck in operations.

What is operations?

Customer service, Facebook Ads and just basically doing everything that are repetitive. .

Like fulfilling orders and doing all those stuff that aren’t taking the business forward but just allowing it to co-exist while delaying the bigger growth.

The biggest idea that I wanna throw into this is that if you’re not living in the future, then you’re just repeating the mistakes and the negativity.

The reason for me on how I was able to progress so damn fast every single day is I’m not living in the present. When it comes to business, I am living ten years in the future.

I asked myself what is the business that I want to be in ten years from now. And instead of doing it ten years from now, I start doing it today.

As for Jeff Bezos, he’s not in the operations. .

He’s not the one doing the customer service or arranging the fulfillment.

This is the guy who’s literally building one of the biggest brands in the history of brands.

And what’s the biggest thing about that?

He’s not living in the present! He works and lives in the future!

Guys, understand this…

If you live in the present, it’s as if you’re getting wired by your previous experiences.

Literally, the habits that you do will reflect the same results that you’ve been getting. And that’s basically the definition of insanity.

It’s expecting a different result while doing the same thing over and over again.

Thoughts, words and actions will give a result.

But if your thoughts, words and actions are the same every single day. .

How can you get any result? Here’s how it actually works and you better take note of this!

If you’re living 10 years in the future and you’re living as if it were today, your brain will start to rewire itself faster.

That’s why as for me, why the heck would I wait 10 years to accomplish my goal when I can do it in the next six months.

Peter Thiel says,

‘Take your 10-year life plan and ask, “Why can’t I do this in six months?”’

If you ask yourself that, you can start realizing why would you wait to reach to your 30’s to build that awesome brand if you can literally start working on it now?

Guys, this is the question that I’ve been asking myself every single day. .

Literally getting myself out of operations and into the future.

And my killer advantage for example is that a lot of people may start copying me. .

Some people might be moving to Bali as well and  a lot of them might be having similar styles as me or what not.

But it doesn’t matter because while they’re competing with me, I’m competing with who I’m going to be 10 years down the road.

So while they’re always competing with who I am right now, they’re gonna be 10 years behind the schedule. And they’re gonna wonder why I’m so damn innovative.

It’s because I’m not competing with the people, I’m competing with who I am going to be in the future.

When you start to look around and you’re telling yourself that you don’t have what it takes to become successful…

You gotta understand this guys, I’m not your competitor.


Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and Tim Ferriss could be my competitors. But if I keep on looking at what they’ve accomplished . .

Then I’ll be comparing different timelines.

Guys, I’m not comparing who I am now to who they are when they’re in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

I’m comparing myself with who I need to be ten years from now but doing it as if it were today.


If you want to make sure that you live a life where you’re not in reaction, life just opens up.

You’ll probably see it on the shower,  you’ll see it on Instagram but it’s because of the fact that these three things when it comes to competition, it’s non-existent.

Now you as a man or an alpha female, you gotta understand these three biggest things that I just talked about.

As you apply it to your life or in whatever situation you are in, remember this:

  • Move from a point of unconscious incompetence to conscious competence.
  • Collaboration is all that matters.
  • Start living where you want to be ten years down the road except do it right now.

If you do that, you are going to live a life that most people couldn’t even dream of living.

And it’s because YOU did these three things.

So hopefully this helps y’all!

I promise you guys, we’re gonna take this brand to the next level and it’s gonna be crazy because a lot of you were here since the beginning of this journey.

I really love it when people comment and say they’ve been here since under 10,000 subs, some are here since 2000 subs. .

And since you guys committed to me in becoming the best version of yourself, I’m committing to you guys for the next 5, 10, 20, or 30 years of my life documenting every single process and showing you my successes, my failures, my new business ideas and just taking you in on this journey. .

Understanding that you too can live a life of abundance, you can create your own life and you never really have to live a life that isn’t below your true potential!

If this blog helped you, or you got any other questions literally about ANYTHING, make sure to comment below.

I’ll see you in my next blog!

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