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by Mike Vestil 

How to Find a Mentor When Making Money Online

In the beginning of October, I left Asia for a bit to take a mini retirement in Poland.

For those that want to learn more about “mini retirements,” make sure you read:

But I digress,

The other day I was scrolling down the comments on YouTube (because I am a saint and read every single one that gets posted by you beautiful people) and I stumbled upon this one by Faith W.

ask mike vestil how to find a mentor

Thanks for the question Faith! This is exactly how I did it:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm0Iioa2hIo[/embedyt]

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Step #1: Find Someone That Have the RESULTS That You Want!

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you not only find someone that has the results that you want, but someone who also has the LIFESTYLE that you want.

For me, it was to work as little as possible while making the most progress.

That is why when I initially got into e-commerce, I got turned off by the people that were working 16 hours a day managing their business.

I saw all these people killing it in their results but I also took a step back to take a look at other people in the e-commerce industry that were also making a killing.

So while doing so, I found people that were good at Facebook ads.

I also found people that were good at product research.

And lastly, I found people that were good at outsourcing.

So instead of just looking to the “ecom gurus” as mentors, I took it one step forward and looked for people that were not just making a lot of money, but also had the free time to enjoy the life that they had.

That is why I extremely love following everything Tim Ferris related. He was someone that had an eCom store, and figured out a way to outsource everything so that he can actually enjoy the money and travel the world.

The problem with most people is they take advice from people that don’t have what they want.

And it makes me wonder why the hell would they do that?

Like if you want to be good at basketball, you have to learn from Michael Jordan.

If you want to get good at soccer, you gotta have to learn from David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo.

But if you want to live a lifestyle, you gotta stop taking advice from people that do not have the exact lifestyle that you want.

As for me, I wanted to travel and I wanted outsourcing. I don’t really want to work on the business since I just want to make YouTube video for you guys.

That is why I follow people that were into content creation and e-commerce.

Step #2: Find a Way to Add Value to these People’s Lives in the Form of Time or Money by Buying Their Products

A lot of people send me emails and asking me to teach them something about ecommerce, and that is why I created my Youtube channel and these blogs.

But the thing about most mentors is THEIR TIME IS VALUABLE.

And if they gave every single second that they had to every single freebie taker who usually says “I’m broke. I don’t have any money. I need a lot of help…”

Then without that person actually finding a way to give value to that mentor, the mentor’s not gonna give you the time of his day.

So here are the two ways that you can give value to a mentor:


Simply find and make a way to add value in their life.

Be like a good friend and kind of slip through in the front row during his live events.


Don’t be afraid to buy the books or get on their courses.

And don’t be afraid to pay for coaching because that is the only way to show a mentor that you are serious in your education.

That’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t spend my time complaining on why some mentors wouldn’t teach me.

Instead, I just shut up and invested with my pocket by first buying their books. Because that was the first step closer for me to connect to them.

The next thing I did with the money I was making was reinvest it into courses.

And then when the courses started making me money, I use that money to invest in their private coaching.

That’s a secret strategy, man!

You don’t have to buy these expensive courses when you’re just starting off.

And you guys need to do the same.

Buy the books, make money from the books, and then get into the courses which are less expensive compared to your college expenses.

Take that money that you’ve made from the courses and then get into their private coaching.

Trust me. I did all these steps myself!

And the cool thing is for some of the mentors, I ended up meeting them in person because they witnessed how serious I was in learning because, first, I was willing to invest with my pocket.

This leads me to the last step in finding yourself a mentor..

Step #3: Turn that MENTOR Into a FRIENDTor

I found a way to add so much value with these mentors that I wanted them to be my friend.

So for example, after I bought their books and their courses, there was an opportunity where I had mentors in Miami where they were having a live event.

Without even thinking, I bought a ticket down to Miami, Florida where I met them up and they had this live seminar. 

But when I started going into these seminars, I didn’t go up to the mentors like a value-seeking or a freebie-seeking punk.

What I did is.. I BEFRIENDED THEM!

I went out with them to eat and even had some drinks with them.

And the entire time that we were having some good times and not even focusing about business.

Guess what happens?

When you just focus on BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP with these mentors as opposed to asking yourself ‘how can I take something from him?’

You develop a friend and if you develop friend, you develop someone that wants to help you because that’s what friends are for!

So hopefully those three steps on how to find a mentor and how to keep a mentor around for a long time really helps!

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QUESTION: What other questions do you have about the 4 hour work week, mini retirements, and making money online?

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