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by Mike Vestil 

Sales Management Software To Make More Sales

The importance of sales in any business cannot be overstated. With the need to keep track of sales and revenues, it's necessary to have the right sales management software in place. 

Such software makes tracking more manageable and provides information about different products and their costs for better decision-making.

Different business scales can also benefit from using this type of software. If you’re just starting up a small business that sells limited products, it's possible to use a manual system. However, it would be best for more significant firms to look for sales management software to help make the work more manageable and efficient.

In this article, I’ll review the top sales management software in the market right now, along with the factors to consider when choosing the right tool for your business. Let's get right into it.

Current Sales Management Software Options

The following are some of the best sales management software for small businesses.


Best For Allowing You To Reach Your Maximum Sales Potential


Ambition is great to reach your sales potential with ease.

Sales performance management for the work-from-anywhere era allows you to create a custom goal for each employee and get real-time, automatic updates on their progress.

With Amibion, you can coach your reps to help them reach their goals.

With flexible, dynamic metric-based coaching programs, you may develop and manage your teams as needed.

The outstanding coaching suite at Ambition allows sales and enablement executives to get the most out of their teams, ensuring that reps set and meet their goals throughout the year.

In-office or remote reps can benefit from the opportunity to connect and engage with customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.

You can quickly create accountability by setting targets and tracking progress.

Key Features

  • Dashboards allow you to monitor the progress of all your reps.
  • Groups let you easily create custom coaching groups to align with your target market.
  • Scorecards provide a snapshot of activity in a sleek, intuitive format.
  • Engage with your reps and customers with the most simple communication tool on the market.
  • Gamification is great to help your reps keep track of their progress and to set goals that they may achieve.



You will need to download the pricing from their website to find more information about their plans, named as follows:

Zoho CRM

Best For Connecting Networks All Over The World


Zoho CRM connects a global network of over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries to transform how they sell, service and market to their customers.

The gold standard in customer relationship management software can help you transform your company into a customer-centric machine.

It'll help you stay organized by centralizing your contacts, leads, accounts, prospects, and business activities so that you can build stronger relationships with the people who matter most to your company's growth.

Zoho CRM integrates the finest general-purpose tools with specialized solutions giving you the most flexible and versatile toolset possible to help you grow your business.

Without writing a line of code, you can extend your CRM capabilities to other systems, integrate with third-party applications, and create custom web apps.

You can also track the success of your customer communication to ensure you close more deals and set up automated triggers for tasks so that they are completed in the background.

You can automate many business areas to reduce the complications and time spent on manual procedures.

Key Features

  • Get real-time information and insights by tracking your customers' activities across different channels.
  • Discover new prospects and follow up with them instantly, even when you're away from your desk or on the go.
  • Use advanced, real-time analytics to make better business judgments that help you grow your business.
  • Organize and track your company's overall sales performance throughout the territory.
  • Keep track of key performance indicators, such as deals won/lost, deals in the pipeline, and forecasts.
  • With their award-winning CRM software for both iOS and Android, you can sell on the go.



The following pricing plans are available when you choose Zoho CRM as your sales management software.

All of these plans bill annually.


Best For Building Relationships Through Sales


Teamgate includes integration with your CRM account, which allows you to send and receive information between the two platforms.

Teamgate helps you grow your business by providing complete sales,  customer service, and marketing tools with one centralized platform.

It works with all of your preferred email service providers, so integration is simple, quick, and effortless.

You'll save time by avoiding having to switch between programs while chatting with clients. You won't make any errors like incorrect names or email addresses because the info automatically transfers to your CRM before you even finish typing.

Their SmartDialer™ feature lets you call any device directly and talk to prospects, no matter where they are in the purchasing process.

There will be no more juggling between external programs or VoIP phones since you can directly dial from one interface.

Dashboard lets you see all the essential information about your sales in one spot. 

Whether you need to check how your last month went or want to figure out where you stand with the competition's sales model, this feature is perfect for that.

Key Features

  • Use all of the smart customer management tools you need in one location – at your desk or on the road - to get things done more quickly.
  • You gain access to the reports, insights, and forecasts you need to maintain your pipeline operating smoothly with Teamgate.
  • Boring onboarding questions are a thing of the past as their customer care team's hands-on assistance makes the process simpler.
  • From lead generation to intelligent CRM marketing, Teamgate will help you take your business to the next level.



