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by Mike Vestil 

How To Turn Your Yearly Income Into Your Monthly Income

Most people that have the normal education that did not have successful parents like I did, they did not have rich parents.

It goes to say that the success traits that allows people to break through their yearly income and turn the yearly income into their monthly income..

Comes through knowledge that’s being passed on!

So in this video, we’re going to talk about how to make your yearly income into your monthly income!

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Let’s go all the way back to when we were younger..

If you really think about it, the income constraints that we have in our business can be compared to almost everything in life.

Find out the 5 steps to turn your yearly income into your monthly income!

You might be working so hard right now, but then no matter how much you slave away either on your computer or at the company that you work for..

There’s this invisible ceiling on your income where no matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to break through these income plateaus

Here’s the thing. .

Most of the time, this income plateau was actually given to us by our surroundings and by our upbringing.

It goes to show that we are literally reliving our past and our parents’s past.

And here’s an undeniable fact: Success is not being taught in school.

Most people that have the normal education that did not have successful parents like I did, they did not have rich parents.

It goes to say that the success traits that allows people to break through their yearly income and turn the yearly income into their monthly income, comes through knowledge that’s being passed on!

In the steps below, I’m gonna talk about exactly how anyone. .

As long as you have a business, as long as you serve somebody, as long as you give value to the world, as long as you have this intention of putting value out there in returns for money..

Anyone that has this intention, can turn their yearly income into their monthly income.


You need to first break the limiting beliefs that is held around how much money you can make.

Understand that the constraints that we have especially regarding the income limits that we have are influenced by our environment.

Most of the time, the income goal that you have for yourself feels like very hard to hit isn’t even because of your own doing.

It’s because somewhere along the line, it could have been a parent, it could have been a teacher, it could been somebody as you were growing up who influence that kind of mindset to you. 

Let’s say you have this “6-figure income goal..”

Maybe you’re telling yourself like I do, that maybe one day, you can make six figures and work your way up the corporate ladder. 

As you can see right then and there, ever since we were young,  this six figure gap or this six figure limit was already self-imposed by all of the people around us who had a hard time making six figures.

But here’s the thing, especially in today’s day and age with the power of the internet, with the power of technology with the power of understanding and storytelling.. 


What’s hard is believing the fact that you could actually accomplish it.

That’s why my YouTube channel is moving towards the area of belief and mindset because if you cannot believe that you could achieve something.. 


You think you can make six to seven figures on accident.

Most of the time, people make it there because they have the intention, knowing that as long as they have pure faith on exactly what it is that they want..

As long as they have a burning desire on achieving the life that they really want, that’s how they actually get it. 

Let’s actually talk about a story on what I’m talking about when it comes to understanding that you have to destroy the limiting beliefs. 

Because at the end of the day, you are your own worst enemy.

When you see other people that are successful and you may not be as successful as them, it’s not because of certain things that they know that you don’t know.

If you think about it, this information to turn your yearly income into your monthly income exists everywhere!

You could watch youtube videos about it or you can check any one of my blogs about it. 

The thing about this concept is this thing that separates two people:

  1. The one that becomes successful who turns a yearly income into their monthly income 
  2. Someone that just gets stuck in their income plateaus

The first person will accept the information and the second one will reject it.

Many times, when people come up to me asking if I can teach them how to make six figures, I know I can do teach them..

But before I can actually do that, they have to first be willing to understand that the things that they think they might know, might not necessarily be the things that they need to know to break through their barriers.

This reminds me of a story of Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie.

For those who don’t know, I’m really a big fan of Think & Grow Rich. I’ve read it when I was 18 years old.

Andrew Carnegie was one of the world’s first billionaire. He was the leader in the steel industry.

He was one of the richest men in the world at the time.

On the other hand is the young Napoleon Hill. He was a broke college student that was just a news reporter who’s trying to make money by doing an interview with the richest men in the world.

One day, Napoleon Hill found out that Andrew Carnegie was in his hometown or in his area so he decided to go and try to see if he could get an interview.

For some reason, Andrew Carnegie agreed to do what he asked.

Through that opportunity, Napoleon Hill started downloading everything about Andrew Carnegie’s philosophy on how to become successful and how to create wealth.

