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by Mike Vestil 

3 Common Traits The Rich Have That The Poor Don’t

I remember some of my friends who came from successful families back when I was younger.

I’m looking at them now and they’re just kind of like coasting.

They were never taught hunger and they were never taught about having the drive.

In fact, they never experienced nor understand what it means to suffer.

And in today’s video, we’re gonna go over the three common traits the rich people have that the poor don’t.

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I was speaking at an event the other day..

While on stage, speaking and engaging with the crowd, I started telling myself ‘Man! When did I become this person who travels the world, speaks on stage and builds awesome businesses?’

Find out the 3 traits the rich have that poor people don't.

Because I remember, when I was younger and I was a lot more less confident. .

I didn’t have the skillset to actually succeed.

I never would have thought that I actually had specific traits to get me to the next level.

I never really knew which traits I needed to actually live my best life now instead of later.

And what I found after constant reflection, is there are three specific traits that separate the rich from the broke..

The successful from the unsuccessful..

The people who are out there living their lives from the people who are stuck and reactive to their environment.

Here they are:.

  1. They are self-aware.
  2. They have a congruence with their self-image and the actions that they take.
  3. They are willing and able to form deep connections with human beings.

Allow me to explain each one of these concepts.


The first concept is known as being self-aware.

Now the thing about successful and rich people is they understand exactly what they know.


What I mean by that is, most people out there don’t know where they are in the spectrum of life.

Now look at these three types of people in our lives:

  • The Caged Person
  • The Comfortable Person
  • The Charged Person

For most people, they get stuck in the caged mentality.

They aren’t aware enough that they are constantly reactive to their environment.

When bad things happen to someone that is caged, they use that as an example to just further their own limiting belief.

While someone who is charged and living life in alignment, whenever something bad happens to them, they understand that that’s just FEEDBACK.

That’s just INFORMATION.


That’s just resistance for them to overcome to become a bigger person. And that’s the little difference: understanding where you are on that scale.

Are you feeling caged?

Are you reactive?

When bad things happen, do you feel like that it’s because it’s your fault..

Or do you feel like it’s a learning lesson?

Those are the opposite sides of the spectrum for the self-awareness.

But then you love the middle (which I feel like is the worst).

And that is The Comfortable Person.

I always say that one of the worst things that could ever happen to you is when you have amazing family, you have an amazing childhood, you had everything that was ever handed to you ever since you were young, and you never actually felt some resistance.

So what happened to me, like a lot of my friends who were from successful families back when I was younger. .

I’m looking at them now, and they’re just kind of like coasting.

Because they were never taught hunger, they were never taught drive, they were never taught what it actually meant to suffer.

That’s the saddest thing!

When you don’t go through any resistance and you don’t actually feel caged for a little bit, where you don’t feel any negativity for a little bit..

When you don’t ever feel hate or ridicule, and you go through your life just entirely comfortable.

What happens is, you’re gonna reach a point when you’re thirty, forty, fifty and you’re like, ‘Man where did the motivation go?’

And the motivation starts kicking in not due to excitement but due to fear because they’re getting older.

Worst is, they didn’t accomplish all the things that they knew they need to accomplish!


The second trait of a highly successful person is that their actions and their self-image are the same.

Now this is a problem when I started in business..

I learned about the law of attraction and I thought ‘Oh, if I just think and have a positive image then I would become successful.’

Then what happened was, my actions never actually followed through with my self-image.

I’ve mistaken the law of attraction for the law of laziness and thought if my self-image was in, then everything else would suffice.

But what changed was when I started matching the actions that I was taking to the self-image of my future self that I was creating in my mind..

This is what happened..

It’s like a feedback loop. It’s a confidence-calmness feedback loop when you go out there, you do an action even though you fail since it is tied to your future self image of where you want to be.

It starts raising your internal thermostat, your internal self-identity thermostat to get to the person who you want to become.

It’s like how a billionaire if he loses all of his money.

After a couple years, he still gonna win back his billionaire status.

Or if someone who is in a trailer park who is broke, who never had any understanding of wealth wins the lottery. .

They’re gonna lose it all within the next couple of years or worse, they’re gonna end up in debt.

It’s that identity shift and understanding that you need to create and craft that self identity.

And one of the things that you can do is this thing called, Quantum Leaping.

(You can definitely check that out! I talked about how I accomplished my five-year goals in 12 months.)

Your actions need to match that identity that you are constantly creating for yourself.


Now that is the one trait that I’ve seen that has separated people that are struggling to make six figures in their businesses from people who are actively and just effortlessly building seven to eight or nine figure businesses.

They took their eyes and their focus off of themselves and how much money they can make. .

And instead they switched it around and asked themselves, ‘How can I create deep and meaningful relationships by adding as much value to every single person that I meet?’

Truth is, you don’t know what network and what opportunity comes when you meet one person.

I’m telling you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t have travelled around the world, I wouldn’t be speaking on stages, I wouldn’t have met the most amazing people and business connections ever!

If I did not have that intention of making sure that whenever I meet someone, I needed to create a deep meaningful relationship.

And the moment I started doing that, everything shifted.

I went from a struggling-inconsistent revenue, not knowing how to find my next business, or not knowing if this business was gonna last, to actually building something that was sustainable!

Because it wasn’t how strong and powerful I was but it was because of how strong and powerful the tribe that I am building.

And like I said, I didn’t have these skills before.

I didn’t have the right traits.

I was just this kid in the small suburbs of Chicago who didn’t know how I was going to scale my business and accomplish my goals. .

But until I started to be more self-aware and realized that I’m caged and maybe a little too comfortable..

Until my identity started matching my actions and I was willing to form deep meaningful relationships was the moment that everything started to quantum leap to the next level!

Which is why on my YouTube channel, you’ll see that the theme will now be more on how we quantum leap from where you are to where you want to be!

And what I’m here to do is to just remind you what you already know and that’s you’re great, you’re amazing, you have an amazing potential..

I’m here to remind you that you’re God’s highest form of creation, and you would do your Creator disservice if you don’t actually tap into what you know you were put on this earth to do!

So with that being said, hopefully this helps!

I’m just authentically relating on the things that I’ve learned and what I feel like you could take value from.

And I go in and just share the lessons that I’ve learned in my life so that, maybe you don’t have to make the same mistakes..

Maybe you don’t have to go through the same hardships and struggles..

Then these articles and videos would be worth it!

I’ll see you on my next blog!

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