The following plans are available on an annual billing cycle:

All of these are billed annually.


Best For Creating A Custom Solution For Your Selling Needs


Salesforce offers businesses of all sizes the ability to sell smarter and faster.

The flexibility and power of Salesforce mean you can adapt it to your company's unique way of working.

They have a vast range of features, including high-end analytics, robust mobile apps for on-the-go users, the ability to analyze large amounts of data with ease, and much more.

Known as the #1 CRM,  Salesforce offers you several ways to engage with your customers, generate new leads and close more deals.

Their security tools help ensure that customer information is safe and secure, so you're never at risk of losing business data.

Customers can be more quickly satisfied, and loyalty is developed when using their service cloud, enabling you to improve your customer experience.

This allows for faster resolution of their issues, fewer repeat calls or emails, and helps foster long-lasting relationships with existing customers.

They offer training to teach you how to use CRM (customer relationship management) software to your business's most significant advantage.

Key Features

  • Throughout all customer touchpoints in the work process, provide sales executives with helpful information to guide them through the customer journey.
  • Your sales reps can use several different CRM tools that bring together data from various parts of your company, including social media profiles and calendars.
  • Obtain real-time assistance from cross-functional specialists to handle challenging problems faster.
  • Create engaging, empathic digital marketing from anywhere and on any device.



Salesforce offers a free trial that gets you started using this product.


Best For Moving Leads Down The Customer Journey Efficiently


Close allows you to turn more of your prospects into leads and close more of those leads into customers.

Their tools help you collaborate with other team members to ensure everyone works together efficiently, including sales, marketing, support staff, etc.

Close is an excellent option for businesses that want to automate their sales process and achieve tremendous success with high performance and adoption.

Communication with customers becomes smoother and more efficient than ever before.

With the help of their optimization algorithms, your team will be able to focus on providing superior service while Close closes all of your deals for you.

The automation they offer reduces time-consuming manual tasks, allowing you to prioritize what's important to sell faster.

Get the one-stop CRM that's been designed specifically for sales teams to win more business.

Close makes it simple for you to see everything going on in your company at a glance.

Key Features

  • Make a point of focusing on essential offers to maximize conversions and close more deals.
  • Get a bird's eye view of every lead across your channels, such as email, phone calls, and social profiles.
  • Unite your sales tech toolkit with smart integrations for extra convenience and efficiency.
  • Bring calling, SMS, and video into one inbox with Close so your team can focus on the customer experience.



These are the pricing plans on offer:

They also offer a 14-day free trial without needing to input any credit card details.


Best For Providing A Personalized Approach To Bulk Selling


Freshsales is for those that want to increase their revenue with context-aware sales. Sales reps can make personalized offers, deals, and tasks to close deals faster with customized engagement.

Customer support is a huge priority for every organization. Freshsales is for everyone on your team who frequently interacts with customers, including your sales staff, marketing teams, and service agents.

With a 360-degree view, you can complete more sales faster, streamlining your workflows on social, email, chat, and the web.

Develop effective conversations with context, automate time-consuming chores, and use your time productively selling rather than basic legwork.

You will also reduce IT costs by implementing their integration processes.

Key Features

  • Make more personalized offers, deals, and tasks per lead based on the context of each conversation.
  • Build effective conversations with context-aware sales technology that automatically adapts to real-time changes.
  • Generate more significant lead opportunities by applying specific actions and tasks to the most valuable conversations.
  • AI-powered insights may assist you in boosting conversion rates from acceptance to finish.



With a free plan that includes contact and account management amongst other features, these are the paid pricing plans:

These are billed on an annual basis.

What Is Sales Management Software?

A sales management system is a set of tools that provide salespeople with the intelligence they need to make data-driven decisions when it comes to selling more.

In other words, this system provides you with all the information you need about your customers to win new business and maximize revenue from existing customers.

A lot of software enables sales managers to track their reps' activities, manage territories and see how each customer progresses through the sales pipeline.

But when you are dealing with complex technologies that integrate multiple data sources into one platform, things can get tricky.

A solid CRM system that's easy to navigate and simple to use will ensure your sales team spends less time updating records and more time closing deals.

While there are all kinds of options available for companies and organizations looking to streamline their sales processes, knowing what to look for in sales management software will help you choose the ideal product.

Differences Between A Sales Management Software And A CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a business system to collect and store its customers’ data. CRM helps you organize customer information, track activity, and manage interactions across all channels.