Andrew Carnegie was the first billionaire and since this was back in the day, his wealth was the combination of all the wealth of the richest men in the world today.

After downloading his entire philosophy for that interview, Andrew Carnegie said something interesting. He said something like.. 

‘Hey Napoleon Hill, this interview isn’t over.. This is just the beginning. Why don’t you  just spend some time with me at my estate..’

Imagine the richest man in the world asks you to hang out for a couple of days.. 

Well, what’s there to lose, right? 

So Napoleon Hill ends up hanging out with Andrew Carnegie.

Not just for a day but for three days. That’s when Napoleon Hill downloads Andrew Carnegie’s entire philosophy about success.

Andrew Carnegie was like.. ‘This is what perks me.. What gets me angry is that I have all the wealth in my brain, I have all this knowledge, but when I die, this information will not be released to the public.’

‘How can we actually turn this into where it leaves the legacy whether the next generation of humanity actually has a chance in creating wealth and success for themselves?’

So here’s the deal, Andrew Carnegie went up to Napoleon Hill and told him this..

‘I have a deal for you. And you have to give me a yes or no answer. There’s no maybes, there’s no what-ifs, just yes or no. You have to make an immediate decision.’

He then asked Napoleon Hill and he said. .

‘Why don’t we work together where I hire you and I will not pay you anything. You will see no materialistic wealth, no financial wealth for the next half of your life. But what I will do is, I will introduce you to all of the most successful people in the world..’ 

He must’ve been referring to the Edison’s, the Henry Ford’s, and the people that have been making millions of dollars back in the day. 

I was trying to internalize and maybe at that time,  Napoleon Hill finds it as an interesting deal.

To literally sacrifice the next half of his life for a man that he just met in pursuit for something that he doesn’t even know if there’s an immediate return.

As you can see, Napoleon Hill had this opportunity to work with the richest men in the world but he had to give up half of his life.

Just imagine if he took longer than  a minute and 32 seconds, the deal would be off and then it would ever happened.

So when the deal was on, the craziest thing happened.

Right after he said yes, Andrew Carnegie wrote a note on a piece of paper and gave it to Napoleon Hill.

He said, ‘before I take you on this journey where I will introduce you to some of those successful people in the world, I need you to read this to yourself every single day..’

Napoleon Hill grab the piece of paper and he starts reading it, he was very confused but then he proceeded on reading.

The note says,

“Andrew Carnegie, I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life but I’m going to challenge you at the post and surpass you at the grandstand.”

Crazy, right?!

Now, can you imagine if the richest person in the world went up to you and said..

‘Hey! One day, you’re going to not only match my achievements but you’re gonna succeed me!’

Napoleon Hill was just a broke college student and had no money for the bus ride, that’s why Andrew Carnegie gave him a lift.

And that’s why they were hanging out in the first place.

He literally told Napoleon Hill to read this in front of the mirror every single day for the next thirty days. Then after 30 days, they will decide if they still want to continue to work together or not.

So that’s exactly what Napoleon Hill did.

He didn’t really believe it, but if the richest man in the world tells you to do something, he probably should do it.

What happened was, every Sunday morning and night, he would read the note in front of the mirror.

When day fifteen came, something weird happened.

He actually believed it!

That kind of belief destroyed any limiting belief that he once had. 

Then by day 30, he was screaming at the mirror saying, “Andrew Carnegie, I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life but I’m going to challenge you at the post and surpass you at the grandstand.”

He went on and fast forward, he got the most amazing information from the world’s most successful men and compiled it in a book titled, Think & Grow Rich.

Now here’s the thing about the achievement..

In Andrew Carnegie’s entire life, he created about 53 millionaires!

A lot high, right?

More so than Napoleon Hill who has created millions of millionaires!

That’s the sum of the first step in turning your yearly income into your monthly income.

And that is belief!

I could give you a tactic, I could give you this new marketing or sales technique, but if you do not master your belief, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

It’s like when you look around in your room right now..

Spot all of the objects that’s colored in brown. Now, close your eyes. Think of all those things in color brown.

Now as you open your eyes, how many things did you see in red and how many things did you see in brown?

 If you actually did this exercise, you’re probably seeing a lot of brown more than you are with red. 

When you open your eyes, you realize that the red was right in front of you and here’s the thing..

