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by Mike Vestil 

5 Ugly Truths About Learning How to Make Money Online

Everyone wants to learn how to make money online.

But NOBODY understands exactly what to expect.

So here are the 5 ugly truths that your internet guru failed to teach you when selling you their “magic-pill-make-money-without-work-program”.

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Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development

“Mike, I want to make 6 figures.. How can I do it without putting in any work.”

Shut the hell up dude.

With that mindset.. YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED.

Your mindset is everything.

I get so many Instagram messages every single day from people who want to learn the easy way to get rich.

The other day I even got a message that asked if they can have one of my Instagram accounts for free.


Without providing any value to the marketplace, these people feel entitled to some free sh*t. But in reality, the only thing they are entitled to, is their lack of results.

The ONLY way to make any money online, is you need to grow into the person that DESERVES IT.

Better put,

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” -Jim Rohn

These people who always look for the easy way out will NEVER get the results they want because they will never take the time to work on themselves.

Freedom fighters, like I always say, the only way to make money is by growing into the person that deserves it.

Because even if you earn a bunch of money..

If you don’t grow into the person worth that money, it will soon leave your hands as fast as it came.

Just look at all the people who won the lottery, that became either broke, depressed, and/or dead shortly after.

The only way to not only gain success, but to KEEP IT, is to focus on your mindset.

Work harder working on yourself, than you do at your job.

And you will slowly start seeing the life around you change.

No Internet Marketer will ever tell you this.

But it is how much you focus on the way you think that will determine what you get.

People wonder how the hell I was able to go from zero to $1.5 million in 12 months. They thought I got lucky.

But did I?

Hell no.

I was already preparing myself for success for the past 4 years.

Every day, I would read books on wealth and success. And every day, I would listen to audio books from my Idols.

And everyday, I slowly started to brainwash myself to start thinking like the ultra wealthy.

I already had a plan for financial freedom before I ever thought of a business idea.

And I had already engrained the habits necessary for achievement.

If you are really serious about leaving your dead-end job to live a more fulfilling life, you have to first own your thoughts before you can own a business.

You need to create a bulletproof mindset that can embrace failure.

And you need to create an obnoxious level of desire to fight for your dreams.

Action > Theory

Fun fact: dumb people succeed faster in learning how to make money online than smart people.

Why is that you ask?

Because “smart people” over analyze everything. They want to learn every aspect of the business. They want to make sure everything is perfect. But the thing about wanting to be perfect in business, is by the time you think you are ready, you are already dead in the water.

It’s already too late and the competition has already taken over.

Dumb people are great because all they can focus on is one thing and they do it.

For those that are in the “smart people” category, don’t worry, I was one of them.

I was that person in college that made sure he knew every aspect of how a kidney functions when it came time to take a simple 10 question multiple choice quiz.

I would slave for days in the library making sure that I was ready and prepared.

But guess what?

This is not how online business works.

Its far more easy than “smart people” think.

How online business works is like taking that multiple choice test without any studying. Having someone grade it. Seeing all the ones you got wrong and which answers to those questions were false. THEN, you now have the ability to take it again. Except this time, you know exactly which options are wrong.

You can retake the test as much as possible with no repercussions until you have fully answered all of the questions correctly.

Don’t get caught up with the small details.

Be like a dumb person.

Take one idea that make sense, and just do it.

Don’t worry about what to do afterwards.

People are so worried about how to process an order (when dropshipping) before they had ever made a sale.


Don’t over think it.

And follow this format.

Fire. THEN AIM. You’ll get to the bull’s eye faster that way.

Own your mornings

This one is weird. It made no sense to me when I first heard about it.

But yes,

What you do in the morning will dictate how successful you are in making money online for the rest of the day.

For example for me, every single morning, I make sure I OWN IT.

Not my emails, not my social media comments, BUT ME.

I make sure for the first hour I get myself in peak energy and state,


Because it is that energy that fuels me to actually work.

Do you think you can get through failure without energy and passion?

Hell no.

Your energy and internal motivation is what fuels you through the uncertainty.

How I do this is by having a morning ritual.

I have another blog post talking about that, but what I essentially do is the moment I wake up, I jump out of bed.

I convince my body that it is EXCITED to get to work.

Afterwards, I do a bunch of breathing exercises to prime myself for the work I am about to do.

And I ask myself these three questions

  1. What am I excited about for today?
  2. Before I go to bed, what are the 3 things I am committed to doing today AT ANY COST
  3. What can I be grateful for today

And it are these habits that propels me in the right direction for the day.

And guys, If you take care of your mornings, you will have the energy to take care of your days.

If you commit to getting done the 3 things that you promised yourself for that day, your weeks will take care of themselves.

And if all you do is promise yourself to remain consistent with this habit, you will be in a far better place a year from now than where you are today.

Own your mornings guys, don’t let it own you.

Don’t be the person that hates waking up, because then you will be the person that is not motivated to work on your business.

Gratitude is all that matters

Here is the problem with making money online. You are never as satisfied as you think once you start making money.

I know,

Its super weird.

But the problem with most internet marketers is that they will set an income goal, hit it, feel happiness for 5 seconds. And then the happiness disappears.

This keeps on happening until the day they die.

The more money they make, the more they start wondering why the hell they still aren’t happy.

That is because they never give themselves a chance to reflect and see exactly how far they have already came.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Guys even though you don’t have the results you want and you are not where you want to be, you are not where you used to be.

Think about where you were a year ago.

Did you know as much as you know now?

Did your way of thinking already change?

The thing about success is that the people who fill their life with gratitude are the ones more likely to not only succeed, but to KEEP on succeeding.

Gratitude is the source of energy that will keep you going when it seems like it’s almost impossible to succeed.

So start working on feeling that sense of gratitude now, and this entire learning process will be a lot more enjoyable

There are only 2 business ideas that matter

There are so many different ways to make money online.

But there are only two that matter.

  1. A Cashflow Business
  2. A Passive income Business

A cashflow business is a business that you can get up and running in 24 hours. It’s a business that utilizes paid advertizing and can make you a profit within your first week.

The growth with a cashflow business is insane. You can go from 0 to $1K a day within only a couple of days as long as you have the right product, price, and you are promoting it to the right people.

But here is the downside of only relying on cashflow businesses.

You don’t own the traffic.

All it takes is for Google, Facebook, or Amazon to change something in their platform and BAM. You are out of a business.

What this is right now is a money grab.

That is why I tell everyone to get into this type of business when starting off because it is the easiest way to make money online, but it is the least likely type of business that is going to last for the next 10 years.

That is why you should also start creating ways to turn it into a passive income business.

How do you do that?

By controlling your own traffic.

How do you do it if you are in Amazon FBA?

How do you do it with shopify?

  • Start focusing on building your email list
  • Add a blog portion to your site to start getting free traffic
  • Iheartcats.com does this and that is how they get 1 million visitors a month without relying on Facebook ads

How do you do this for your personal brand?

  • Simple, create a blog and YouTube channel and just start providing free value

Start with getting as much money from your cashflow business and start building a passive income business on the side.

Build something that can last.

So many people just want to make a quick buck online, but what’s the point if you have to go back to your job 5 years down the road?

Don’t be the amateur entrepreneur that doesn’t have a long-term vision for what their life should be.

And don’t get blinded by the money and stay in one business.

If you are already successful in a cashflow business.

Start diversifying now.

Until next time!

Your fellow freedom fighter,

Mike V.

QUESTION: What is one thing from this blog post that you can take action with right away? Comment below!

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