In comparison, sales management software provides your sales team with live tracking of all opportunities - from lead generation to conversions, allowing you to stay on top of every opportunity in the pipeline.

While some features will overlap (for example, both systems will help you record customer data), CRM focuses on managing customers. Sales management software also helps to streamline sales.

Features To Look For In Sales Management Software

The following features might be ones you need to have in the sales management tool you choose.

Sales Automation

Sales management software helps you automate the sales process and stay organized.

Automation features within a sales management platform will help you:

  • Turn prospects into leads in your CRM system and manage actions and tasks in one place (for example, if you need to get in touch with them or email them).
  • Schedule follow-up calls based on the autonomy of the customer.
  • Send personalized emails to each prospect. This will give you a better response rate, as well as a predictable workflow for your sales team.
  • Calculate revenue and forecast based on close dates and forecast data.
  • Automatic reminders can also help you identify if a lead goes cold or gets stuck in the pipeline so that you can follow up and help them through the sales cycle.

A Sales CRM With Email Marketing Integration

Sales software should allow you to manage your contacts, leads, and sales in one place.

When choosing the ideal system, you should look for software that provides channels in the customer’s contact businesses, including phone calls, email, social media, and websites.

With an integrated CRM system fully connected with your email marketing solution, your sales team can easily track who has been contacted and provide valuable insight into which customers are more likely to buy from you.

In addition, email marketing provides a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to keep in touch with their contacts and nurture relationships to increase revenue.

Lead Management Tools

Sales management platforms that focus on monitoring all opportunities in the pipeline will give you live data and status updates for each deal.

With real-time information, you can monitor items such as which deals currently lag behind and which salesperson is most productive.

This insight can help you identify deals that are likely to close soon so that you can focus resources on those opportunities rather than the ones that will drag on for months with no progress.

Customer Relationships

The entire sales process will benefit from the management of customer relationships.

Using a system that combines all your channels will help you identify which channels each customer uses and what content interests them.

By identifying this information upfront, you can save time by tailoring your approach to their preferred channel or content type.

With real-time notifications, you will know when prospects are interested in your company. This insight can help you stay ahead of competitors and be more proactive in customer acquisition.

Key Metrics

The best sales management platforms will provide access to real-time reports that show key activity metrics. This might include:

  • The number of demos scheduled versus the number completed.
  • The number of calls with a particular prospect.
  • The number of times emails went out to a customer.

Any other activity that will show you the progress of your sales team and their results over time as they work through the pipeline.

Sales Forecasting

Sales management systems should always include the ability to forecast future revenue.

This is especially important for businesses that operate on a subscription model or focus on generating recurring revenue.

Being able to plan with accurate forecasts will ensure you have enough workforce and resources so that your sales team can continue to provide excellent customer service at all times.

Understanding how a sales cycle works enables you to predict the length of time each opportunity is likely to take. This can help you plan so that your sales team is never overwhelmed with numerous long-term projects.

Pipeline Management

The right sales management software tools should have features designed to simplify sales pipeline management so that you can easily keep track of each opportunity.

The best platforms will allow your sales team to manage their workflow by prioritizing which leads are most valuable and the order to contact them.

You can ensure that your time spent is on customers with the highest likelihood of buying using this insight. This is helpful since your sales pipeline is composed of deals already in progress.

Remember that pipeline management tools will not help you generate new leads or identify your next best customer. This requires a dedicated marketing approach, typically through digital channels, including SEO, PPC, and social media.

Customer Feedback

The best sales management software will also provide a dedicated platform that allows your customers to record their feedback and surveys.

This feature will help you improve customer satisfaction and identify common pain points within the sales process.

By identifying these issues upfront, it will be easy for you to take steps to alleviate them in the future.

The best sales management software will also allow you to share this feedback with your sales team in real-time so that they can quickly adapt their approach moving forward.


The right sales management platform will be a central hub that enables sales teams to identify prospects, generate leads, and close deals.

Using these tools will help your business focus on the suitable activity at the right time so that you can acquire new customers and build stronger relationships with existing ones.

When it comes to managing customer relationships, the correct sales data can help you identify which areas of your business are working well, as well as where additional investment would have the most significant positive impact.

Having this insight will enable you to increase revenue growth, cut costs and provide a better customer experience at all times.

By knowing which steps in the sales process are most effective for your company, you can ensure that the same approach is used time after time so that your business can generate better results more efficiently.

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