Opportunity is always in front of us.

Sometimes we’re just not aware of it because we’re not looking for it.

It’s like when you’re too busy looking for brown, you kind of failed to see the reds. 

When you’re too busy thinking negative, you start failing to see the positives.


Realize that money only comes in direct proportion to the amount of problem that you solve.


You gotta ask yourself what separates the billionaire’s from the people struggling to make six figures.

And that is, the billionaires are focusing on bigger problems to solve.

If you’re not scaling in your business now, ask yourself if you’re actually solving the biggest problem.

If not, reach out to your audience. 

Reach out to your clients and ask what is the biggest problem they have or the biggest challenge they have in their life and see if you could be the person that either creates the solution for them or brokers a solution for them where you could introduce them to someone else and get a percentage of the profits.

That’s another way of making money!


When  you start identifying a bigger pain points, that is equated to higher value.

Higher value means more money.

Of course, you, buying a McDonald’s cheeseburger in the middle of the night at midnight for a dollar doesn’t really solve a problem.

McDonald’s cheeseburgers are everywhere!

But what’s not everywhere?

Elon Musk is doing crazy things like sending people to the moon..

Sending people to Mars.

He’s creating stuff like electric cars.

As clear as it sounds, he’s solving a huge problem. It’s humanity’s survival, and that’s a pretty big problem.

Of course, that’s why he became a billionaire.

Most people don’t allow money to come in in big chunks because number one, they are afraid that they’re not worthy.

Or number two, they think that if they raise their prices, no one might not buy.

But here’s the thing..

These limiting beliefs are very normal.

They’re very consistent, and if you will allow them to consume you, that’s the reason why you might be stuck at the income levels where you are right now.

So once you understand that you have to first break your limiting beliefs, find a deep-seated problem number, and allow money to come in in big-ass chunks. .

You need to do the fourth thing which I’m about to tell you.


Allow yourself to automate it.

The best way to do it so practicing the idea of having a to-do list.

So every single day you do your business, ask yourself what are the things that you’re doing on a day to day basis.


It’s a step by step thing.

Sometimes, we’re so unconscious about the processes that we fail to know exactly what it is that we’re doing.

But when we actually are aware of them and you turned them into a to-do list, what happens is, you can give it to somebody else to do so you can focus on the bigger picture of the business.

Because the only way for you to scale to your yearly income to be your monthly income..

Is you have to remove yourself from the process.

It  takes a lot of different mentality to scale to six figures. .

And it does to seven or eight figures.

Most of the time, some of my friends that make eight to nine figures have a lot easier time than some of my friends suddenly make six figures.

Why is that? The reason why, brings me to the fifth and my last point.


It’s because they remove themselves from the process and that is the only way for you to turn your yearly income to your monthly income.


I got off the call the other day with someone who was in his 50s and he’s wondering why he doesn’t have the income that he wants.

When we broke down his business, it turned out he was not only managing a bunch of different businesses.

He was the trenchcoat guy like, ‘oh, what problem do you have? I got this service.. Oh, you need an agency? I got this service for you.. You need a logo, I got that covered.. Oh, you need some alkaline water? We sell that, too!’

He was trying to sell everything to everyone when he wasn’t being focused on ONE THING.

He was one way too many hats and he was in this game alone!

It’s very impossible to scale when you are by yourself.

It’s kind of like a football team trying to win the championships without actually having a team.

You can be the best quarterback in the world, if you don’t have a wide receiver to catch or running back to run, you can only go so far.

It’s the exact same thing with business.

If you do not have this mentality and understand that this is a team game, that your business is not just wealth for you, for your family, for your friends, but also for everyone that you bring into your company..

It’s gonna be hard to make a yearly income into a monthly income.

But once you master these five steps..

In breaking your limiting beliefs, solving a deeper pain point, allowing money to come in in big-ass chunks, finding the systems and processes to hire out and removing yourself from the process..

Guys, that’s how you do it!

That’s how you turn your yearly income into your monthly income.

I hope that helps!

If you want more of this, if you’re a six-figure business owner and you need help in scaling, check out the free masterclass below!

If you are a newbie business owner and you want to get some free seven figure sales funnels, download the free funnels below my YouTube video as linked in the description.

I’ll see you guys on my next blog!

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